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  1. Well my son on the team has told me that the youngest Tate, Rodney will be starting quarterback. if he is anything like his brothers they possibly could make a run in the post season
  2. is there a stat book for penalties? im not sure where this information is coming from... and cheap shots? do they hit after the play or something?
  3. protein levine is not the real levine. it is an imposter
  4. Their strengths are the things that they are good at. Their weaknesses are the things that they will struggle with. DOUCHE
  5. this seems like a reoccuring theme. the same thing was told to me after they played DCA they being DA.
  6. very bold statement to call MUS over rated. Very stupid also. MUS has what it takes on both sides of the ball to win state and should beat MBA by more than two scores
  7. Actually where the Irish "Held" MUS was in the redzone. They "Held" the "Top thirteen team in the nation" to 2td's not bad at all.
  8. I also would agree with the Brunetti for quarterback but I did not want to include him becuase I am unfamiliar most teams outside of Nashville and figured I would leave some good players who deserve credit out. So if someone has better knowledge on other teams, once again, feel free to correct me.
  9. Oh yes Sam Cooper for TE, my apologies. I also left out Baars from MBA (sorry for spelling once again) if that is incorrect
  10. Its people like you who give Father Ryan a bad reputation.
  11. I find it quite amusing how Ensworth has been so hyped up this year everywhere I look. I see they were the number 64 team in the nation. They beat BA by 4 points, Father Ryan by 8, and lost to MBA. Although they put a shlacking on them earlier in the season. Maybe Ensworth was overrated maybe these teams were underrated. Also I read in the paper about Richardson being a future top 5 draft pick. How does a team lose to my thoughts a sub par MBA team but as of late that statement should be thrown out the window Ill give credit where credit is due and MBA has stepped it up recently and they deserve credit. Ensworth is filled with D1 recruits and everyone knows they probably have the "deepest pockets" when it comes to getting kids to go there. Maybe they just overlooked? maybe they dont play together as a team, maybe they dont have any experience as to playoff ball. maybe the week off hurt them, maybe they thought they were going to walk into the state championship because of this? Maybe maybe maybe, I think they were just overrated
  12. I have noticed a lot of posts about Chris Agnew. I looked on the Tennessean website and statwise he is pretty good, however sometimes stats lie. My Picks for DII-AA (MIDDLE TENNESEE) But if the numbers dont lie i would choose him Lassing and maybe Will Mix for the linebacker slot. Once again these are based soley on stats on the Tennessean. For Defensive line I would be considered a fool for not putting Antonio Richardson on there but i am unfamilair with the names of other outstanding D-Line players. I know of a number 75 for Ensworth who is pretty good and also MBA has some big boys although i am not sure how good they are. I know Father Ryan has a good secondary as a unit but other schools have good players... Cory Saccs from Ensworth (excuse my spelling), Joe Reigle has some good numbers, Jeff Nutkis? (once again excuse my spelling) I know of Tyler Kinkaid having 11 passes deflected and 3 interceptions which are good numbers. Cookie Marshall also has 6 passes deflected along with being 3rd in tackles. Rodney Anderson is also a good ball player. I have not seen many BA players on the defensive stat list but that might ust be because they dont have thier stats turned in to the paper. I do know of a good lineman from BA (not sure of his name) feel free to correct me on any of this also. Offensively Quarterback- Cody Nelson? Trey McPhail? not sure Runningback- Although Darkwa has put up massive stats he also runs behind arguably the best line in the state. My pick Lassing. Maybe Victor Caro although he has been injured hasnt been able to put up huge stats. Possibly Michael Morre from BGA but that is a long shot Recievers- Tyler Kinkaid? Weldon Garrlington surely. Tyler Tinker? Joe Francescan? William Tanner is also solid. Kenny Bass from BGA Tight End- Either Holden Mobley or Jacob Carter once again feel free to put your input this is just a quick list based on little observation
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