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  1. Lake County will be tough for anybody to beat in Single A football. I’d run the read option with Snyder 30 times a game. He is tough to bring down and has speed. We’ve played two tough hard fought scrimmages against Waverly and now Lake County... I’d say we are ready to beat Obion County next week now. On another note... #3 that shed off the big Lake County lineman and took the ball back around to the other side of the field and broke off the big run is only a freshman. Kid is going to be a stud.
  2. The situation here at Gibson County is interesting... the middle school football program has been consolidated for around 7-8 years now. Prior to consolidating, there's no way the individual middle schools in these communities competed against the Peabody's, Union City's, Milan's. Now, the high school program is reaping the benefits of all of those kids playing together through middle school. It's pretty obvious that this process is bringing some success to the football programs over here.
  3. Jr. Pioneers beat Trenton Rosenwald tonight 46-8
  4. Peabody is team to beat as everyone knows... we are capable of beating anyone else in the region and they’re capable of beating us. Staying healthy will be key for Gibson.
  5. No spread offense, but a capable passing game... two hard nosed RB’s that are tough to bring down.. defense is still really good, but young DB’s will have to figure it out. This team is better in its own ways compared to last years team.
  6. Lake County plays two Region 7-2A teams - Gibson on Friday in a jamboree and then Union City in the opener. This year's Gibson team is going to be different than last years, but still a good team. Our offensive line and strong RB's are going to be what makes the offense go. The defense is solid again this year as well. I will be interested to see what you Lake County people think after the Gibson jamboree and then UC in week 1.
  7. Gibson looked solid tonight against a good Waverly team... should be a good season for our guys!
  8. Yea, should be on game field.
  9. Several did, but not all of them. I didn't see the guys last week against Dresden, but heard we looked pretty good.
  10. Gibson scrimmaged Dresden last night. From what I hear, biased and unbiased sources, Gibson put it on them pretty good. Dresden fans may speak different, but that’s just what I was told.
  11. She’s the real deal... I’ve been telling people all summer that she’s good!
  12. Westview, Covington, and Dyersburg would be the top 3 in West I would say. Personally, I think this may be one of Westview’s best chances to win the gold.
  13. I’d say Mr Miyagi will be quiet now until Loretto works its way out of the losers bracket....
  14. LOL.... you're a tool... how did Loretto ever lose 5 games this season?
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