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  1. I agree by hitting the weight room and being in the best condition you can be in will help to win games. Just stay focused and believe in each other to do your part and play as a team. Enjoy the off season and holidays. Be ready for next season. Go Mustangs.......
  2. For you 4. Slow your roll before you step to far. #15 is not going to run the ball. He is doing what the coaches want him to do. Some of you need to start supporting the team and quit bashing. Thanks Waker for the support and wanting to see a different look in the backfield but Ben is happy blocking at the position he is at and the coaches must be content with it because he has been there all season. His roll is to block the LB and downfield blocking as well while on offense. Catch the ball when it is thrown which is rare but thats ok as well. Now Ill be down in section J seats 1 2 3 and 4 if you want to talk to a grown man about it on Friday night.
  3. #89 Simpson stepped up his defense last week. Couple of sacks when we needed them. The personnel fouls should of been off setting. Go Blue Tigers
  4. Need a big win against Bruceton. Senior Night. Support the Mustangs
  5. God's Country...LOL..I guess everybody needs a bathroom
  6. yes at 50% today keep it up Huntingdon and WC fans. Keep going to the Titans Game of the week and keep clicking on the Huntingdon/WC game Money for both schools. Total of 6866 votes so far
  7. Maybe 10 or 15 carries but nowhere near 25. We don't need another back to get hurt. Need players for the playoff not to be over used for a season game. Trying to win a championship not just 1 game so keep players as fresh as you can to have a deep run into the playoffs
  8. this years team isn't set up to be a 1 man show. To many weapons to only run the same play over and over and over. I see the team running the same offense and move the ball like they have the last 8 games.
  9. Just make sure 27 holds onto the ball Had a hard time with that last year and during the scrimmages in the post season. Give it up and we will drop to WC. Just stating a fact. Maybe the reason he has not been touching the ball. the other reason well the coaches and players took care of that. Bottom line be a team player.
  10. I have not picked this year in your Region pick contest. So I'll only pick 1 game for the season to go 100% Huntingdon over WC
  11. For you Huntingdon fans a Charter Bus will be going to Wayne County. There and back $20. Call the school if you want to ride.
  12. yeah I would but they will be playing one more game on their xbox of football. A match between these two teams. They Just can't even win in make believe.. Yes Cajun on the way down. Just make sure you don't miss any turns that way.
  13. Ok time the get ready for the game of the week. Is there any other game being played next week were two teams are undefeated?
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