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  1. If Union City doesn't fumble the ball, Union City should win by 2 TD's. I still feel we were the better team against McKenzie and we looked it in the first half until the QB went down with the knee injury that happened late second quarter. Second half, we came out flat while trying to figure out the QB situation, had a starting WR go down with shoulder injury... McKenzie came out fired up and took advantage of the opportunity and won the game.
  2. Let 'em have their fun... they're in the middle of their big championship run and picked up some bandwagon fans (BigEd, Vandy, and Reitz) along the way... I know I've never said we were the most physical team around here... I have praised our defense as they've actually played pretty well despite injuries to different players throughout this season. As for our defensive coordinator....I will put him up against any other defensive coordinator in the area. His track record speaks for itself. Additionally, a coach that comes into this Gibson County football program with the losing tradition that it has, and coaches that defense up to the standard that it is at right is pretty impressive. As for my silence... I actually haven't been on CoachT from the time I posted this thread until earlier today, and just now getting a chance to respond to this circus show. Key injuries are a part of the game, and unfortunately in small school athletics, one key season ending injury along with several other nagging injuries does make a huge impact to a team. I still like our chances for this week...
  3. From what I was told, Union City looked pretty good on Thursday. McKenzie is playing well also, but I feel like Union City has the better team IF they aren’t fumbling the ball.
  4. I know the starting QB is done unfortunately... the good news out of that is his baseball scholly will still be honored. I’ll give you the line for the Peabody/Gibson game after this coming Friday....
  5. It’s looking like we will be showing up with our JV team this year with all of the injuries... it’s a rough go over here in Dyer right now!
  6. Nothing... just giving him a hard time...
  7. I just wished the radio broadcaster for Peabody would do a better job next time he’s on the radio...
  8. Peabody waiting for a game in week 11 against the Pioneers.... oh, how the “tide” is beginning to turn...
  9. I just wished we could understand what the radio guy on 93.7 was saying tonight...
  10. The QB was getting hit hard and he wanted nothing to do with that thus resulting in bad pitches and fumbles... also, the center and QB were having trouble getting the snap down because our nose guard was blowing the play up before it ever got started....
  11. I grew up through it... been some good and bad times.
  12. Half of our team is injured right now... and we didn’t look too great in that second half...
  13. I just hope we can beat Fulton City in a few weeks...
  14. Not much to say about that one boys... took the L and get to sit on that for two weeks during the bye week. Our QB going out in the 2nd quarter definitely hurt, but we still should’ve won the game. McKenzie came out fired up after halftime and we came out flat and that’s all there was to it. Big win for McKenzie!
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