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  1. And parents getting mad................and lectures...................and blah blah blah..............
  2. Watched the replay of the game from Saturday on ESPNU on Monday night. I have no idea how good that team from MS was supposed to be, but it didn't seem competitive to me.
  3. Few thoughts - 1. I was as impressed with Nolan's "little" bro as I was him. He's also gonna be a beast. 2. Powell's QB is a stud. Absolute gamer and I'd take him on my team any day of the week. 3. Rebel's running game brought a tear to my eye last night. 2 and 28 are a deadly combo. 4. This o-line is good. Really, really good. Enjoy them while you can. 5. I probably take this coaching staff for granted, but there's few, if any better than them.
  4. Going to be a darn near perfect night for football. I'm expecting a huge crowd. Biggest area of concern is stopping their receivers. And I still think it's going to be a shootout.
  5. I don't have a clue if he breaks a rule or not. Seems to me to be doing what Fulton was able to pull off for years. It was a genius move when he brought that OC in. Whether how he's pulling it off is against the rules or not, heck if I know. Only people that would have bona fide evidence probably don't want the TSSAA sniffing around Knox Co. at all so they keep their mouths shut. I doubt my friend does either, but he's been in the same coaching circles. But when you are managed to not be liked or, in many cases, respected by nearly everyone in your profession for one reason or other, eventually it catches up to you.
  6. Most of it is directed at Lowe more than anyone. One (non Knox Co, Blount Co. or 5A coach) said "he's gonna get what he deserves one day, and I'm going to love every second of it when he does".
  7. I also did not realize the sheer hatred of everyone towards Powell until I've talked with friends in various areas of East TN about this game.
  8. Rebels are gonna sit in their copyrighted cover 2 bend don't break defense, let Powell move it to the 20, then attempt to lockdown inside of it. Offensively? If AC put up that many yards and points, then I don't see the Rebels not moving the ball if they don't have turnovers. I still expect a shootout and would not be surprised if both teams hit 40.
  9. I thought #3 for the baby blue was a good little running back. Stats ain't gonna show it but he had several runs where he made something out of absolutely nothing. Most fight I've seen from a heritage team in a while. They'll knock off a few, and ad someone said, the other county school better be on lookout.
  10. I get three doses of Heritage this week.
  11. Nah, they all wait until March of their 8 year old year now.
  12. Not a good turn out last night. They need to focus on getting everything place for 22.
  13. They have. I've tried to help them promote it. Just might be too little too late for the 21 season.
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