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  1. a lot of people didnt even know clendenen caught that ball. i was standing right there and rebelron is right
  2. Who is it to look out for at state in the 110H and the 300H in AAA? What are some of the best times this year?
  3. harrison will win. he can go 6 10
  4. harrison smith from catholic jumped 6'8 in the decatholon
  5. Adrian "Tank" Baker (Maryville) committed to Furman a few days ago.
  6. if kids knew when the drug tests were coming all the cleansing pills and drinks they have now would pass them. that is why they should go with random. but does a coach have to send a form that has to be signed by player and parent to drug test? or can they just drug test anyone with no warning?
  7. You will watch the language!!
  8. those powell fans arent gonna say anything. they r COWARDS. id be embarrassed if i was talking all that stuff to. if i was #1codywattsfan or whatever id crawl under a rock and never come out. SHOW SOME CLASS WATTS AND SMITH! thats absolutely ridiculous
  9. oh and the other reason webb will win and the reason theyve won the last 2 years is because of the wing t. the big disadvantige to having a big and not so fast line is when the opponent is running the wing t because there are so many fakes and misdirections and what was the score agaisnt maryville in the regular season?? umm i believe yall lose by umm 40 pts. oh and i never said webb was the only team to work on fundamentals and basics... what are you talking about?
  10. ok everybody knows who cody watts is, thank you. webb slowed him down enough the past 2 years to get the win and it wont be any different this year. lee smiths 40 is a 5.16 and im positive because HE told me that. and thats pretty darn slow. webb will slow watts down and jay courtney and thrower are nothing, the only factor will be if webb can stop smith cause he didnt play last year we will see... webb-27 powell-21
  11. that is a real good point about not having to worry about tyler clendenen he was a big time playmaker last year agaisnt powell with his 99 yard kickoff return on the first play of the oppening season his freshman year that is pretty impressive. he was also a tough cornerback and hard to throw his way. he had many great returns and powell was kicking away for him all night. that gives powell the advantage on special teams i think powell has the chance to break a punt or kickoff for a td with their great athletes. powell-24 webb-21
  12. gosh! you guys are so mean to me!
  13. yes i would like to know also
  14. tyler clendenen from webb starts on varsity as a cornerback and he is there return guy. he had a kickoff return of 99 yards agaisnt powell and he has a long return just about everygame. very fast athlete
  15. no the record for bench is around 825 or 850
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