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  1. GCPioneer

    Single A State Tournament

    I’d say Mr Miyagi will be quiet now until Loretto works its way out of the losers bracket....
  2. GCPioneer

    Single A State Tournament

    LOL.... you're a tool... how did Loretto ever lose 5 games this season?
  3. GCPioneer

    Single A State Tournament

    If both ace pitchers throw against each other, it's a coin toss on who will win... whoever can string the hits together will win in a lower scoring game. I just think TCA has a more potent offense from top to bottom in the lineup.
  4. GCPioneer

    Single A State Tournament

    The majority of the hits came from the middle and top of the line-up for Loretto. The last few batters in the lineup for Loretto were overmatched against Overstreet. TCA doesn't have a weak hitter in its lineup. With that being said, Loretto can beat anyone in Single A and TCA can beat anyone in Single A. This is all simply my non-expert opinion... I just thought TCA was a better team than Loretto after seeing what both offenses have to offer up.
  5. GCPioneer

    Single A State Tournament

    Better bats on TCA... Also, to keep things in perspective about that game between Loretto and Gibson, Gibson threw their #5 pitcher in the game against Loretto also.
  6. GCPioneer

    Single A State Tournament

    I watched the Gibson v. Loretto game at Eagleville....I'd say TCA is the better team personally.
  7. GCPioneer

    Head Coach Openings

    Any coach that is familiar with Rutherford County girls basketball, and in this case, Riverdale, knows what they're getting themselves into. It is one of the most competitive areas of the country when it comes to girls basketball. If rumors are true, I'm assuming she thought she'd win a state championship last year, and be on her way.
  8. GCPioneer

    2019 State Baseball Poll Rankings (Poll #2)(4-14-19)

    I would say the only team that maybe has enough pitching left to be able to beat Gibson twice is TCA, and even then I don't see that happening with Gibson's ace not having pitched since Friday's game against Peabody, and TCA using their ace in yesterday's loss to Gibson. Regardless, I think this district will send two teams to the state tournament.
  9. GCPioneer

    2019 State Baseball Poll Rankings (Poll #2)(4-14-19)

    Gibson will have to have been beaten twice in order for someone else to win the district championship.
  10. GCPioneer

    All State Tournament selections

    Destinee Wells was the biggest surprise to me.... she was what made Houston go in all 3 games... she should've been on there.
  11. Greenfield, Clarkrange, Loretto, and Summertown have to be the early favorites....
  12. GCPioneer

    Never too early...AA Predictions 2019-2020

    Westview will be back, and may be playing for another state championship. They lose the post player and the starting PG, but bring in one of the top 8th grade PG's in the state next year. Also, Westview has a kid on the bench that didn't get much playing time that will fill in at the post just fine. I expect Westview to be at the top for at least the next 4 years with the kids they have now, and have coming in.
  13. GCPioneer

    Gibson County Class A State Champions!

    Congrats to Coach Wilkins and the girls... they worked hard for this and deserve to the state champs!
  14. They were bad for both teams tonight... and 2 of those guys were pretty bad in prior games to that.
  15. GCPioneer

    Greenfield v. Loretto (2019 Single A Semis)

    Greenfield by 20... Teams that haven’t played against Greenfield, and don’t know what to really expect from them, will struggle with making adjustments until it’s too late...