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  1. Alliance may also still have boys' teams. In the past they fielded a 14U and an 18U team. They have had boys teams for at least 5 years but have to travel quite far to play. Don't think you'll be seeing boys volleyball as a sanctioned HS sport anytime in the near future.
  2. play4keeps


    I've been out of circulation for a while but I am hearing that the power in 9AAA is shifting. Mt. Juliet was strong last year, Wilson Central was booted out of the district tournament in the first round. There are a number of players at Beech, Station Camp, and Lebanon playing club ball. I also understand that the coach at Lebanon is really whipping those girls into shape with some serious conditioning. I'm ready for some volleyball. how about you? Let's get this party started!
  3. Phew! I thought something terrible had happened
  4. Ok, I'm not coming 'out of the bushes'. As I've stated in other posts, I visit the forum every day, something a moderator is supposed to do. I don't post often for two reasons, one, I think that the forums should be self-sustaining through topics such as this one started by and continued by the members. If a topic is not of interest, no one contributes, and it dies. And secondly, I no longer have daughters playing HS volleyball so I have no dog in the fight. I catch HS matches when I can either through tournament or one of the HS close to my home (WC, MJ, Lebanon, Friendship, etc) but I can no longer speak with any authority on any of the programs I used to know so well in my past. As far as (Wilson) Central getting to state, they didn't even get out of their district but that's no concern of mine. Like I said, we've moved on I am simply pointing out that when my daughter and I totaled up college matches she plays, they never play conference opponents in tournament play. They only play them when it counts. The *most* a team might meet a conference foe is 4. Twice during conference play, once in the conference tournament, and once again if both teams make the NCAA regional. Since only one team moves on from the regional, they couldn't meet after that.
  5. Man, I am LOVING this conversation its nice to see I'm not the lone ranger on this one. Why should the state tournament be any different than the NCAA? One and done. We play a region of 8 and then on to the elite 8. Every match is all or nothing. Bring your A game or go home. And off topic but the fact that Brentwood and Ravenwood played each other 8 times in one season is insane. This should NOT happen. The should play in district and then post season. The should not match up during tournaments...ever. I can't believe the TSSAA allows this to happen. But again, this is just one woman's opinion...carry on
  6. WEST TENNESSSEE Delta Force Volleyball Memphis Juniors Memphis Metro VBC MIDDLE TENNESSEE Airborne VBC (Lebanon) Alliance VBC (Franklin, Clarksville, Hendersonville) Club West (Franklin) Dickson Dynamite (Dickson) Ethos Volleyball Club (Nashville, Hendersonville, Cookeville) Maury Monarchs (Columbia) Rutherford County Juniors (Murfressboro) Starlings VBC (Nashville) EAST TENNESSEE Choo Choo City VBC (Chattanooga) K2 Volleyball Club (Knoxville) Kingsport Volleyball Club (Kingsport) NETVC (NE Tennessee VBC) (Bristol) Ocoee Heat Volleyball Club (Cleveland) Phoenix Rising VBC (Knoxville)
  7. Most of the clubs have websites. This link will take you to the club volleyball forum and to the pinned post with all the clubs and sites listed. This list is a work in progress so send me a PM with a link if I've missed one...
  8. As far as I know, the 50% rule only applies to basketball, softball and baseball. Somehow the TSSAA has overlooked club volleyball and soccer at this point in time. The thought (at least as far as volleyball is concerned) is that in rural areas a rule like that would limit the ability to participate since there are relatively few clubs. Some clubs are made up totally of HS teams -- girls would have to travel upwards to 2 hours to find a club in a major metro area. If a 50% rule were to be instituted, it would only apply to 15 and up as the TSSAA only has jurisdiction over High School sports. HS coaches are prohibited from coaching their own players in the off season. Many HS coaches can be seen coaching girls that are 14 and under as they are not yet HS freshmen -- that is allowed. I don't know about giving lessons but I would suspect that is also considered 'coaching'.
  9. Most clubs started practices in December and will begin tournament participation later in January. How are your teams looking? What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Where are you heading this month?
  10. Best of luck! I'm looking forward to hearing about the tournaments. Do I miss club? Not when it's spring and I'm home working in the garden
  11. Thank for the info- We did hook up with Jay when we first moved in June and had our son practiced with the 18U team- Jay was not sure he was going to have a 14U this year. I will check back in with Jay to see if something has changed- thanks again


  12. Jim, Contact Alliance Volleyball Club in Franklin and speak with Jay Golsteyn. He has 2 boys teams I believe, Impact 14U and Impact 18U. The 18U has been very successful. I'm sure your son would be welcome. Jay Golsteyn - Associate Club Director 615.771.2444 ext. 204 [email protected] Hope this works out for your son, it's a great sport. Play4keeps, moderator
  13. Good luck (and safe travels) to all the players and their families traveling to Orlando for the national AAU tournament or to Atlanta for USAV Nationals (or both). Enjoy the experience, have fun and play hard.
  14. Here's a bit of history to start your morning: Many years ago (circa 1998) there were a few clubs in Nashville -- Spike, Music City Jrs, one I can't remember the name of out of MTSU (prior to Club Xtreme days). Along came Impact. A few years (5 or 6) after Impact started , Williamson County Select spun off taking players and coaches with them. Fast forward a few more years, Nashville One spins off Impact taking players and coaches with them. Impact, still a leader, moves to A-Game sportsplex. After one year, Williamson Co Select re-merges with Impact and forms Alliance. Another year later Club West and Ethos spin off, taking players and coaches with them. Wmson Select, Club West and Ethos are all headed up by former Impact/Alliance Coaches. When my oldest started playing for Impact there were a couple of clubs and Impact only had 4 teams, that was 1999.
  15. I believe that in the Nashville area there are now 5 clubs: Alliance, Nashville One, Ethos, Club West, Rutherford County Jrs. I'm not sure that Spike is still around. Ethos and Club West are new this year. In addition, Alliance is fielding satellite clubs in Wilson Co (East), Sumner County (North) and Clarksville, TN (North) Most of the "stars" are playing at Alliance and Nashville One. There is no telling what will happen this year with Club West and Ethos in the mix. I could guess but that would be unfair to the clubs All of the schools you mentioned have players at both Alliance and Nashville One.
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