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  1. This is a list of tournaments thru the season.
  2. it is obvious at this time of the year, your door has been knocked on or you phone has rung with someone saying "Hello, my name is -------- and I am selling ( charge cards candy, cookies, etc, etc, etc.). Would you help us this year? And those fans would think yes I want to do that this year because someone likely related or someone who had a player play, has been in the family. To those who have helped and watch the hard work the players expend to support their community, it is a great way to do it. Even a car wash or so helps also. But the thing that turns these players on the most is not only getting you to buy whatever they sell, but when a patron show up at a match to see them and comes by and says great game after their match. Thanks for everyone who has bought something. You supported your team.
  3. http://www.tssaa.org/schdir/Media/media_Result.cfm
  4. the complication of this rule is the local rule in the County determining where Students go from that school.
  5. http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2013/mar/05/unanimous-bill-allowing-home-school-students-to/?partner=RSS
  6. http://www.tssaa.org/coopprograms/gencooplist.cfm?id=4&year=2013
  7. http://www.tssaa.org/Classifications/classification2012.cfm
  8. http://www.tssaa.org/Classifications/classification2012.cfm
  9. If at sometime, CT decides that the support of the Sport does not fit his time and effort, and it is his site, there are oter venues that are interested. Not with the prestige and influence of this site though. Losing VB shook up a lot of fans. VB is a major womens/girls sport along with soccer and softball and girls basketball. Go to a site of some major VB Tournaments and you could see 2000/2500 fans spending some time there and maybe more. Go to some of the major interdisreict matches and the game is well supported. yes some work has to be done to maximize the attendance and it is being done. The passion is still there. It will always be there in high school athletics but the reason is the passion that Coaches and players present to the public. its a fine product and the State Tournament the first two days is as well attended as any sports. But even the last two days fall off every year. What a Sport!!!
  10. Nope, the same question came thru my mind for Coacht when Volleyball left the site and so did I after maintenance finished the Middle of July. Evidently a technical glitch but everything I had posted before the glitch, along with all correspondence from posters disappeared and some of last years posts took its place. There seemed to be a lot of views showing up with people looking in. While I could not verify if anyone could see the site, my fears were right. The whole forum left for never, never, land somewhere out in cybervision and the only thing I wound up seeing was CoachT on his facebook site in a hammock taking a snooze. It means now trying to reinvent information and I thank you for asking.. Hope we didn't lose anyone and I thank you for asking. After 9 years on this site, and CT doesn't just do this, without an eye on response of fans, Time is getting shorter. I am closing in to the end of the careers of 3 grandkids. they have enjoyed the game and so have I. But the support of fans and parents across the State have been the best. Times are tough and financing is tougher but the support is still there. Have a great season.
  11. it appears that most posts leading up to this Volleyball season did get deleted and its start all over time for this forum. Evidently reconstruction process is not available. fans from all over the State of Tennessee High Schools in this great sport will have to bring this site up to date or find information otherwise. Schedules can be found on TSSAA site. other preseason information can be found there also. 2012 information looks to be on the site and the start date has been posted.. The site will be only as good as you make it and its waiting here for you.
  12. Evidently safety of the athlete, whether football or not, is the primary reason at looking at this bill. All athletes are suseptable to concussions no matter the sport. But the question comes to mind, what if an athlete gets a concussion outside of sports. that happens all of the time whether it be a fall, a car accident, a bicycle accident, etc. Athletes take physicals. Seems to me that requiring those who give may skewto put a question on the examination as to whether there has been any major event of a head blow occurred in the previous year or something of that nature to at least put everyone on alert that something has happened. Football is of major concern here but usually when stats are taken on events of this kind, concussions show up everywhere, maybe not with the frequency of major impact sports but everywhere. Outside events may skew the numbers. What if the athlete is a boxer also or something of that nature? Real life instances can effect people who play.
  13. As long as heat does not wind up above 100 degrees.
  14. You are right about Simmons for sure. Something happened that we don't know about and probably shouldn't. A great player looked to habve lost her confidence and seemed to be rushing and not relaxed. She is still a great player with all of the tools and a difference maker but needed to let the game come to her more than rush. The coaching staff has films and has to know what she needs. Smetimes chemistry on a team changes with just a little difference in personel. The chemistry on that team was off just enough to make a difference. When you are that good its hard to put your finger on whats the difference. But fans will never know nor should they. Six foot six. Mama must have been an Amazon.
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