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  1. Seems to be putting something instead of nothing between your mouth and others has to help somewhat.
  2. I don't like wearing them but I'm also smart enough to realize that at the present moment they are one of our best weapons against slowing crap down and getting semi back to normal.
  3. Looking forward to hearing more incompetence from this meeting today while every other state seems to at least have some type of plan in place.
  4. The draw would lure many a city kids to play for mighty Alnwick
  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand was the first Federal elected official impeached and dispelled. Not sure why we have a high school (or county for that matter) named after this guy.
  6. I agree. But people cannot live like hermits forever. And as we've seen, people that totally isolate themselves have occasionally gotten it. But any steps we can get to get the transmission rate below 1.0 quicker will be steps that will get us back to normal quicker.
  7. I agree with how you are counting it. I want to know hospitalizations, hosp. rates, deaths, and death rate. That said, I don't think it hurts to take a little extra precaution to prevent something if it can help. If it drops the transmission rate as little as .1, that makes a big difference over the long run with potential high-risk people being infected with it.
  8. I don't know if it really is or isn't but there seems to be some correlation in states that have mask requirements and lower new cases and states that have no requirement are the ones that seem to be spiking. It could be a coincidence, but the correlation is there.
  9. I just spit my coffee out when I read this.
  10. I'm startin' to worry about coach's hairline.
  11. Pet the email sent out yesterday, Maryville City School is planning full time in person meeting beginning July 30th.
  12. As of yesterday, things looked quite hopeful that there will be a season. Now, how many fans are allowed in the stands is a a complete unknown, but I am feeling good that there will be football played at every level, at least locally.
  13. Day late - but happy birthday! Any chance you made the rest of us cookies to celebrate?
  14. Was surprised where a few of those teams would up.
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