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  1. You could consider Independence high school in this conversation. they haven't had the best past couple of years but being the division rivals we from the franktown are very nervous about our matchup with them this year. they have some boys who can light it up in a heart beat from the starters down through the bench. watch out for the eagles this year
  2. If your looking for a team to look at more than one player and Independence high school game would be a great decision in the spring. headed by Dylan Toscano and Brian Miller on the staff and Adam Lee, Austin Reed, and a couple of very talented players coming up from jv in the line-up, this has the makings to one explosive team with a chance to make a run at state.
  3. HCJammers


    Keep you eye on McCoy Newburg out of Independence. He finished 2nd in nationals in 09(freshman) and 8th last year with a last second loss in the quarterfinals. Hes one heck of a technitian on the mat. i cant wait to see who puts up a fight this year
  4. Did you also know that the page jv team beat their varsity team both intersquad games this year? look for an indy ravenwood final this year. franklin will just fall short. but maybe they'll beat centinneal.?
  5. You can count page out if they continue what they have started. To my knowledge they played two intersquad games and the jv team beat the varsity team both games. regardless if they were trying or not nathan browns got some issues over there. and gross will not be as effective this year as you may think. unless he can throw 35 games this year. there is no way they beat spring hill
  6. Deffinition of sport: an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc. i give you credit skill is a yes. but no contact unless you screw up the steps. and you cannot defend against the opposition.. cause there is not an opposition. sorry guys:)
  7. obviously the best butterfly in the state is Indy's Leigha Smith. she met state cut 2nd week in. no competition but lets hear your opinions anyway.
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