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  1. Pardon me for being out of touch with things but where does Sale Creek play their home games?
  2. That's cute. I was a bouncer in a bar when I was 17 years old. I'm impressed.
  3. I've posted here since almost the beginning of the site.....which from the sound of you is before you were born. Obviously expecting some class and dignity is too much to ask. I have a lot of friends in your county and would have deleted a thread with "squatch" in it as well. Keep posting the way you are little boy. You'll get yourself locked out before too long.
  4. Look you third grade moron. Challenging a crabby old veteran to a fight is stupid because I don't fight fair. You would lose.....hard and permanent. Second there are rules on this site and if you want to continue violate them I'll gladly go through here and delete every post you've ever made. I'm off of work for a while so I have the time to do so. Third...keep posting the way you are and I'll give CoachT a call and get you and your IP blocked from the whole site. Grow up and post like a man...if you are one. Make all the points you want about Sequatchie winning, winning big or whatever but make posts like a man and say why and how they will win big.....and quit with the moronic name calling of a community. Act like an intelligent man. The world will be a better place for it.
  5. I have no idea how Coach Shedd's name keeps coming up in all of this and the other thread about the BS about missing funds while he was girls' basketball coach. Please hear this.....THERE WAS NEVER ANY MISSING MONEY...NEVER! Coach Shedd did not take any money, misplace any money, hide money in mason jars or trade it for those magic beans Jack used to climb up and meet the giant. Like his coaching or don't like his coaching...fine. But please quit believing the propaganda that Coach Shedd did something illegal....which he did not do. My name is David Lowrie and I approved this message.
  6. Heard it's 20-7 at the start of the 3rd.
  7. 1. Grundy schools have done nothing to recognize my kids in 2 years. 2. 6 of the 12 kids that went to nationals were Grundy kids. 3. I'm not getting in the football debate. Not my monkey. Not my circus. 4. Just wanted to make sure the CoachT world knew we do have something that wins at the school even if I can't get a meeting room in the building for anything.....yeah I said it.
  8. I beg to differ. This is what the bass team did last year... 4 statewide tournament wins out of 7 events.First female tournament winner in a major statewide tournament.Statewide points champions. Team Kyle.6 boats qualified to BASS Nationals. Most of any school in the country and in nationals history. Team Kyle - All State Kyle Palmer - All American Kyle Ingleburger - TN Tech's first ever fishing scholarship. Kyle Palmer - Fishing Scholarship Bethel University. Of course there's those out there that think we're "just fishing" and it doesn't take any skill to do what my kids do. If that's the case then football only has skill for quarterbacks and kickers and the rest are just running around grabbing each other.....kinda like golf is just hitting a ball in a hole with a stick. Sorry. Didn't mean to squirrel the conversation. DL.
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