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  1. Absolute dumbest thing I've ever heard of in all my years playing and coaching. I think Coaches should automatically be ejected for allowing this to happen.
  2. not sure that's why I asked. your the one that got on here bashing Dickson Co. and especially Creek Wood with it's nameless and faceless coaches.
  3. wow sounds like someone is either bitter about something or jealous.
  4. beagle what do you mean nameless, faceless coaches at Creek Wood. Sounds as if you are bitter about something over there. Creek Wood is no power but have had several very good seasons and could be again. Also there have been several very good coaches at CW, Jackie Bledsoe, Anthony Crabtree, Matt Jones, Jeff Tomlinson, Eric Hatley, Brian Beaubien and Chuck Daniel I don't see how these guys are nameless or faceless and by the way it's Creek Wood not Creekwood. There sure is a lot of applicants for the job for it not to be a very good job. Just my opinion, we all got em.
  5. ondeck23

    11-AA Thread

    Dyersburg not Dyer Co. Preston is still in at Dyer Co. Don't know about the others you mentioned but Dyer Co. is not open.
  6. ondeck23

    11-AA Thread

    What are you talking about?
  7. Final standings Camden 10-2 Harpeth 9-3 Central 8-4 CW 7-5 Waverly 6-6 Stewart 1-11 Cheatham 1-11 Good luck to all Friday.
  8. Saturday schedule for Good Day To Play 4/16/11 @Creek Wood 10:00 Creek Wood vs. Dyer Co. 12:15 Cookeville vs. Dyer Co. 2:30 Cookeville vs. Clarksville 4:45 Dyer Co. vs. Clarksville 7:00 Spring Hill vs. Rossview @Dickson 4:00 Dickson vs. Sycamore 6:15 Dickson vs. Goodpasture @Station Camp (took the place of Harpeth due to field conditions) 10:00 Harpeth vs. Station Camp 12:15 Overton vs. Station Camp 2:30 Overton vs. Lebanon 4:45 Northeast vs. Lebanon 7:00 Northeast vs. Overton Sunday @Harpeth 4/17/11 3:00 Northeast vs. Harpeth Sorry for the bad weather and hope everyone enjoys the rest of the tournament.
  9. sorry you think that, didn't mean it that way at all just didn't want people to be confused if they were going to try and make reservations.
  10. This is a baseball tournament not a wrestling tournament
  11. Absolutely unbelievable...
  12. Not mad at all just trying to help a man get a job. Thought that is what you wanted.
  13. Why don't you tell us who you are and maybe you can coach the team since you know so much more about football than everyone else does.
  14. Creek Wood 4:30 Creek Wood vs. Camden 7:00 Central vs. CW/Camden winner
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