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  1. Madison Hayes is an exception.... arguably the best player in the state, and one of the best that the state has seen in some time. Also, a kid with great character and the definition of a Miss Basketball.
  2. McNairy won the regular season district with only one loss at South Side. They nearly beat Dyersburg twice who everyone out here considers the second best AA team in the area. If they stay opposite of Westview in the region tournament, they’re capable of beating anyone in the region. Where is Reg. 7-AA being played?
  3. Way better character!?! It’s obvious you’re bitter that South Side didn’t get Q Miller on the list last year... and you haven’t been around Khyla either if you’re saying she doesn’t have good character. That’s a personal attack on a kid and really not cool. Also, you were nowhere around Khyla at all this summer I know for a fact. It’s pretty amazing that you say all of this, especially when a lot of people on here know who you are whether you think we do or not. Also, the AAU team that players play on is pointless here... but usually the best players do have Division 1 offers and do want to play on the best travel teams.
  4. Add Khyla Wade-Warren in AA to this statement as well... McNairy Central wouldn't be in top 4 of district without her... and with her, they're a top 10 team in AA....
  5. How does that have anything to do with the transfer epidemic?? I'm confused...
  6. I'm saying, if there is a kid good enough to be considered for Miss Basketball, then she should make that team one of the best teams in the state in its classification.
  7. If you're not good enough to make your team one of the best in the state, then you're not a Miss Basketball finalist... sorry..... I'm not real sure who you're referring to about not being the best player on their team....
  8. My opinion.... I think if you're going to be a Miss Basketball finalist, you should absolutely be on one of the best teams in the state with an exception here and there. And if your team isn't one of the best teams in the state, you better be putting up big time numbers. Not everyone can get a trophy here, and the finalist mentioned are worthy. Are there some other players who could replace one of the finalist, sure.... but only 3 are mentioned as finalist. One thing that I will agree with that Quatrefoil mentioned is the character of the player and the way things are done within that player's success. I will agree with that...
  9. It would be a good game... hopefully these two meet in the state championship game...
  10. I was impressed with the freshman last night in this game... my first time to really see her and watch her game. Kid has a chance!
  11. Agree with this 100%... Callins is a game changer... they’re capable of beating anyone in the state with their size, skilled players, athleticism, and shooters... I would say the most balanced AA team in the state.
  12. Ensworth would be a good job also.... he likely was in the middle of his state championship runs and did not want to give that up at the time. Olive Branch is every bit the job that Ensworth is as far as on the field talent. Olive Branch is a perennial powerhouse in Mississippi with multiple D1 kids each year.
  13. Right... I was talking in recent years... but he is in the conversation with Tucker, Morris, etc....
  14. and how many state championships did he win? He is/was the best coach in rural West TN and that's not up for debate. It sucks to see him leaving the area to go out of state.
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