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  1. Will the game be broadcast on the radio. If so what station, call letters, and can it be picked up on internet? Thanks. Oh by the way the Pounders will show up.
  2. We will show up . May be in for some surprises. Now a question for you . Are your games on the radio and what station and can they be streamed on the internet? Please let me know as we do have fans that want to listen. By the way a question why are you guys not in a region closer to you such as with Greenville or Stone Memorial. This is a long way to travel for both teams. Do u know why?
  3. Infamous, RB's DBs are not that fast. Red Bank is beat up. Red Bank got out played every where but the score board. They ar at a disadvantage. They have no running game. I predict that Signal Mountain will upset the"Lions". Signal Mountain can move the ball on them. Red Bank has to to find a running game. They just got 66 yards running on Central. They are hurting on the line and backfield and do not have the receivers as they did last year. There QB was intercepted three times and if Signal can get to him they will have interceptions also. Big game for Signal. Buy the way Infamous the Pounders were without one of its best players also. Bet you did not know also that one of the Pounders best Players was not cleared for any contact but just before the jamboree and had no contact until the week before the Jamoboree and he still got a couple of TD's and you said he was slow.
  4. Coach will b announced Monday. The school board has been the slow player. Unfinished business for the new coach. He will do this. What say you Booger?
  5. Heard maybe today. Depending on the school system. Actually the search is less than Red Banks and Ooltewah searches that took place. They have forwarded there name. Unfinished business lies ahead.
  6. Mr. ambassador, I greatly thank you for your words. But your words may be hollow. Now whether or not he gets this job I want conform it or deny it but sir Coach Jones will come back and take this team possibly further than before. Why, because he has done this before while at Central which some seem to forget. You know I think Coach Jones may seem like this is unfinished business that he wants to complete . He knows how to complete this. If it is him then he would be more than welcome back home. By the way he picked us some knowledge from your neck of the woods also. He can get the job done. We would welcome him with open arms. You can not predict what will happen or not just like I can't, but I will bet on Coach Jones, sir,
  7. Booger you are right on target. What is PA saying? He b awful quite.
  8. Just sayin you are right Mr. Booger. That school he coming from better get their coaching search going. Our neighbor up here better get them a coach soon and rumor Collegedale south may be looking soon also. Again just saying.
  9. Boogher you are right on both. And that other gig better have some others to come and take their place because it may be happening soon. Just sayin.
  10. Hey Booger, One of the coaches you mentioned for Central did interview Monday. However 0ne of  2 that y ou thought would not get interviewed did. Initials CG has been interviewed twice. I am like you in to much controversy. Have u heard any thing?

    1. Booger


      first off....KC is your past chattanooga guy, recently Ezell Harding guy relieved......want happen......though Malone wants it the worst......CG will probably b the guy.....gto a bad taste in his mouth over the RB deal and wants to really prove something......though Central can be a coach killer.....best of luck

      Booger just sayin 

  12. MY, My My. Well lets see. Have you seen the crowds from East Ridge, Red bank, and East hamilton lately. Oh you judge but you do not know. Pounders had good following. Even had more people than some at away games. You need to get your facts straight my man. You must have a team that they beat.
  13. Interviews start today. I have heard of no official names.But as Booger says you never know.
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