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  1. Kimes from Celina is a great player, but no coach at Celina will no thelp her one bite! Coach Smith is a poor excuse for a coach and why she is stilll coaching is a miracle!
  2. who will coach the lady dogs next year.
  3. best aau 12u girls team in overton,jackson,macon,smith,clay,andputnam.
  5. i actually agree with devil that was as loud as i have ever heard a gym.
  6. hey devil do u know how many ppl were in the gym tonight
  7. IS coach smith coming back for her third season.as long as jc,rbs,and clarkrangeare in 7a everybody else better work on their game or bring in some new players.
  8. how many times has celina been to the big dance?
  9. i heard that mark strong was going to get and paige was going to be the asisant
  10. i don't know about bibb chasing the refs off the court.after watching copeland run i figured he could have caught him if he had wanted to.for that matter rob,paige,and painter should have given chase also.by far the two worst officiated games i have seen all year.i thought it was a block on the last play i just don't think u can call a techinical after that. unless he cussed the ref or something and it was my understanding he didn't.i really didn't think pickett could play celina that close.so good game both teams and good win clay.
  11. pantherfan83


    i dont think last years records counts! so they beat them them twice! its a new year! but you are right they will be 1 and 2. the bobcats might be the wildcard in this district
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