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  1. I also noticed 2 Freshman made the team - Nicklin Hames from Webb and Meredith Bonee from Catholic. I remember Hames making the team last year, but was surprised that Freshman were honored. Both of these were well deserved, but Were there any others???
  2. I was surprised that Maddie Howell from Farragut didn't make the team.
  3. Any surprises??? Anybody not on the list that should have been??
  4. Did anybody see the All State volleyball teams announced??? Seasons been over for months, but I haven't seen it.
  5. Congrats to Coach Garland and all of the Lady Irish!!! To finish 3rd in the state is Impressive! Congrats on a great season!
  6. K2ruth - I've thought it for a while, but you are NUTS!!! What leads you to make up this crap!!! There is not one grain of truth to this post.
  7. Anybody ready to make predictions for Murfreesboro next week? Which team is going to bring home the trophy?
  8. Saw this one tonight and it was worth the ticket!! Every point was a battle. Catholic started out slow, but finished strong.
  9. Tryouts have been set for the Phoenix Rising Volleyball Club and begin this weekend. PRVC is expanding again this year and plans to offer an additional 12's team, is adding an 18 team, and hopes to have enough interest to start offering boys teams. A satellite location in Morristown is also planned for 15 and 16 girls. For more information go to http://www.phoenixrisingvb.net You can also contact Club Director Kynette Williams at [email protected] or 865-548-7226 or Asst. Director Pam Bonee at [email protected] or 865-947-2228
  10. Why is it that high school volleyball matches start at 4:30 in the afternoon? Don't coaches realize that they can't build a following, have any amount of tickets sales, or even get the schools' students to attend games if they start so early?? I tried to attend some East Tennessee matches this week, but the matches started before I got off work. From talking to parents of players, they are upset that their kids are pulled out of their classes time and time again, and that they are having to miss work repeatedly to even watch their kids play. Don't most schools get out at 3:30? When I did walk into the gym on Tuesday night -- hardly anybody was there. Nobody would dream of starting a football game so early or a basketball game? How hard is it on these volleyball players to repeatedly miss their afternoon classes so that they can travel to their matches, change clothes, possibly grab a bite to eat, and warm up before they play?? What are the start times in your area? What are these coaches possibly thinking? Does TSSAA have input into the start times or is it left up to the schools or districts?
  11. Actually, in the early 80's under Coach Bob Bertucci they had 3, and later 4, Tennesseans on the UT Lady Vols roster. Cousins Kim and Pam Hackler signed out of Norris High School (what is now Anderson County); and Beverly Garner, out of East Ridge High School in Chattanooga; were all in the same class. A year later they added Pam McMahan out of Doyle High School (what is now South Doyle). That team won the SEC that year. Two of those players, Pam Hackler and Beverly Garner, have children playing high school volleyball right now at Karns High in Knoxville and Ooltewah High.
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