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  1. And you are too scared to take my bet. Like I said put up or shut up....dont let McEwen and Wayne Co soften you up. Want you with all your pups healthy
  2. Just make sure all the Corneysville boys are 100% healthy. No excuses when you Bulldogs roll into town in 3 more weeks and leave as pups with your tail tucked between your legs after the Mustang Stampede!
  3. Moore Co comes in to Paul Ward Stadium with a 6-4 record. Best player for Moore Co last year is now a Bethel Wildcat. Any info on Moore Co?
  4. $100 says they do. Put up or shut up time big boy!
  5. Hop on the yellow wagon and drive 5 hours West and we can scrimmage next Friday night. We dont have to wait till Cookeville to see who the best team in 1A is
  6. How does the playoffs play out for you guys? Who in the 2nd 3rd 4th round?
  7. Thought you had to have 20% increase to move up?
  8. Huntingdon turns in 367. 9 kids from being 2A. Need to go get a couple drummers and tuba players to put on helmet and shoulder pads
  9. When the majority of your baseball players play football and start on both teams doesnt make sense to do spring football when your main football players wont be participating
  10. Makes zero sense to have spring football. All it does is get your baseball players hurt. Coach held the starters out of spring football so they didnt get hurt for baseball.
  11. Whoever made the decision to drop to 1A made the worst decision ever in the history of the football program. There was a choice 3 or 4 years ago to stay 2A or drop to 1A
  12. Huntingdon completes back to back undefeated regular seasons. Bye week then playoffs start at Paul Ward Stadium
  13. I've read qb/rb for Greenfield ran a legit 4.3 2 different times on the laser at camps. That's NFL fast if true!
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