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  1. I`d love to hear the explaination from some Bruin or Eagle fans as to the logic behind going D-II. Thanks
  2. I`m not necessarily a fan of Gibson County. I don`t even know any of the players or coaches on the team. However, my company worked at Gibson County the year before last on their new gym and I can say without doubt that these girls probably work harder than any team in the state. Throw talent out of the equation, these girls simply work very hard. It`s just refreshing to be able to witness first hand a group of young girls who are willing to DEDICATE to something. I have no doubt they will all be successful in life because they know what it takes and have the desire and heart to work for what they want. Just want to congratulate the Lady Pioneers for presenting a fine example to both young and old on what good old fashioned hard work brings. VG.
  3. Bolivar may have won the two on neutral courts, but notice they both went into overtime.
  4. I`l just disagree with you on the first part. Yeah my kids were zoned for a certain public school and my son "CHOSE" to attend that school. (JCM) But that is just a zoned school set up in the public education system. In that same public education system he could have chosen to go to Liberty high school or Madison Academic Magnet school. He was not the property of JCM because JCM was merely one of his options. In fact here was his options just in our county... JCM (public) Liberty (public) Madison Academic (public) USJ (private) TCA (private) JCS (private) Home School (private) He had no fewer than 7 choices just in our county alone. He does not belong to JCM. That is the misconception among a lot of these coaches. They are of the mindset that these kids have to attend their publically zoned school and then get upset when they take another option. I do agree with you on your second point. I think the TSSAA needs to lighten up on their recruiting rules. There is no way the TSSAA can police it. They don`t have the manpower or financial resources. They need to allow each school system to enforce their own rules regarding transfers. Here is an example. I know a girl that plays soccer who was zoned to JCM but she did not want to go there. She applied to get into Madison Academic (another public option) . Her name didn`t get picked so she attended a private school. The next year an opening came up at Madison Academic (her first choice) but because of TSSAA transfer rules she had to turn it down because she would have to sit out a year. Let these kids go where they want without punishment.
  5. You seem to have a bias against private schools. I`m not gonna deny that having extra funds is a benefit, but if you want to argue this point then why not be open minded about it? A few years ago Germantown`s baseball team raised around $90,000.00 for their baseball team. At the same time my son played at JCM and we worked our butts off to raise 15,000.00. The fact is that there are public schools that are located in very affluent neighborhoods. Williamson and Rutherford are very wealthy counties. That`s no reason though to call them out. Germantown is a rural county school in an affluent area of Shelby County. Melrose is in the same county yet they are located in an area that has economic problems to say the least. Yet you`d complain about it when it`s a private vs. public, but I don`t see you saying anything about the obvious disparagement when it comes to public vs public. The bottom line is that you can`t legislate monetary resources. It`s just something everyone has to cope with.
  6. Have any of the D1 schools requested to play in D2? USJ and JCS requested to play in D2.
  7. Well here is one of the misconceptions regarding this whole debate. Next time you talk to one of those coaches tell them that those kids never belonged to them in the first place so they were never theirs to lose in the first place. That IMO is the reason for most all the angst between public and private. Public school coaches like Rankin seem to think they own the rights to kids in their district. The truth is these kids have choices. They don`t BELONG to any school. Those Knox County coaches you referred to need to know that just because a kid lives within their schools zoning boundaries does not bind them to attending their school. Home school, private school, magnet school....these kids and their parents get to choose.
  8. Woot! Take that Tomcats! JCM wins first game at Haywood 21-20 GO Cougars!!
  9. I think we`ve finally taught everyone that there should be no split.
  10. Here`s a story on the new coach from The Jackson Sun
  11. I don`t know much about the new coach other than he is from Carver. Someone mentioned earlier that he use to be at Bolivar. I don`t know if he was a head coach there or an assistant.
  12. Yep and I have a hard time not seeing that as a conflict of interest.
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