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  1. We had our chances... had the ball first and goal inside the 10 at end of first half and came away with no points and then had the ball first and goal at the end of the game and couldn’t score. Glad we are getting to play some football but that was a tough one.
  2. They saw her play in summer ball...
  3. Bad game as all of you all are calling it is fine, but the player match-ups coming into this game favor Gibson... Outside of 1 player, Eagleville wasn’t very good. Also, Gibson is on a roll right now... bad time of the year to be playing “bad games”....
  4. Yes... that's what needs to be told... a school firing a coach who is well respected and supported by her peers, and others across the state, deserves the backlash it gets.... obviously everyone in the LA community isn't on board with this taking place....
  5. Best team in 20 years....?? A very good team, yes... but the Riverdale’s, Blackman’s, Oakland’s, Memphis Central’s, Bradley Central’s of years past would have a lot to say about that. They’re one of the best in West Tennessee, sure... I would like to see this Greenfield team against the Westview’s with Rechis, GC’s with Butler, and Obion County’s with Fussell...
  6. I’m watching the sub-state game between Pickett and Eagleville right now... Pickett reminds me a lot of Dresden. Good team, they may beat us, but I think we are the better team going in.
  7. Round 1 Science Hill vs Stone Memorial Maryville vs White Haven Bradley vs Lebanon Brentwood vs Arlington Round 2 Stone Memorial v. Whitehaven Lebanon v. Arlington Lebanon - State Champs
  8. Macon will win first and second round by 20+
  9. Huntingdon will make this a ball game... Clarkrange will not roll over Huntingdon... will be a dogfight to the end!
  10. North Greene has a good team with some decent guards and a good post player... still won't be enough.... Greenfield may put a running clock on them....
  11. A really good shooter in Ludick.... a good post player in Bilbrey.... Gibson by 8-10...
  12. Tori Rutherford is their best player... I wouldn't say they have a true "big" but they do have a kid with decent size who can knock down the 3.... Westview should win by 10-15...
  13. I’m not too bad at predicting scores and winners...
  14. Memphis Business Academy worries me a little... I’m just saying.... not going to be an easy win..
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