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  1. There might be a small "bump" next year, but as long as the kids in 9th, 8th, and 7th grades stick with it, MHS football is going to be just fine.
  2. LaDue would have been the feature back on pretty much any other team in Tennessee. He just had Vaughn in front of him. A big factor is going to be quarterback play and if the Maryville QB1 goes out with deer in the headlights look or not. This Maryville team has improved the last month or so. Enough? We'll find out.
  3. I don't even try to hide the look on my face anymore when I hear about how great of a person/coach/whatever Jody Wright is.
  4. I'm just a simple little league coach, but there's a couple of 4th down calls that have left me scratching my head tonight.
  5. 1. That's the first time all year I could feel a Maryville attitude from the team. 2. QB1 played well. The deep ball he threw was a beauty and the QB just played it perfectly. The scramble and pass the 4 wouldn't have everaterialized 3 weeks ago. 3. Ladue is a monster. 4. That team put 61 on William Blount....
  6. Part of me thinks that this team doesn't think it can compete for a state title and it has affected them. That's purely a guess based on a gut feeling.
  7. Yeah, I got filled in earlier today. Awful.
  8. How's #0 looking for this week?
  9. Anybody know how the BYE week went?
  10. I'll take his name with no number.
  11. I just saw Varlas updating the score and he seemed pretty shocked by it. But yeah, 6A is as open as it's been in some time.
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