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  1. I have 2 thoughts on this. 1). I can relate to everything such as loyalty and suggest "homeschooled" children could /should start their own CLUB of sorts for each sport during school year and play with clubs during club season. 2). My personal experience with home schooled children is that the excellence and maturity would be an asset to any program. Studies prove home schooled kids rank higher in most categories.
  2. It will interesting to see what develops from adding clubs in Knox County and merging clubs in the area. Remember when we had 1 club? SMVC thank you CF. Love K2- national competition teams. PR for moderate players. The new VBall Academy - if it does officially open will have potential. It's great to see increase interest in the middle school age group as well. They will create more talent at high school and beyond. Each club will position themselves like retail; high, medium low. Qualified thru levels by price/quality/competition/opportunity. Personally, I like to see new clubs; it pushes existing clubs to improve. It also says a lot about the expansion and popularity of women's volleyball in East Tennessee. This is great for the game. Just like middle and west Tennessee(and nationally) the growth of VBall has expanded through new club programs and stronger interest; then better compensation--> then quality coaches. Ultimately better teams and increased opportunities for girls VBall scholarships. Go Go Volleyball!! Where will the good coaches come from? Although players can become coaches, there is more valuable prerequisite than "I played college" or "I need a part-time job". Good coaches put a team first over personal interests, good coaches think of the values they create in a program over having personal goals. Thank you Pat Summit for your "12" rules. Wish she had played volleyball. Imagine!
  3. Well, I agree about the confusion about not having any players selected from the #2 place state team. DB did not have great final match with Ravenwood however those players/team got there beyond other teams. As for Coach of the year- - - can't agree with Karns. I still agree with head coach from Ravenwood on this. nothing against Karns coach but directed at your comment. So it brings up a very important question as to the selection process. Come on people. If one selection or lack there of is questionable then all are in question. It kinda hurts the validation of the whole process. as for Karns- 3 AAA Ashley Feris has never been listed as an outside hitter until this All State Team selection. Is that a mistake? We always hear about the " 2 Big Middles from Karns".
  4. Can't help but wonder what took so long. Really, just curious. I just hope the list is worthy of the wait and that coaches presented truly top players not just their favorites. I admire coaches who really think hard about the overall talent of a player and her position to represent the state. Sports writers you had your work cut out for you depending on the collection of nominations. Many top players participated in the State Tournament-(last year/2010), some played on teams which did not make it to the buro. I have a few I hope will make the list - they are outstanding players and because they have scholarships -college coaches think so too. I am also curious as to the reason this year's choices are presented so late. Since the season ended Halloween and the All State team is usually nominated, voted and presented before Christmas....... I just can't help but be interested in the timing this year. Congratulations in advance to the players.
  5. It is frustrating only because just about every other state in the union has an All-State team. And most years before teams were posted late December. now it is mid January. It's not clear to me why it is taking so long. Other than needing more nominations to vote on for each position. The TSWA rely heavily on coaches to appeal specific players; reading articles and stats when available. Some coaches market furiously for certain players. (Like the Oscars) Only players nominated can be voted on. Texas homepage clarified this and warned parents, friends and family from posting disappointing comments when their results were presented. Remiinding them that they can not vote on a player if they were not nominated even if they wanted to.
  6. I attended the Farragut-Karns match and observed a few questionable calls and also accidental whistle blow of the down official (she did acknowledge the miss-blow- however it disrupted the winning point.) just weird. While I do understand there is alot going on to call I can say there were a few calls favoring both sides; it wasn't one sided. I might add that were missed calls by line judges on several occasions, in my view and mind these were incorrect. I did not see the guarded aim you refer to of the up ref. However last night was not the worst I have seen. Is it due to laziness, ignorance or momentary daydreaming perhaps? Favoritism is least appealing of all. I am sure I have seen this over the years and all we want is: "May the best team win". Yes, Really. With that being said, Let's hear it for the many correct calls and great refs out there!!!!. Congrats to the remaining schools in our Region- Karns and Farragut
  7. Sorry to hear about fatalities in the AC community. Update: Karns, Maryville, Oak Ridge and Heritage played right before the Maryville/Alcoa Football game at Heritage last week. What I saw: Karns was all over everyone. Scores of 25-9, 25-11 etc. Karns did not play Oak Ridge but the way the Karns team took out Maryville and Maryville split with Oak Ridge they will have to pull it out of a hat to beat Karns. Karns has multiple hitters and defense too. Oak Ridge had a few strong players; they loose one to overseas studies very soon. However we all had a night of football; lots of action to the end.
  8. RE: KARNS FOOTBALL COACH RELEASE Wth the newly appointed leadership; Principal Sands and Athletic Director Cantrill , is it any surprise they are 'cleaning house'. It is needed across the board and they must make a statement with their first year to keep up standards. I suspect all coaches and teachers at Karns should step it up. I approve. It's a good thing. Even though Reeves may have had good intentions, the District has specific and strict rules regarding field trips and fighting. When it is allowed - it breaks the rules and people loose jobs. The kids also need to understand this as well; just because you like a teacher or coach doesn't mean they are right. Karns had some very unsettling issues with injuries and a student's death perhaps due to carelessness of the administration.
  9. Congrats to Carmen Foster for the publicity lately on her Hall of Fame appointment. and....congrats to K2 for the immeasurable publicity of the club from non-other than Ms. Morgan (very funny lady) - who's daughter played on the team who participated nationally. The fundraiser was a success I hear! Great for the game of volleyball too. We hope Ms. Morgan will continue to reflect on girls volleyball in her routine on stage or in her future show .
  10. You seem to know a lot about HArdin Valley, any connection?

  11. TRANSFER: That would be great luck if she can move........not sure if it is true. Is your source reliable or just another rumor? I have heard no such thing. Yet.
  12. Let's talk volleyball strategy. I think Karns will add an OH to the line up. last year the twin was moved up to cover the OH that quit the team (too bad could have made an impression)- the new Freshman OH is much needed height and move the twin back to the DS where they need depth because of graduating DS. Using a Middle offense makes since when you have 2 strong middles but with the added OH will be a more diverse offense. The 6/2 does not make since to me either with the current setter, she is good, if she becomes a stronger hitter/blocker she will be great. YOU DON'T MAKE IT TO STATE WITH A BAD SETTER. I think AC can pull it together with JS coming on board and the team's condfidence in her. She takes no prisoners -she's tough and a sharp coach under pressure. Not sure about this year but watch out 2011. They lost a key player and don't know what they have on board to replace her. Oak ridge also is under the new coach transition. CF can coach and will bring a new look to the floor. They also have changes in the line up with a few losses. I guarantee Orcat will be at every game with a red shirt and banner. Sorry to the rest of the district but clearly the top 3 are listed above. C High is wondering about injurred MH/RH VC from last year. Farragut is just ok with the combination of loosing the good setter to UT last year and Moore retiring.
  13. I heard in a Club conversation that Karns is not 'replacing' a libero but adding another Libero/DS to complete the rotation. The libero (senior) is great but if injurred they would not have one and she will graduate next year. They have a few rising JV players who may step up. But this seems to be an area they must strengthen to compete on the same level with AC and OR and beyond. As for middles: Karns' offense centers around middles but with a new OH in the mix will help. They lacked strength on the outside so they had to go the the middles. One middle is a strong blocker for them, the other is stronger hitter and can play back row. One is much quicker, reliable everywhere and has a great attitude.
  15. I see where Carmen Foster received honors in the Greater Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame for Volleyball. Currently, Carmon will be in her first year at Oak Ridge head coach for the Cats. She, herself once a player, created the Smokey Mountain Junior Volleyball program for young girl volleyball players in the Knoxville area. Congrats to her and the world of Volleyball. She's a good kid.
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