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  1. Cornersville holds the all time series lead between the two programs. I am definitely “living thru” Cornersville in regards to Cornersville/Huntingdon lol. Congratulations on another paper championship this season. I look forward to seeing you guys repeat next July-late November.
  2. So what does the Huntingdon basketball team look like this year? I hear they are undersized but tough as nails.
  3. This is incorrect if you actually watched the game. I am currently in the middle of the 4tb quarter and it has been awful.
  4. LOL!!!! from everything I’ve heard about this game, this response is justified. Hate that the referees were able to dictate this game in such a way that it knocked the better team out of the playoffs. It reminds me of Cornersville/Whitwell In last year’s state championship game. Cornersville was the better team by far, and the TSSAA has other plans (look at the box score and a replay of the holding calls if you think I’m just whining.) I know they have a hard time finding bodies, but the officiating in 1A/2A is awful. It directly impacts games in those classifications and that’s not right. T$$SAA should have to answer for their calls post game.
  5. Thank god Cornersville doesn’t have that problem.
  6. I know posting on CoachT in the 4th round may be foreign to you, but we do not post like that. Be respectful and professional.
  7. Don’t remember them calling for their head coaches’ job the past 2 year I’ve been associated with them. That’s Huntingdon’s shtick best I can remember.
  8. When have I said that? Others have said that about me but I haven’t. Make up an argument to make yourself feel better I guess.
  9. If Huntingdon did indeed fire Swanson and got a up and coming, innovative coach, they would be the cream of the crop in 1A. I feel bad for the Huntingdon kids because their talent gets wasted year in, year out.
  10. A CoachT late November tradition like no other.
  11. 3) I’m not as good at real life or the internet as CB10.
  12. *yawn* You didn’t post the W2 because you are intimated. You also didn’t argue with anything I said because you know I struck a nerve. You are the person that looks forward to August because the hot dog from the concession stand is “good eating”. You are inferior and so is the high school team that you cheer for. You guys got all that talent and dump all the money into that that program and you have literally nothing to show for it. There is no reason that Huntingdon shouldn’t have 5+ gold balls in 1A. The reason why they don’t is they don’t have the heart that a small, underdog like Cornersville/Lake County has. Heart is all that matters in late November. Nobody cares how fast your QB runs a 40. Cornersville was on a 27 game losing steak in 2006 and still holds a 2-1 series lead over Huntingdon lololol.
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