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  1. FRA continued it's dominating defense holding St George's to 16 points and winning 52-16. Game in game out it's just hard to get good look vs the Panthers. Knox Webb defeats USJ 62-36 Fayette takes down Ezell 61-48 Harding eases by USN 57-54 So it's FRA vs Harding (chance for FRA to avenge last year's championship loss) and Fayette goes against Knox Webb. Two interesting matchups and a certain dynamite final. GO PANTHERS!!
  2. From June 3-5 2007 TSSAA Meeting 13. Voted to add a Mercy Rule in Basketball and Football. In football, there is a mandated continuous clock when one team gets a 35-point advantage over it’s opponent in the second half. The clock would only stop at the end of the quarter, for timeouts, injuries, scores, and safety purposes. If the margin falls below 35-points, regular timing procedures will take effect. In basketball, there is a mandated continuous clock when one team gets a 35-point advantage over it’s opponent in the fourth quarter. The clock would only stop for shooting fouls, timeouts, injuries, and the administration of technical fouls. The clock will continue to run for the remainder of the game, regardless if the point differential gets closer than 35-points.
  3. Interesting also is that connector, while it permits an 8th grader to play varsity ball, it prevents your Middle School Coaches from coaching the Varsity eligible players (those graduated from 8th grade)in the off season in AAU ball between their 8th grade and freshman year of school. Of course this assumes you follow the TSSAA rules.
  4. Two buildings are considered to be as one by the TSSAA if they have a permanent "building-like" connector between them.
  5. Not sure what you are asking but obviously they have to be good enough, the coach has to want them; it has too be within the school guidelines and the parents have a written form to sign granting permission and indicating that the player will be considered part of the high school (team and thus fall under the 12 month participation rules set by the TSSAA). Here are a couple of Q&A off the TSSAA website that might address your issue: Q. An eighth grade student participates as a member of a high school or junior high school team. The next year the student transfers to another school without any change of residence on the part of his parents. Is the student eligible for athletic participation? A. No. The student is a transfer with an athletic record the previous year. His/Her parents have not changed residence. (This regulation is sometimes misinterpreted due to the statement that eighth grade participation does not count against a student. Such participation does not count as one of the four years he/she is allowed to participate while in high school, but the student is charged with an athletic record the previous year and cannot therefore transfer to another school unless there has been a corresponding change of residence on the part of his/her parents.) 17. Q. A student participates in basketball at school A. He changes to school B without a corresponding change of residence by the parents and wants to play basketball. Is he eligible? A. No. A student will be eligible twelve months from his/her last participation date. Example: A student last played basketball on January 16, 1991 at school A. That student would be eligible at school B on January 17, 1992.
  6. I agree, this was a very good game last night executed near perfectly by DCA. The game was a 2-4 point spread till FRA started fouling late. FRA played their worst game since mid December, most of which was attributable to DCA controlling tempo. DCA did a great job of hitting key shots and FT's. FRA showed no patience, resulting in too many fouls and TO's. A rematch of these two would be interesting- they are far more evenly matched than the score suggested.
  7. Congratulations to FRA in their winning the America Bracket at the KSA Championships held at Disneyworld between Christmas and New Years. FRA defeated Centura out of Nebraska, Hazard Ky, and Ecole out of Canada for the championship. The Lady Panthers played well and had a great week. Keep it up girls!
  8. Congratulations to FRA's Derica Wyatt who passed the 1000 point mark last week in her sophomore year.Great player-Great kid....keep it up D.!!
  9. Anyone have the schedule for the playday Sat. Nov 13th at Blackman?
  10. Having seen Ensworth I would say they will be every bit as good as last years team- Slay, Byner and Swett have noticably improved. They have good size, speed and played very effective m2m defense. What might be more important they seemed to have good chemistry- They destributed the ball very well and beat FRA easily. Ensworth had two teams playing (JV I guess)- not sure what players were participating when they played JP II..... hard to see them losing to JP II, a team that FRA beat easily in this camp.
  11. I'm responding largely because there is seldom many posts generated in DII and I miss what we had in AA....especially from a CoachT standpoint. Thanks TSSAA. FRA should win this game ...they have 2 of the top 3 3-point scorers in all of Middle/East DII both A and AA in Wyatt and Coben (who knows about the West). FRA lost 1 out of 5 games missing their 6' center Wharton who is now back. They have an excellent post defender/rebounder in Ford and and a top flight defender in the guard position with Haselton. Although they are missing a near 9 ppg production out of White who is lost for the season with an ACL they have had sophomores step up and produce. So FRA should win -but that being said you can tell nothing about the outcome of the DivII A season from this game. DII A has no dominate teams ...it is all about who can peak their team for the tournament. Both these teams could win it all. Davidson has not had much trouble winning their games handily. Think they lost to Macon County by 1. The "second season" starts tomorrow and the prize will go to the team who has their act together at the end of the season- but tomorrow, we should have a heck of a good game.
  12. Hey CoachT, For whatever reason Kings Academy has forfeited their game with FRA (which was supposed to be last Saturday). How does that need to be entered to avoid messing up the statistics? Thanks
  13. Clarkrange, Blackman, Tennessee High, and FRA win round 1. Winners Bracket Clarkrange vs Blackman 7:00 PM Tennessee High vs FRA 8:30 PM Losers Bracket ECS vs Lewis County 4:00 PM Moore County vs BGA 5:30 PM
  14. The game was indeed close. Tennessee ran out by about 12 but Moore County fought back to tie at the end of the third quarter. Moore County lead briefly in the fourth-good game, 2 pretty good teams.
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