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  1. Unless tate sloan plays, macon wins big!
  2. WEAKEST SCHEDULE! We play best schools around not in our region. Trousdale, upperman, Westmoreland, Portland and Smith. All very respectful programs. Gimme a break
  3. I was just stating that we have had a win streak ( except Upperman) and Macon is far better than early season. And btw Macon beat Portland big the week after Portland beat White House which is always a giant in Nashville area. I'm just sick of everyone overlooking the Cumberland. Yes I know team speed isn't same but I'll take my chances with a well coached team over speed. Speed will win games but coaches can get you rings!
  4. I believe some crow needs to be put in oven Friday. I believe stone and macon wins over yalls beloved region! Macon has won 3 out of last 4 and upperman would put a whooping on anyone in middle Tennessee so dont count us out this round!
  5. No but Macon has improved tons since week 1 and I'm willing to say Macon wins this week at home.
  6. Macon has the better coaches so I'm saying after halftime Macon makes the changes to win!
  7. It was sloppy game on both sides but Tigers wanted it more! No chipmunk for me lol. My secret didn't happen but we won either way. Now prepare for Nolensville!!!
  8. Most of the evaluations are done in spring to see where to put players at. He wasn't here for that and came in and immediately went to play calls and schemes. It was after season started before he really started seeing where to move people around and not to forget he went to a wing-t which is different than previously the spread. He is a great coach who knows how to win but just like all teams around I hear the participation is low in football. Hope this helps
  9. Macon will win! I'll explain Saturday morning how I knew.
  10. Absolutely and I thought Portland was gonna have their way with us after they beat White house like they did but we came to play that night and we'll need that again tonight
  11. I really believe this will be closer than people think! Macon is improving every week!
  12. Can macon pull the upset on an emotional senior night?
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