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  1. If a Huntingdon fan replies to me in the thread, I will copy and paste you to 2017. Tread lightly.
  2. Huntingdon has wanted to fire their coach on this website the last 2 years after Cornersville has beat them. lol how can you take any of their fan’s predictions serious?
  3. We asked them the past 2 years and they’ve been wrong. A lot angles you can pick an argument from, and you pick one of the silliest ones.
  4. Lol what have you done in the last 3 years? Nothing.
  5. FACT: Cornersville has never lost to the CoachT Message Board Champions, The Huntingdon Mustangs. Cornersville, which is significantly smaller in enrollment size, holds a 2-0 series advantage over Huntingdon.
  6. I can’t say I remember you at all. Screen name looks familiar but I don’t think you’ve typed anything worthwhile.
  7. Forest goes undefeated and wins the district. You hate to see it.
  8. The first and only known Fayetteville City CoachT member. Hopefully there are smarter ones behind you.
  9. For Huntingdon fans: https://www.airbnb.com/s/Cornersville--TN
  10. Absolutely. We should look into getting a timeshare in both places since we’re going to be at each other’s place in late November every year. Would workout better cost wise long term.
  11. The first year was perfect. About 30 degrees and dry. Perfect for late November football.
  12. I can’t wait to post with you guys again come this thanksgiving. I look more forward to Lake County CoachT threads than I do my family festivities every year.
  13. I really wish for Huntingdon’s success and believe they will be the favorite come playoff time. They have more athletes than anyone in our classification. They should beat everyone remaining of their schedule with ease. Similar to 2017 and 2018.
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