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  1. Yup. Don't have to throw it 25 times, but you need to be able to when you must.
  2. It really is that simple. it sucks, but it's that simple.
  3. No they didn't. They just have to make up their minds before freshman year or sit a year if they decide to change.
  4. Did they disclose that he lived outside of bus zone at that time?
  5. Haven't followed this closely, seems pretty open and shut case to me. Kid transferred, lived outside of bus zone. It sucks, but I'm trying to figure out why they would get a reprieve.
  6. Always seem like they are off their game in the first round a tad. Even if it's a 3 score win, they don't play well. Just..........off a tad.
  7. Maryville always seems to trip over their own feet a bit in the first round. Hope the guys are focused and ready to come out and take care of business.
  8. Meh, if DB does win this week, McMinn will get them next week.
  9. Front 7 is night and day improved since week 1. Very impressed with how much they have improved this year.
  10. I hear 51 had a good night.
  11. So Fulton got the 3 seed out of the region? Wow, amazing.
  12. So Science Hill next week if I am reading this correctly?
  13. Exactly, that's why I'd play them 2 series.
  14. I'm not even sure I'd play them that much.
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