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  1. Never said I thought it was a smart decision. I'm scratching my head at it too.
  2. Everything I've heard is that neither he nor dad wanted him to be a WR. Heckuva athlete and could probably get some nice long looks from programs, but what can you do?
  3. If high school coaches are going to talk to 6 year olds, from what I know they may wanna talk to youth coaches about what the needs are.
  4. Need you to take a scale instead and see if you can find some hogs.
  5. My jaw dropped when I saw the hire. Big boy hire and very unexpected. It was then replaced with a smug smile that Lexington grabbed Milan's coach. Well done Coach 'Worth.
  6. They need to go about 20 miles east IMO. A couple of the names I've heard sounded promising.
  7. Will they break off from almost 60 years of the same tree?
  8. Everyone that's been around knew this year and next year were going to be lean years. Dip in overall talent and kids that were good just not playing anymore. Talent is going to pick back up. That's not to say a transfer or two wouldn't help, but the cupboard will be restocked soon.
  9. Guess I'll listen to Wayne and Metz for this one.
  10. That kid could sling it. Rebels better be ready because he sliced them up.
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