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  1. As of Tuesday morning there are 0 considerations being considered for a new high school in the next 15 year time frame. Expansion plans for various schools or a new elementary or intermediate school, but no high school. Side note - to build a new MHS would cost around $80M.
  2. Still can't wrap my mind around a coach leaving Westview for Camden. I get times have changes, but lordy that just is hard to comprehend.
  3. My favorite was the first year Maryville played Fulton, a buddy of mine said that we waited until all their best talent cycled through before we picked them up and we were scared up until then. Even went farther to say we should have back out of a non-region game to play them in 2014. It would have been closer, but Maryville still wins by 2 TDs.
  4. Wondering how #24 for Ravenwood is doing and if he's still sore from trying to tackle a Mack truck Saturday and being ran over.
  5. Mur'vule vs. Brentwood Academy MBA Ensworth MUS Christian Brothers Briarcrest Any Fulton team (before they started playing) Oakland Riverdale Hoover De La Salle Mater Dei St. Thomas Aquinas IMG Carroll and my personal submission, 79' team vs. 79 Lexington (which the Rebels would have lost IMHO)
  6. I would really like to see #2 on that list.
  7. Few thoughts. 1. Sinus infections suck. Wish I could have been there in person. 2. Did Grimes dress? Not sure his name was called one time. 3. I hope that safety for Ravenwood ain't too sore after Mr. Hodge ran over him early in the game. 4. I just sat and shook my head at the Raptors trying to tackle AJ. 5. What a way to go out for Chambers. 6. QB was best player in the field for Ravenwood. 7. #8 is gonna get earholed one day if he aint careful. 8. Can we get Maryville\McCallie scheduled next weekend? Genuinely think the Rebels are the best team in the state this year and would like to see them prove it. Great, great season Rebels.
  8. They just got better and better every week, and suddenly they were the Steel Curtain. Been fun to watch. Man they are good.
  9. If you'd have told me this defense would shut out Oakland after week 1 I would have laughed in your face. The way that side of the ball has progressed this year is a testament to their desire and the coaches. Amazing.
  10. So does the 12 foot receiver\safety for OHS have hands of stone? Because otherwise I'm stumped as to why you wouldn't throw the ball up to him in the endzone.
  11. Lordy. There's decisions/calls Derek's made I didn't agree with. Heck, there were decisions/calls GQ made I didn't agree with. It's part of it. They've both have things that are a noticeable Achilles heel and not perfect. This staff is still better than 99.9995% of others out there and I'd not trade in a heartbeat. Wasn't around to see GQ at the beginning of his head coaching tenure, but Derek has grown leaps and bounds over the last three years. Some said that year 1 was just the GQ hangover effect, but I say in year 3 we can say that's not the case.
  12. I would love to see Riverside pull off the upset, but I don't see it happening. Peabody by 14+, and that's probably being kind.
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