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  1. With recent struggles to organize around the state tournament, it has brought to the surface frustration with school administration, costs etc. So how did basketball and football become sanctioned? Let's reveal the beginning and continue to push for the same with volleyball. Volleyball is no longer a game from gym class, however it is obvious it does not get the respect as does other sports. Does the money come first? ticket sales? or if the game is promoted the sales will come? I loved basketball and still do; until I was introduced to volleyball! Our team will be participating in the State Tournament; with that being said we still are transporting the players to and from the hotels and games while basketball and football benefit from buses and other advantages during the regular season. I am suggesting the much needed changes to see that the players and families are given the same opportunities the other sports get----sooner. Your input is requested.
  2. Where is a list of officials for the state; new officials etc.?
  3. OrCat - you have forgotten the other middle of whom you proclaimed to be the best middle in East Tennessee start of last year following Karns vs OR early season. Karns has 2 middles who can hit and block and now an OH and the OH from last year who can hit with the best of them her only disadvantage is her height. One middle can play all-around for a constant attach from e v e r y where. 2 Liberos and good backup will steal the show.
  4. Good for CF. However, Karns has not 1, not 2, but 3 BIG HITTERS for sure. I think that could be enough but with the strong defense and court dynamics, wow they are the team to watch. GO Karns BEAVERS!
  5. You seem to know a lot about HArdin Valley, any connection?

  6. I agree Karns and AC at the top. Considering the recent changes AC may have a disadvantage to regroup. It depends on how quickly they can get to know each other and get it together. Meanwhile the other teams are doing the same this summer- with camps and workouts. Karns' Big Middle can play all-around this gives Karns an advantage this year- this 6' back row player is awesome. Also the OH from Powell gives them a much needed hitting, power line-up. From reading other posts I see another player (hitter) moving to the area from southeast Tennessee, she's pretty good. Who's the setter coming? news to me.
  7. Hey jumper, Based on your comment I can't tell what color your wearing to the games..... care to share?
  8. Well this sure makes this season interesting. With new coaches at so many of the area/District High Schools the season could be less predictable. Of course good coaching is part of but not all that a team needs. Do you know where she is going?
  9. East Tennessee- Knoxville area- 3 Clubs this year. SMJVC, Phoenix Rising Volleyball Club and K2Volleyball Travel Club (new this year). See web sites for parent meetings and try-outs.
  10. East Tennessee Clubs' expansion is proof volleyball interest is growing! SMJVC Smokey Mountain Junior Volleyball. (Many years the only major club in Knox area) Phoenix Rising Volleyball Club. (Entering 3rd year and growing) K2 Volleyball Club (New this year- somewhat a spin-off of SMJVC). and...... a few schools in the area who organize internally. Interesting to compare - can't wait to see what this year brings. I encourage all connections to these clubs to have them post schedules and web sites soon.
  11. I being partial to volleyball am insulted when the same respect isn't given to volleyball as is basketball and football. ahhhh maybe during our lifetime high school volleyball will become equally respected. I too have missed a few games because of early start times. Popularity does seem to be increasing as is interest in participants. We are seeing more and more college v-baLL on TV also. baby steps......
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