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  1. The kid's first varsity start and he threw a no-no. Pretty cool. I spoke with him after the game that night and he couldn't have been more excited and humble about it. Giving credit to his teammates in the field and other guys coming through with big at bats. Happy for the young pitcher !
  2. Great point. We all have our moments. Heck, I've always tried to be a civil poster but even I had a bad day posted something I regretted and apologized for. Took some time off and came back. Nothing involving this place should be so serious. We're all here ultimately to encourage high school athletics and the athletes that play them as well as support our respective communities. Like Kvols said, just take a breather and come back next year
  3. Both games should be very good. Central and Craigont should match-up well with each other. I'm concerned about the match-up for Bartlett with East with the Mustangs talented and much bigger front line but Bartlett's back court is as good as anyone's and have been playing very well. I won't begin to venture a guess who will win either game but it'll be fun either way.
  4. That's the truth. So now things look like this: Region 7 Bartlett vs Brighton Arlington vs Craigmont Region 8 Ridgeway vs Central Melrose vs East
  5. And even then Southwind loses to Memphis East tonight 87-80. Crazy things happen in post-season.
  6. Well, so much for that............ Arlington beats Dyer Co Southwind loses to East Sheffield takes down Raleigh-Egypt Tournament time is a crazy time of year but, hey...that's why they play the games
  7. Congratulations to Arlington. I know the coaches and many of the players and I couldn't be happier for them. Scrappy bunch and they play hard. Good job Sorry to see the season end for Dyer Co but the Choctaws have a program everyone respects. They'll be back next year I'm sure
  8. A- I don't know near as much about this class but BTW has to be a favorite to go AA- Raleigh-Egypt, Liberty AAA- Ridgeway, Dyer Co
  9. That sounds about right. It's about an hour and 20 to 30 minute drive.
  10. I've heard lots of good things about Hubbs. I can't make it up to DC but I'll be at Arlington for the semi's should they advance. I know a lot of folks at Arlington to I can't root against them but I'll be glad to see Hubbs play if I get the chance.
  11. Memphis a national hotbed for individual high school basketball talent, it's not a guarantee of a state championship. Again, I really think we're arguing the wrong point. Only eight teams can go to the tournament and a lot of very good teams are eliminated along the way from all over the state. It's just that in general it's been harder for Memphis teams to make it through to the state tournament due to the fact that there are usually more than three or four teams competing in the same district or region capable of winning the state tournament. Only two can make it but as I've stated before it doesn't matter where you're from, if you make it to the 'Boro you deserve to be there and if you bring back a Gold Ball then you don't have to prove anything to anyone....just point to the trophy
  12. I agree. Arlington is a tough team but it's awful hard to beat Dyer Co on their home floor. Honestly, the potential of a Dyer County vs Craigmont match-up has me excited. That would be a great game. Dyer Co, Bartlett, and Craigmont are all good enough to make it to the 'Boro but Southwind and Ridgeway are very,VERY good. They can be beat but it'll be tough. Best of luck to everyone.
  13. I did not mean to offend. It was wrong to bring local poilitcs into this/ I won't bring it up again. I fully appreciate Memphis and what it does for all areas around. As I said, I LOVE the area, I just don't like to feel overwhelmed if you know what I mean. or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Metro
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