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  1. Now thats funny and ignorant at the same time!!!! Stick with checkers wareagle, you obviously know absolutely nothing about high school football!!! Come talk to me when u play some1 decent. Every year those teams (private schools mentioned) schedule out of state schools for good competition. Alcoa is 3A..... enough said. The coaching, players skill levels, and strength of schedule are all inferior to 6A and division 2 schools. And u can come talk to me when u give one of them a call to play a game. Thinking about it.. any of these schools could beat Alcoa: MUS, Ensworth, BA, Father Ryan, MBA. And how come MUS is in the top 25 in several polls but Alcoa isnt??
  2. If Alcoa is so good, why dont they try and schedule MBA, Brentwood Academy or MUS? oh ya they cant compete with them. Maryville is the ONLY quality opponent Alcoa has defeated. Either of the first three schools mentioned above could spank Alcoa.
  3. Ok everyone needs to realize this: PRIVATE SCHOOLS RECRUIT. i go to a highschool in middle tennessee and it is completely obvious they kids are brought in. We use financial aid to get them through school using money that people donate AKA our "sports fund". but i think its silly that we are even bickering over this. its not like tssaa is going to have almighty authority and stop these schools. Yes, i do have a problem with kids being brought in just to play sports, but its a football way of life. if public schools really are that mad about recruiting, then dont play private schools. we wont force you to play us. but if u do.... good luck.
  4. I am going to confidently say that kicking will not be the deciding factor in this game. In fact, I believe i read somewhere that Keith Mcbride might be hurt. If he is (not saying with 100% certainty that he is) then i think that will be a major reason Father Ryan has a chance at winning this game. This game is for MUS to lose. I do believe Father Ryan does deserve a lot of credit for this year and a 8-3 record, but this fairy tale will end friday night. Brunetti is too nasty with his laser arm and quick feet. This team is fast. Very fast. And their defense is tough with harrison martin as a solid football player. Prediction- MUS: 42 Father Ryan: 17
  5. I think its fair to throw out the previous meeting this year (check out what happened in '02 and '03). Secondly, who of us would have said MBA would have beaten ensworth? Not many. Now consider that BA could be one of the fastest teams in the state, and MBA has a porous run defense. However, it seems that a quarterback change has sparked life in the MBA offense. Lassing is monster. If MBA keeps the turnovers low, and the groundgame solid then it could go either way. In past years teams could make BA's qb beat them with his arm, but i believe this could be the first year he can. Eight men in the box is not an option against BA anymore. If i was MBA would pressure Nelson and contain contain contain. On the other hand, BA needs to get to the outside with their backs and live on the edge, literally. With defense BA should keep eight men close to the line and stuff their run. Prediction- BA: 24 MBA: 20
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