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  1. So because of family I care much more about this than I would on a normal year. Who are the favorite to win state?
  2. Good, it's spring time. They should be playing something other than football.
  3. I have no idea how they'll do on the field, but both they and Heritage are trying to build some community interest. First time either has done that since I have lived here.
  4. Given the size of districts now with 4 classes, I wish they'd just play an 8 team double elimination region tournament (top 4 from each district advance) and the winner of of that goes to state. It's still not 2 of 3, but it would be a lot better than what we have now. The regional/sectional week is one of the dumbest formats in sports in the US.
  5. I get the sense the staff is cautiously very bullish on this team. JMO from a nobody.
  6. Midgets gave the Rebs all they wanted in the playoffs as well. 9-12 year olds are a talented group. TBD on the 7-8s, but there is some talent in the pipeline if they stick with it.
  7. Heritage has some talent in the youth leagues. I don't know any of the middle school/high school coaches, but from what I've been told by people out there an entire house cleaning needs to be in order because the kids would be willing to play football, they just don't like any of the coaches.
  8. Ready to see what Coach Johnson does at CC. Glad he got an opportunity to be a head man.
  9. There is one OC that comes to mind, that if it was him, would be interesting.
  10. I just don't see it. Not on the scale to make a competitive 6A program anyway.
  11. I just can't see many coaches wanting to touch this job.
  12. If they stick with it, there's still plenty of talent in the pipeline.
  13. They were at 75+ this year. Rebs fielded 25 (could have had more) Southerners and Lil Rebs both fielded 35. Not sure of total numbers of the Cubs org, but my guess is between Jr High and youth leagues there were over 230 kids playing tackle football this year in the city. Things are ok.
  14. Congrats Oakland. That's a really good football team.
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