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  1. when does cleveland play in the jamboree?
  2. the Pittsburgh Steelers this thread is kinda 'gay'
  3. the Bullocks twins (Keith and Kevin)?? from Hixson HS, Chatt, TN both played at Nebraska 1 led NCAA in INTs 1 season both played/play for Saints???
  4. if this info is correct...it would have to be Carson, Greene, Ingram, or Weir...those are former blu raiders who coached on Monroe's staff at Hooterville
  5. 1 post about Coach Crawford 0.5 day later... 2 dads of former players of Crawford are on Cleveland Thread showing support for him. Thanks guys, those were 1st class posts. and we are starting to see his work take form w/ the program
  6. I don't know about Coach Greene...he is the head coach at rival Rhea Co As for Coach Monroe, a player told me that he has been hanging around the field house thru spring and summer workouts. While I love Coach Monroe and am glad that he's hanging around, Cleveland Blue Raider football fans need to be excited about Coach Crawford. just look at Brentwood's football record for his 10 year tenure...playoffs, quarterfinals, semifinals, and 1 state championship (done playing in the toughest part of the state) Coach Crawford is the right hire... FINALLY!
  7. bradley should win it all this year
  8. the Chattanooga Times is very 'friendly' when it comes to giving your school's stats, schedule, info, etc.
  9. as far as Crawford, he already has re-energized the program ... I heard he is embracing the tradition of the past built by B Monroe...hiring former players and coaches and mixing them w/ current staff...the culture has changed for the positive ... as far as watching the scrimmage from the stands...( the Clev vs. Alcoa ), they appear to have a long way to go...
  10. the new offensive coordinator is Adam Renshaw, from Dyer County in West Tennessee it appears Crawford brings quite an impressive record from 6A Brentwood
  11. phishdad

    District 5 AAA

    I think the surprise team of the year so far is Bradley Cental... Walker Valley seems awfully tough though....
  12. for the sake of WV football, LET the school administration allow Coach Ryan to be able to recruit kids out of WValley Marching Band's percussion and woodwind sections. don't know much, but i do hear that the marching band has 'dibs' on football game field over WV football team. This may be a 1st in TSSAA history...maybe the band can play the District 5A schedule in 2012
  13. a 1-9 season leads to players' frustrations, parents becoming ill, coaches looking for answers, and football looking just plain bad yet, if you look at Rhea Co fball about mid-july, did you expect much more? yeah, it got ugly, as all 1-9 seasons do in a traditon rich program i can assure that C Greene is choosing to avoid rudolph parties, bowl game paties, and oth er distractions so that he can use his December days to improve his football team for next year a 2nd year will start to show results
  14. I have no inside ear to who they are interviewing. With that said, a coach needs to named ASAP so that a football program is not held hostage any longer. all I can say is...whoever the school hires, it needs to be someone that can energize the county, city, and school. this is a unique coaching job, and if done right, CHS football can be restored to the level it wants...please do not hire some country bumpkin coach who knows the heck outta Xs and Os and can run a real mean spread offense....this coach needs to be able to coach as well as connect with the community...in other words...appears educated
  15. I see improvement from week to week. Congrats to the Coaching Staff for staying the course. Wat to go players for listening to your coaches. These will be wins soon!!!
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