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  1. Just had a bad game. plus Lookout Valley was on that evening.
  2. Krich, are you going to watch the boys play or are you going to the funeral tonight?
  3. King's not South Greene's assistant. He dosen't even have enough class to be on that staff. He's a washed up never-was from Cloudland.
  4. South Pitt, RH, Whitwell, Sale Creek, and Lookout Valley... Whoooo! Running the gantlet in that disrtict.
  5. You are about retarded. The award is called "Coach of the Year". Not "Coach of the Conferance Champions." Why should Arts and Science's coach get it. He coaches a magnent school almost twice the size of the next biggest school in the district... Its not like he had to actually coach much either. A monkey with a clipboard could coach that team and win that district.
  6. 1. Probably not even 50 boys in the entire school to pick from 2. Team probably hasn't had a winning record (overall or district)... ever 3. Was picked to finish dead last 4. South Pitt lost to number 1 team twice by a total of almost 60 points 5. Beat #2 seed Looks like staller coach of the year resume for me too.
  7. If they can find someone to fill the shoes of McCloud (the only senior) those girls from Mountain City may be dangoures next year.
  8. Not like either one of them had a heck of alot of competition.
  9. Warlord, is this Clinch's first ever trip to the regionals? How long have they been playing basketball there?
  10. So the Lady Ragers ended up with the 4th seed? Thats what the press is saying.
  11. Why don't you just go and struggle to beat North Greene a few more times. And get beat by Washburn
  12. Lets all keep the Fine family in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time... I know I will.
  13. Well if you want to go by match ups (which only ignorant people do) Washburn beat Hancock by 13, and North Greene (wich only has 4 wins on the entire season) beat Washburn twice. And you are retarded to say "we beat so and so in the summer." Nobody gives a crap about summer ball. Summer ball dosen't mean squat... Hancock County will be lucky, real lucky to get past the 1st round of regions... A team that can't even win the weakest district in the state isn't going to surprise anyone.
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