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  1. Every team CAN be beat! Some teams need to suck it up as a loss instead of excuses. Both Boyd and the Owls have a very good team and its early now and every team will get better as the season goes on. Looking forward to watching all teams and hoping everyone has a great season.
  2. You underestimated your Boyd Buccaneers seems they played well against Ooltewah today in the Ooltewah Invitational.
  3. Who has the gas in East Tn to make it to state this year? Dist 6 A Boyd AA Central AAA Ooltewah Who's your favorites in your district?
  4. Too bad the other schools cant pull all the best players in and make an all star team like Faragut. Thats the only reason they stay on top.
  5. Soddy Daisy McMinn Ooltewah Walker Valley Bradley Cleveland Rhea
  6. Anyone know where this will be held this year? Not much info on the website.
  7. Trojans shell shocked the owls tonight 9-2.Tied up once again!
  8. Trojans and Owls are tied up in the standings. Next Monday and Tuesday should be a great firework show!! Last time these two met wad in the scenic city tourney. Owls shut the Trojans hitting down and won 8-4.
  9. Pool A Pool B Farragut Catholic Pigeon Forge. Rapburn Gap, Ga Morristown west. Sevier co Dobyns Bennett. Powell Anderson County Ooltewah Webb Pool C Pool D Bearded. Karns Science Hill. William Blount Seymour. Morristown east Hardin valley. Mount Juliet Cak Gibbs Mcminn. Soddy Daisy Pool A--------- Farragut Pool B --------- Ooltewah Pool C --------- Science Hill Pool D ---------- Soddy Daisy
  10. Anyone know the 24 teams playing this weekend?
  11. These two teams will be a good series!
  12. Current standings as of 4/2.  Rank Team W-L Record Win Percentage 1 Ooltewah 4-2 66.70% 2 McMinn County 3-1 75.00% 3 Soddy Daisy 3-1 75.00% 4 Cleveland 3-3 50.00% 5 Walker Valley 3-3 50.00% 6 Bradley Central 1-3 25.00% 7 Rhea County 1-5 16.70%
  13. Lawyers will get your money any way they can. Cyclones put no fear in tournaments any more.
  14. Driving trucks and smoking cigarettes. Lol sounds like Kelly Leak. Ha ha.........
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