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  1. Seymour is getting an excellant coach. She has a ton of experience, both as a player and as an assistant coach. She does a excellant job of coaching up her talent, and has done a great job in AAU. But be prepared, she is firm, but fair. I wouldn't go as far as saying it is her way or the highway, but she won't take much stuff from a player or a parent. She played for a coach who wouldn't take advice form parents, so I doubt she will. With her contacts, she will quickly catch up on the "camps" and practices situation. Good luck Brandi!
  2. Congradulations to the 13U Lady Trotters, going 5-0 to win this groups first State Championship! On to King's Island! A tough weekend turned out to have a silver lining.
  3. Wow, did everyone dry up and blow away? Lady Pats and Lady Trojans Wednesday for home court in substate!
  4. I know it is a rivalry game, but I don't think Johnny G lets his girls take East lightly. East might have shown them all their tricks in the District semi....West by 15. I think the TN High / Jeff County matchup is very intrigueing. Can Jeff County value the ball like it did Friday night? Only committing 2 turnovers will win you a lot of games. I don't know a thing about TN high, except they appear to be on a hot streak. Too close to call, IMO. Wish I could be there....
  5. Anyone have any upset predictions for tonight? While I would love an IMAC sweep, reality says that is incredibely unlikely.... I am going with the seeds, although I think the toughest home test will be in Dumplin Valley.
  6. So, reading the scoreboard: D2 #1 vs D1 #4 Morristown West hosting Central D1 #2 vs D2 #3 Science Hill hosting Morristown East D1 #1 vs D2 #4 Tennesse High hosting Sevier County D2 #2 vs D1 #3 Jefferson County hosting DB Can someone post the all conf and all tourny teams? And if anyone familar with the Big 8 (dist 1) would like to give us scouting reports on the 4 qualifiers, I am sure fans from District 1 attending the games would be appreciative. And on that subject - a pet peeve. I attended one night of the IMAC tourney, and discovered no team rosters available. I would have paid a dollar to get a printout of the teams rosters. How tough would that have been to do? And maybe an income generator?
  7. We have had these discussions in years before when Greeneville was the obvious # 1 team in region one. In 2004 we had about convinced ourselves that district two might sweep the opening round games of regions, only to have Greeneville be the only team to survive to the semis. The reality is that those types of discussions are for fans only. I am not aware of a coach that thinks that any loss is a good one, despite the numerous times they are called "wakeup calls". That is just putting spin on a loss. I think most all believe that you win tonight, and worry about the next one tomorrow. If DB won tonight, then Jeff County will have their hands full Friday. It will be interesting to see the matchups, but I would think that West, Tn High and Science Hill are pretty much a lock, and the Jeff County game will be the game most likely be the most difficult one for the higher seed to hold onto.
  8. I am not looking at a map, so bear with me...what KIL 3A school would be closest to Jeff County or Seymour. Fulton, Carter and East highs are all 2A, right? So would it be West High or Central? The geography seems to point to South Doyle...
  9. Megan Lyons was better than OK Bud....it was a real treat getting to watch her in Green for 4 years. I hope we see her coaching in Greeneville someday. Manuel wasn't half the player.Megan showed up ready to play every game and gave 110%. I saw Keisha give 110% once in the Ladies Classic, posting up against Sylvia Fowles. She just flat shut Fowles down. I don't think she turned in another performance like that for the rest of her high school career...it was frustrating to see someone with so much talent and so little desire. I loved watching Sienna Forney too! and Alex White....we could use another pg like Alex. Oh the memories!!! Barb, what was really great were the 2 years that those Greeneville teams played Jeff County 4 times each year. Those were some great games, and the shame is, we probably didn't realize just how much talent we were watching. I miss those years (actually those teams) also. I saw Lyons play 6 or 7 times those two years, against Ashley Kyle, and they were great performances for both of them. Good luck to all the teams over there. The IMAC group misses you GreenEVILle (sorry, couldn't resist) posters. Not the same without you guys...and BARB!
  10. Congrats to the East girls, who will be making thier first regional appearance in 9 years!
  11. Shockers tonight are okay. Wednesday is another story....LOL!
  12. Is the scoreboard accurate? Sevier County beat Cocke County?
  13. Looking at District 1's schedule, they are playing the girls on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Monday. Boys are play Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday. At least there is only a one day difference from quarters to finals... And, maybe more importantly, the brackets halves are playing on the same night...1, 8, 4 and 5 are playing Monday, 2,3,6,7 are playing Tuesday, so the survivors playing Friday have the same amount of rest.
  14. PTS - I think they have until the 24th to resolve a winner. So a one day weather delay would not force back to back nights. Girls region starts Friday the 26th, Boys on Saturday the 27th. If the schedule got pushed back a day, then the teams making regions would still have 3 days between the District Finals and the start of Regions. And usually because the District one area's weather is rougher than ours, a weather delay potentailly causes more problems in District 1 than in District 2.
  15. I agree that the 1 and 2 should be assured a semifinal berth. And if I have it figured right, it doesn't add any time to the schedule... Monday : Girls 5-8 play Tuesday - Boys 5-8 play Wednesday - monday winners vs 3 and 4 Thursday - tuesday winners vs 3 and 4 Friday - Wednesday winners vs 1 and 2 Saturday - Thursday winners vs 1 and 2 Monday - Seeding games Tuesday - Seeding games. The only question I have...does the bracket stay solid once it is designed, or does the # 1 seed face the lowest seed left in the semis?
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