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  1. It was. Wish Smith hadn't gotten hurt. Changed everything.
  2. Oakland physically mauled us on both sides of ball. Simple as that. Defense has been great all year but DB exposed the run D last week and it was blown wide open tonight.
  3. That 4th and 1 call is gonna be debated for years to come, but it was the right one.
  4. O line can't block 3. They can play 8 sitting back. That's a recipe for disaster.
  5. Any other options on TV than the nfhs broadcast.
  6. What's the ticket situation this week? Looks like we're staying here.
  7. It's ify. Looked to me like it was high and behind him. Then again I saw a defensive hold called tonight because I guess the defensive players facemask grabbed the guys hand as he was going out on his route. Always best to not leave your fate in the hands of TSSAA refs.
  8. I know there is no such thing as uncatchable in high school ball, but it was gonna be ify regardless.
  9. Or you are just an idiot who doesn't know what I'm talking about.
  10. If someone could explain that defensive hold to me I'd greatly appreciate it.
  11. Not a bad performance for a bunch of untalented scrubs.
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