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  1. Hey Blackman fans, I meant to get on this topic earlier. My son played on several good Brentwood High teams and got the pleasure of chasing Itavious around so I have a lot of respect for the Blackman program. My wife is a Presbyterian minister who serves a church in Tuscaloosa AL so I spend weekends in Tuscaloosa and I've gotten to see Hoover play several times. WIth all due respect to Middle TN, they play a different level of high school football in Al. Scary some times. I think Tuscaloosa County alone had more Division 1 commits then the entire midstate are of TN. Blackman showed they are for real and deserve to be considered up there with some of the best schools in the south. Good luck in the playoffs. Article from Al.com: http://highschoolsports.al.com/news/article/-3566847555275430687/hoover-35-blackman-tenn-20-bucs-tune-up-for-playoffs-by-beating-blackman/#incart_river
  2. Congrats to Mount Juliet. The best team in the Quadrant won. Good luck in Memphis next week. Stop at the Rendezvous and enjoy some "Que".
  3. And that is the reason the system is screwed up. MJ wins big.
  4. Agreed! The Bruins are going to focus on Overton and you guys stomp Dickson County so we can have a really good quarterfinal matchup in the Wood in 2 weeks between MJ and the Bruins!
  5. Winning in the playoffs requires good fundamentals, few mistakes, and composure. WC failed on 2 of the 3.
  6. KWC, A very well thought out articulate post. I think it is a shame that our system has to be driven by travel expenses though unfortunately it appears that is the nature of the beast. I don't always agree with every topic but I appreciate your logical thought process. And you didn't call me "gay baby".
  7. Wow gay baby? Is that what they teach you in the trailer parks?
  8. Dude, believe me I'm not jealous and I'm not a Brentwood Wannabe. My son played for 3 Brentwood teams that won 3 district/region titles and I bleed blue whether we go 1-9 or 9-1. I didn't send my kids to a private school because Brentwood High School is just about as good academically as most of them(better than several including BA, FRA, BGA) and I didn'at have to pay tuition. My rant wasn't at Dickson County but the TSSAA and this assinine system. If you guys were the only 5A school in a district fo 6A teams, would you be upset? I would assume probably. The system is screwy. I said that in all reality the way it shook out this year probably doesnt matter. You guys aren't going to make it to the 3rd round and we will if take care of business at home. If we don't, we don't deserve to be there anyway. Futhermore, I like Dickson County, you guys were always really nice when we thumped you the last 2 times we played. Also, I kill a lot of turkeys in Dickson County on our farm. The boys who work for me out there are really nice folks. P.S. - To say that Brentwood High School wants to be a private school is just stupid.
  9. well, as i said i think Brentwood lucked out and the 2 seed is really no different than the 1 seed. If they take care of business they are home for 2 games. My point is the system is flawed.
  10. O.K. - I started this thread and am really impressed. Over 20 responses in 3 hours! KWC - you sound like a very defensive high school administrator, teacher, or coach. If not, my apologies. I pay taxes and expect competetent folks at TSSAA and school systems to make competent decisions. I'm beginning to think that was a mistake. I have never been known as a shrinking violet so I will elaborate on the original post with my points from all of the hubris that has been started up.: 1.. How competent is it to put 1 6A team in with the rest 5A teams and make Region 10? 2. How competent is it for Brentwood to have a 5-0 district record and be seeded #2 while Dickson had 1 loss in their district? 3. Why is Mt. Juliet who is seeded #4 behind Arlington who is seeded #3 with the same district records and a worse record? 4. 6 Classifications is stupid. Why don't we just have 12 or 24 and give everyone participation medals like in kiddie soccer. We are teaching kids to be afraid of competition. 5. How competent is a system that encourages schools to play traditionally weak non-district opponents so they don't screw up their record? While I know the system has been tweeked, 2 years ago, Brentwood won District 11 and was seeded 8th while Franklin who took 2nd in the district was seeded 2nd. 6. I love the quote above: "I don't think it matters if your are a 1 or an 8 seed". Horse hockey. The reward of proper seeding is to play at home. Playing at home drives revenue to your school(concessions) and gives you an advantage that you have EARNED. I'm not really worried about this year.. Assuming my Bruins take care of bidness in the first 2 rounds, we'll play in the quarterfinals at home as I'd bet my first born future grandchild that Dickson County won't beat Mt. Juliet or Indy. If my Bruins, don't take care of bidness, than we'll sit at home and watch Alabama beat the rest of the world.. Peace!
  11. The Topic Title says it all. Our playoff seeding system is awful.
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