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  1. Solomon

    2A Championship Trousdale Co vs. Peabody

    Congrats to Peabody! And now Trousdale Co. will begin a movement to push you to a separate division so it's easier for them to win!
  2. Pretty sure it's actually a tornado.
  3. Solomon

    Mairvul goes two Okelund

    Since its public knowledge now, Tee Hodge out for rest of season.
  4. Alcoa by 28+. This is about as good of alcoa team as ive seen.
  5. Solomon

    Mairvul goes two Okelund

    Said it last night, will say it again, go practice at the jr high all week.
  6. Solomon

    Mairvul goes two Okelund

    Will be a fun one. Rebels gonna have to bring their A+++ game.
  7. Always helps when your principal is an outgoing member on the BOC.
  8. Solomon

    Cyunts Hil comes two 825

    What's to appeal? Right or wrong, he blew about 4 gaskets and got tossed, this stomped across the field like my little girl when we tell her no more candy.
  9. Solomon

    Three classes in Division II

    Wasn't worth a new thread, but USJ has lost 20% of it's enrollment from 2 years ago??????? What?
  10. Solomon

    Farrah-Gut sales intwo tha Skeetur

    People are underestimating the Rebels defense. It's gotten sneaky good in the second half of the season. Not perfect, but definitely pretty dang good.
  11. Solomon

    Farrah-Gut sales intwo tha Skeetur

    Thankfully they look the other way in chillier games when you walk up with coffee. As for the game itself, Rebels better show up. They do and all should go well. Playing those first 6 games pays off now.
  12. Solomon

    Mt. Juliet vs Oakland

    Just calling it like I see it.
  13. Solomon

    Mt. Juliet vs Oakland

    Oakland by 17+
  14. Solomon

    Round 2: Oneida @ South Greene

    Boy, you told us.