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  1. T$$AA couldn't care less about what's best for the students.
  2. not sure you have 6-9 in one school, then 9-12 in another nearby . Most middle schools are 6,7,8 and high school would be 9-12 Some of the very small rural schools are k-12 and a few were ( are ? ) something like 6 ( or 7,8 ) - 12.
  3. probably for all sports where you have a K-12 or 8-12 grades under one roof. I doubt it come up often in other sports because it would be unlikely to see an eighth grader start varsity in a sport such as basketball or football.
  4. agree, I had two kids who wrestled as eighth graders and had 5 year varsity careers, not many public schools left where this is possible but there are a few.
  5. I think there is more than I hope- I believe he is eligible . I know at least 2 of the schools on the list have been down this road before and their AD's should be able to give you a yes or no on the subject. I would have confidence in the answer
  6. I may be wrong and I believe it only applies to 2 or 3 schools in the state but if the student changed HIS residency to go to school, ie attended a boarding school, that would qualify as a change of residency and he would be eligible to participate. This is the way it was explained to me 10 or 12 years ago when I was considering a similar move.
  7. This is a JV game for greenback. I guess everyone wants to pad their stats but I'd be inclined to give the starters the night off.
  8. I'll concede some of programs in the east had a drop off in recent years but I've thought many GB teams underperformed and it wasn't because they lacked talent. Greg wasn't in charge when he was coaching prior to 3 years ago. I think the present philosophy would have taken teams 2008-2012 and maybe couple of others deeper in the playoffs possibly all the way.
  9. Believe me when I tell you the direction the team was going prior to Greg and Kill was not a good one. Greenback has always had plenty of talent and even more toughness but not this level of coaching. In my NSHO starting in 2008 there were teams capable of not only getting to Cookeville but being competitive there too. But we never made it. 3 years ago GB was far from a plug and play team that just anybody could coach. The big guy letting it all hang out in the TV interview is the reason why GB has now joined fellow east TN schools a few miles north ( M-ville and Alcoa) in not only believing they can play for a title every year, but expecting to, then play accordingly .
  10. Thanks. I thought it would be a short list, and very happy Ryan is in the conversation
  11. Has any coach in TN had a better 1st 3 year run than Ryan ? 3 straight trips to the finals and now a title. I don't have the won loss record for the last 3 seasons but I think he's lost a total of 4 games with two of those being in the state finals.
  12. We'll bring some coloring books and happy meals so you can enjoy the game too
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