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  1. The East Tennessee Prospects Travel Baseball Team will have an 18 & under team in the summer of 2007 for players that are 2007 and 2008 graduates. This will be the fourth year for this team. We play in high quality tournaments that will include the World Wood Bat in 2007. For more information call 865-696-4687.
  2. Ok then. Well as a Maryville Fan but your proof is on last years team the DE, 2 of the 3 LB's not Kimsey were all on the juice. Crazy when you think about it. They did not need to. Go to the Flea market on a Saturday morning and you would be surprised what you can buy.
  3. My understanding is that this is the end of his career, no matter what the paper says. Had to take a leave or else. I guess he did not have that Football connection or this would not even been an issue.
  4. It's to bad your QB realized he his a heck of a baseball player and is not playing now.
  5. enable your private messanger and I'll give you a number to call.
  6. No sir, the East Tennessee Prospects were in Knoxville at UT this weekend.
  7. If Farragut does not win the State, Lucas would be player of the year.
  8. pLAYERS for Prospects Team for this weekend at UT posted. 06 Graduates Jeff Lockwood/Halls High/ UT /06 Travis Borum/Halls High/ Cleveland St/06 Trey Lucas/Halls High/Austin Peay/06 Ryan Cooper/ CAK/ Clemson University/06 Bryan Crosby/ William Blount/Drafted by Brewers/06 Eric Barcley Oak Ridge High/ Tusculum College 06 Sean ADkins/ Knox Central/ Cleveland State 06 Mark Mcgill/William Blount07 Ben Bryan/Maryville High School/07 Louis Darras/Maryville High School07 Evan Patterson/ Karns High School 06 Carson Newman College Jake Nipper/Gibbs / 07 Caleb Penley / Maryvile High/07 Nick Debord/ Seymour/06 Blake leach /Oliver Springs/07 Matt Byrge /Anderson County/Throws Gas/07 Justin Mills/Kingston/ pitcher06 Bryan Powell Pitcher/Farragut06
  9. dheat

    2007 Standouts

    Maryville has Ben Bryan, Louis Darras, Kent Basile,Caleb Penley, and Alex Bush all who play for the East Tennessee Prospects back next year. If the JV players that had such a good year can adjust to the pitching of Farragut, South Doyle, and Bearden they will have a great year.
  10. That was Bryce Brentz from South Doyle.
  11. The players I have seen on this team are very strong.
  12. The East Tennessee Prospects Team looked strong at Carson Newman in play against Pro Concepts today. Tell me what you know about this team?
  13. dheat

    2007 Standouts

    Tyler Burstrum/ William Blount
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