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  1. I don't see SP as a good team. I was just checking them out yesterday since they were 13th on the CoachT ranking. They've won alot of games, but haven't played much competition. I will give them kudos for beating LV. This team won't be able to beat CCS though or teams in District 5.
  2. What kind of a season are the Rockwood TIgers having this season? Are ya'll planning on another state run?
  3. Matthew you picked against me? Grace wins this tourney!!
  4. Well, there might be good single A teams out West, but if you wanna talk single A ball East Tennessee is the place to be. Single A ball gets overshadowed by AA and AAA ball. Just look @ the Single A top ten and where they are located.
  5. I've thought the same things about Temple football mtnman. There is one more Skogen, so I'd give it a few more years, but Temple is too small of a school. I'm wondering if Grace football will do the same thing. I don't think it will though, since enrollment is up in all grade levels, especially the elementary.
  6. Where is the game being played?
  7. Good point, but I honestly haven't seen Temple get 20 points better. They might have though, I'm not a prophet.
  8. Yeah, I'll be at this one. I doubt I'll goto the Grace Pickett game though. Nah I will, but Grace is gonna get stomped, no heart or leadership on that team at all. What city/town/hamlet is Pickett County from?
  9. Yeah, Pickett can beat them, and hope they do. I wanna see both teams play hard .
  10. Refs didn't do a bad job minus jump-stops. LV couldn't do them the whole game.
  11. I don't know about that. Just take the calls LV got for jump-stopping, and I don't remember one traveling call Temple got for the same jump-stop.
  12. Oh you know Chattanooga refs will give Chattanooga teams home-cookin' when a team from out of town plays and vice-versa.
  13. CPA is a good team, but they aren't what they were last year. Something is missing and I don't see them beating Temple.
  14. I think you do have to watch those refs from the Chattanooga area, but I think Temple will win by 10. If this is a home game for Pickett, I don't know who wins.
  15. Tough call, close game, but i think McCallie by 5.
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