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  1. him, Rob Sorell, Todd Smalling, and Tom Divinnie (sp?) are the 4 best head and shoulders above the rest There is a junior who is about 10-20 seconds behind them that is actually running faster than they did last season when these guys were all juniors. he ran 25 seconds faster at TN Classic than HAnnah and Divine did as Juniors and 10 fatser than sorrell.
  2. which one of you BHS guys got on here and posted on my name.
  3. I saw the preseason rankings and I think that Chris Berry being 6th is a load of crap. He was 5th last year as a sophomore. He has already improved his P.R. in his first race this year from 15.45 to a 15.20 or so(it was a 5k so you can only guess). I think he'll be top 3 and maybe even first. He's my cindrella story of the year. Just watch out for him.
  4. Hannah is n ot in rutherford county. berry is ok.
  5. i love the 4*800, but we can drop the 4*200 and add the 2000 steeple.
  6. How much faster can these be in May. 9:35, 4:22, 9:47, 4:26, 48.xx.
  7. I think the guy from Chatt will be force to reckon with he's young and ran 50.xx at UT and that track is pretty slow.
  8. I antagonized ya'll at times but ya'll ran well. Good job this year guys.
  9. 12 Young, Riley 8 McCallie 15:56.69 12 http://www.alltraxtiming.homestead.com/files/BoysDiv2rez.htm
  10. Yeah and he ran 16:03 at TN Classic. I listed guys that have ran sub 16 on that course this year.
  11. Herrinshaw Hannah Sorrell Hill Devine Berry Koz Rose Cole Welsh
  12. We ran a JV race. that was not scored...I'm not sure if it was timed.
  13. Would it make sense to run 10 guys in the regional meet to anyone? Same scoring though 5 score 6-7 hold places 8-10 just there in case the other guys have bad races. This would really only benefit large teams that can have a team deep enough to field 10 guys in one race.
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