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  1. /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" /> /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
  2. Siegel controlled tempo throughout, pushing when they needed to and working the offense when it helped. Big thing I noticed was Siegel got almost ALL the loose balls, radio announcers touched on it too. Their size didn't hurt us on the boards at all. Up 12-7 after one courtesy of a couple 3's. Second quarter was important I thought. Gooch had a couple of monster plays, one a dunk that brought the house down I believe and another play where Hammonds took off from the free throw line almost was fouled and somehow got the ball to the rim and bounced in. Got up by as many 16 in the 3rd. Got sloppy and Antioch cut it to 7 but never got closer. Gooch sealed it with another dunk with about 3 minutes to go. Siegel hit the big 3s when they needed them and aside from a couple of hiccups from Cutter, hit their free throws at the end. Antioch was god awful from the free throw line 8-20. Cutter was not even the leading scorer til near the end with Free throws. Tate, Gooch, Mitchell led the way most of the night. People said Cutter and Hammonds needed to go off for Siegel to win. Well neither did and neither did Montori yet Siegel still won, scary to think about. Great game plan and ever better execution from a team that didn't let the big stage get to them. This team is playing as good as any in the state right now. Crazy to think as sophomores with 2 seniors, they have gotten just as far as the famed Siegel quartet from 2 years ago. Here is the box score http://tssaa.org/2007Champions/StateBBaske...ssAAA/game3.htm
  3. I like my crow with a nice appetizer, caesar salad, and maybe a cold one to finish up...But I'm not going to be picky...however you want to eat your crow, it is just fine with me Congrats Siegel.
  4. 1:38 to go Siegel 58 Antioch 47
  5. 47-40 end of 3rd. Come on Stars.
  6. The environment at UT is no different than players at every other SEC program. They just don't get the preferential treatment that other schools get. And I don't think it was behavior issues that cost him. Fulmer wasn't even aware of him until Shadowens recommended that he should take a look at him. He dominated his senior season mainly..thats another reason. Watson doesn't exactly help his players in recruiting...at all. And starfan...just stop. Saying that is the most idiotic comment in this whole thread. White Station would have gone undefeated most likely in 7-AAA.
  7. I may be out of town but TJ Mitchell did NOT start every game last year. He started playing alot more when Montori got kicked off. But in November and December he was not a big contributor.
  8. I did not know Tate played at Cookeville on varsity on last year. Hammonds played one game and got hurt. Gooch played some but I wouldn't call him experienced after last year. And TJ Mitchell is also a sophomore who saw some time at the end of last year but not too much.
  9. Bolivar shows up. Not students as much as everyone else.
  10. Siegel has gone through alot of phases this year. 3 of their starters are sophomores who had no experience of varsity before this year. You could see them start to get comfortable and gain confidence as the year went on. They hit their stride perfect when the tournaments started and started playing up to their potential. And when they did, no team has been able to beat them since. We know Antioch is comparable in talent, it will depend on how Siegel responds early with a young team and how well Antioch is playing I doubt Siegel can hang if Antioch is playing at their peak. If they are playing average and Siegel plays like they have been, there could be an upset.
  11. What is that supposed to mean WCBalla? 3 Region Titles in 4 years 3 state appearances in 4 years for Siegel. Considering the school is in its 5th year of existence, I'd say they are well on their way to topping any school in the state. Don't know how many schools can claim those statistics. Not to mention Siegel starts 3 sophomores so this isn't some fluke for them. They will be a basketball power for a while in TN.
  12. If Antioch plays up to their level. They win by about 16. But it is state, weird things can happen. Teams go cold, Teams get hot, Some teams seem to have the IT factor. On Paper, Antioch should win comfortably. But Siegel is playing their best ball of the season in a home game at Murphy Center with a team that seems to have the moxy to pull an upset like this. I'm not optimistic as a Siegel fan, but its possible.
  13. Its not going to be that bad. Things can happen at Murphy Center. Teams can't adjust to the arena style. Rims are not as forgiving there etc. Antioch will probably win comfortably...but I doubt its some 40 point win.
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