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  1. GCPioneer

    Waverly Coaching Vacancy

    I told you that your guy was gone before the season was even over...
  2. GCPioneer

    State poll

    Let me rephrase what I said after reading the question again... do I think someone can beat them? Yes.... do I think someone will beat them? No.... Who do you think beats them?
  3. GCPioneer

    State poll

    Personally, no... but it’s possible.
  4. GCPioneer

    State poll

    Facts... the state tournament this year is going to be wide open in A, AA, and AAA...
  5. GCPioneer

    State poll

  6. GCPioneer

    Early Class AA Predictions

    Nolensville has some bad losses earlier in the season which is probably what kept them out.
  7. GCPioneer

    West Tn Class A

    I saw the TCA/Peabody game and TCA/Gibson game... difference was, TCA fell apart in the fourth quarter against Peabody and they stepped up in the fourth quarter against Gibson.... Gibson doesn’t need to take Peabody for granted... while they don’t quite have the length of TCA, they still get after it and play hard. Gibson is the better team, but I also said that going into the TCA game.
  8. GCPioneer

    SHOWDOWN FRIDAY Crockett/Westview!

    I’m looking forward to watching Jada for these next 4 years... she’s a Jamirah Shutes type of kid.
  9. GCPioneer

    SHOWDOWN FRIDAY Crockett/Westview!

    Big win for Westview!
  10. GCPioneer

    West Tn Class A

    Na you’re good... TCA deserved to win that game tonight. Huge shot by Macey Lee for the win!!
  11. GCPioneer

    SHOWDOWN FRIDAY Crockett/Westview!

    Big game... if Crockett wins, they're in the drivers seat of the district early on with wins over Dyersburg and Westview. If Westview wins, despite the Obion loss, they'll have at least a share of first place in the district for the time being still having to play its first game with Dyersburg.
  12. GCPioneer

    SHOWDOWN FRIDAY Crockett/Westview!

    I'm taking Westview.....
  13. GCPioneer

    West Tn Class A

    I’ve seen plenty of Gibson games this year, and I haven’t seen no flopping...
  14. GCPioneer

    West Tn Class A

    Districts at Gibson... Region at Martin unless sweep, and if that happens, back to Gibson.
  15. GCPioneer

    West Tn Class A

    District and region at Gibson County I believe