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  1. you have no clue what your talking about on here

  2. Gave me a good laugh as well. Especially this post due to the fact it was a month late.
  3. I would have to agree they did not have the pitching this year. Although they did have the pitching if a couple of arms had not been Phil abused over the last two seasons. Just my opinion.
  4. I am going to say Towne will be in relief if needed. He will start the second game if necessary. Just a thought.
  5. Typical Farragut! Come tournament time they always seem to make it work. They hate losing... Got to respect that.
  6. TFU is the Farragut vs MJ game going to be on any radio or Internet site?
  7. Anyone know if any of the games other than the finals will be broadcasted?
  8. You should feel fine it's FU in the BORO. Pretty comfortable place for them. I would say at worst they finish 2nd.
  9. So true you are. Good luck to you guys! Get it done in the BORO!
  10. Not this year FU. Good luck to you guys.
  11. Guess I was right it would be the last game you won. I am sure Riverdale had no sportsmanship either? I am a Mind Reader! Enjoy hillbillies. You can now go play your BANJOS with JETHRO like you said.
  12. I am surprised however warren beat Cumberland . However I guess cumberlands coach had thrown his lefties arm out. I remember reading a post about that.
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