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  1. "that's why girls sit to pee, and men stand to pee"
  2. it's over! you lost! move on to the next game.
  3. As I have said several times on this forum, I don't currently have kid's playing at Kingston, but have had. I'm not a disgruntled parent, but a disgruntled fan. Isn't second guessing part of the fun for this forum? BBallTN, again, nice try at the name recognition. Although I don't think "Adams" would appreciate you putting him in the same league you have put me. He thinks he's figured out who I am also, but he hasn't. I've given you alot of hints in the past and still my ole blue devil buddy can't get it right. Got to get on the road, but one last question BBallTN, why didn't you come to the Kingston coaches defense Friday night when they were being bashed on TV?
  4. T.M., I'm not taking a shot at the coaches on a personal level. Yes, they do a very good job of "molding young men". You and I both know that his record/playoffs doesn't have anything to do with this. You also know that a good coach is measured more by how good he transforms a team of so-so athletes, rather than good athletes. This year Coach K. has the "good" athletes, but has chosen to ride the back of only one of them. Why? What is that telling the other "good" athletes? What is that telling the other teams? #34 is going to get the ball as many times as he wants, and, if you can stop him or make him fumble, you will beat Kingston. I've heard time and time again that the reason Kingston went to the new west coast offense was to utilize the talent of Givens. That's bull! It was simply put in to try and spread the defense out more so teams wouldn't put 9-10 in the box to stop #34. Well, they've figured that out. T.M., since when did you become so politically correct? Wasn't long ago you made the statement that you hoped Kingston would loss every game. Guess you have to watch your image now that your on TV. Oh, Oskie, we do agree on something. In this day and age, present means more than past. I know when I played, I could care less about what the teams before me had done, I wanted my team to win. I doubt that the current Kingston players are grading the coaching staff of years past. They'll remember what they did when they played.
  5. Well, I decided to try a different prespective for this game. I sat on the Loudon side. Enjoyed talking to an older gentleman that is a long time Loudon supporter and historian of Loudon football. As we both argreed, Loudon has a better football team than in the past few years, but still aren't good enough to beat the top teams in their region. What was his take on Kingston? Alot of talent, but "weak on effort" and "predictable". He called most of the Kingston plays on offense before the center snapped the ball, correctly! He said Kingston looked like they were "playing tag football" on defense. Why did Kingston let Loudon run over 80% of their plays to left side of the defense, and not make any adjustments to stop them? Why is the Johnson kid being used as if he is the only talent on Kingston's team? He can not hold on to the football. 3 fumbles? I agree with the Loudon fan I sat next to, it ain't hard to key on one person during the game knowing that he's going to get 90% of the carries. The Zeigler kid ran the ball 1 time, I believe, and got 8-10 yards. Givens had a terrible game throwing the ball. "Weak on effort", players fault. "Predictable", coaches fault. Talented team going in the wrong direction, ??? fault.
  6. CAK will throw the ball all over the field against OS. Too much emotion from last weeks loss. CAK by 21.
  7. oskie, wasn't particularly pointing you out, but will, now that you've stuck your neck out. Shouldn't you be more worried about Catholic? Wait a minute. Now I'm asking what you think! Didn't ask before. So your saying because Loudon beat AC in a scrimmage that Loudon is going to "have their way" with Kingston? With that logic, Kingston should have wiped the field with AC, since they beat Webb in the preseason, right? Don't try to rationalize your prediction with something that happened in the pre-season. You want to say your going with your gut feeling, better athletes, hawkins is better than Johnson, etc., fine. But pre-season, give me a break!
  8. Rockwood by 10. My buddy J.W. will have his group ready this week. Payback time!
  9. Just read in the local paper that Coach Gibson will be honored at the game Friday evening. I played under Coach Gibson and, not only was he a great coach, he was a great person. Great gesture of gratitude. Skewby, who did you play for? Don't think Kingston can stop Hawkins. What in the world does a scrimmage game with AC, in pre-season, have to do with how Loudon will do against Kingston Friday night? Zero!
  10. skewby, since you mentioned you had watched film on Loudon, I'm going to assume that you are either a coach or a player. I'd guess a coach. Either way, what does it show the players that get on here and read your post, when one of their own doesn't believe they are going to win? You should be ashamed! With that kind of attitude, I definitely hope your not a player! Does your blood run blue & orange or not? Loudon by 12. Why? Without bashing Vic, it's because Kingston hasn't shown that they can put 2 wins together. Going with the odds on this one. Kingston won last week, so, based on this years history so far, they'll lose this one. Don't think Loudon has a better team, but do think Vic will find a way to lose the game. Skewby, are you Vic?
  11. Rockwood played an outstanding game last night. Looked like they were hitting on all cylinders. Congrats to Coach Webb and his staff for getting the Tigers ready. Harriman, what an embarrassment. Most of you looked like you quit after the 1st fumble. You've got a good season going, and now were going to see what you are made of.
  12. Well, well. Strength against strength. Can Kingston rebound from an embarrassing loss to Anderson? Can Coach Johnson keep his players believing that they are playing this, his last season, for the Gipper? Has Coach King watched enough film to completely reconstruct his offense to "trick" OS, like he tried to do against Anderson? Or, maybe Coach Collier is going to put 9 in the box to try and stop the run, versus the typical 5-3 that has worked? Kingston should win this game. I don't think they will get out played. They may get out coached like they did at Anderson. If Kingston plays smash mouth football, they win. If they try trickery or finesse, they'll lose again. Did hear that Kingston finally got a true kicker. Won't make a difference in this game if they don't get inside the red-zone more than once. No faith in the inconsistent team. OS by 8.
  13. Stop saying that Rockwood isn't in a rebuilding year, and accept that they are! No experience at QB, suspect line, lack of speed in the backfield. Some of the seniors haven't stepped up and pulled their weight, so Rockwood is having to depend on inexperienced players to step up. Some of you Rockwood folks are in denial. Keep your hopes up, but you need to lower your expectations. I agree with the earlier post that stated that Harriman is on it's way up and Rockwood is going down. Yes, Harriman did drop to a lower classification that has less competition. But, they have kids that have alot of speed. Coach Tapps challenge will be keeping his talent on the field and in the classroom. Coach Webbs challenge will be keeping the "band wagon" folks from running him out of town when Rockwood doesn't make the playoffs. Harriman by 18+
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