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  1. Here we go again. High School Women Basketball is always fun and always fun to predict..... even if the prognostications are blatantly wrong. Father Ryan appears to be improved on defense and over all from last year. Yet is it young in the season and it appears they have not played any significant opponent. In contrast, FRA has had 6 games (5-1)with it's only loss to Ensworth 46-38. They had victories over Goodpasture, Hume-Fogg, DCA, Harpeth Hall and Stewart County. They gave up only 26.6 points per game, including Ensworth. Conventional wisdom would say it will be a low scoring game. Knowing Chris Hart, it will be low scoring for Father Ryan. Final score 45-31 FRA......but then again it could be the other way around....lol.
  2. It is always difficult in High School to look at common opponents to determine an outcome of a game. Any given day one team can beat another. That being said here are the common opponents of FRA and Harding who face each other Thursday afternoon in the State Semi-Finals. Harding 57 USN 54 Harding 51 St Georges 47 FRA 55 USN 23 FRA 35 USN 15 FRA 52 St Georges 16 Harding has a great star in Kayla Keyes. She is a great offensive player. She will score many points but not enough to overcome a FRA defense that only allows 27 points a game and 6 out of the last 9 games held their opponents to less than 20 points.
  3. Fayette has had a great year record wise. And they should win against Ezell Harding. But as we all know when you are in one and done territory anything can happen. I am very familiar with the East/Middle but know little about the West. Looking at the Commercial Appeal it looks like Fayette has a great record but not the toughest competition. I don't know if that is correct or not. Knox-Webb and FRA from the East/Middle appear to have played and played well much tougher competition. But I would value your or anyones comments. FRA vs St. George is also at 6 tonight
  4. Whatever happens between CPA-DL will be good for Division AA basketball. Both are quality programs with excellent coaches and players....... Now the hypothetical..... What would have happened if FRA (I am a parent and fan) were still in the District. They beat DL and lost to CPA by one. Just a thought. For FRA and D II-A it has been very good. They have been dominated allowing only 27 points per game. But what I miss most is they have NO ONE interested in coachT so I am a frustrated sports fan with no place to vent..... Be thankful for coacht and for the fans that participate. Both myself and VanMan miss the banter and fun of the interaction. Bigkid2
  5. Division II A East/ Central Regional Pairings Knox-Webb (1) vs Ezell Harding (5) FRA (2) vs USN (3)
  6. Last night the FRA Lady Panthers played and beat JPII in double overtime. So far this year FRA has played and beaten Harpeth Hall, Father Ryan, BGA and JPII. Their only loss is to Knox Webb. Since there is little discussion on Div II A I thought I would comment here. FRA is 7-1. FRA has a special group of young ladies that is improving with every game. Led by Derica Wyatt, sophomore and Miss Basketball last year the Lady Panthers should continue to do well in and our of thier region. Derica is just 4 points from 1000 in her high school career. She should get those against David Lipscomb on Friday the 17 at FRA. We have not games until then because of finals. Good luck to all the DII AA teams during the regional play. I know all will do well. I also know my Lady Panthers will be in the State Tournament pushing for the gold ball and championship rings......
  7. Can anyone tell me about Cheatham County this year. FRA plays them Friday and I don't know much about the team and new coach.
  8. FRA started slow leading 9-8 at the end of the first quarter. But a continual press and some great play helped the Lady Panthers to a 59-34 win over Goodpasture. Nine players scored for FRA led by Derica Wyatt with 22 points. Most of they players for FRA got at least a quarter time of play. Cheatham County is next for FRA. How good are the FRA girls... ? Each game will tell. Cheatham County always has a good team but will they be able to keep up with FRA?
  9. I beleive BGA is Div II AA. Also I heard recently that Johnson is NOT at Knox Webb this year. This could dramatically change Knox Webb and their results. If anyone can confirm this and potentially other changes in Div II A teams please do so. FRA opens their season tomorrow against Goodpasture. For those of you following other teams please try to give a brief summary of the games. It is always fun to read what is going on.
  10. Let me start by stating I have a bias. I am an FRA fan. This years team has 4 returning starters and everyone is healthy. Last year they lost in the Championship game. They look to be bigger stronger and hopefully ready. The two stand out teams in the east/central appear to be Knox Webb and FRA. Davidson Academy lost their coach and post to CPA (Div I)but could still be good. USN has talent back but I don't know if they have matured like the other teams probably have. DCA always comes up with a good team and could be the sleeper behind FRA and Knox Webb. Ezell Harding lost some fire power but will always be competative. St Cecilia may also be a sleeper but I believe the competition is going to be very stiff.So my pick for the finish in the east/central is as follows: FRA Knox Webb DCA Davidson USN Ezell Harding St Cecilia Swanee Zion Christian Mt Juliet Christian Webb School Riverside Christian King's Academy If someone from the West could give us your rundown it would be aprreciated. And those in the East, pick this apart so we can have some discussion.
  11. It is interesting that Knox Webb has 488. That is twice 240 that FRA has. 240 is probably close to the same for DCA. Both are first time in Div II A and the state semi finaiists therefore pretty much no scholarships athletes since all the starters have been there for both teams and could not accept scholarships in Div I and play. How long was Knox Webb Div II AA? How many scholar athletes are on the girls team? Just a question...not a comment. No matter the Middle/East is well represented in the state final 4. Should be some very good basketball this coming week.
  12. Just got back from the FRA-Lausanne game. FRA wins it 53-37. Derica Wyatt scores 20 and FRA out rebounds Lausanne nearly 2 to 1. It is unfortunate that Lausanne was down two excellent starters. Lausanne led at half 23-18. But the second have belonged to FRA outscoring Lausanne 35-14. It was the first loss at home in over 4 years for the Lausanne girls. Knox Webb ends Fayette Academy's season 48-40, Harding beats Davidson and DCA beats USJ. Three teams out of the Middle/East enter the semi finals on Thursday. I am sure the pairings will be done in short order....
  13. PHargis My thoughts are based on two items. The games left between the top teams and that EH, DCA and Knox Webb win out. If that is the case then all three are tied with only loses to Davidson and FRA. Then the EH win over KW and KW win over DCA and DCA win over EH during conference play....What is the next selection and placement criteria since they will all have won the same number of regional games??
  14. A definate one to follow in Div II A is Knox Webb. Their star was out for a good part of the season ands now is back. They will end up in a three way tie in the East/ Middle with DCA and Ezell Harding. Ezell beat Knox Webb, Knox Webb beat DCA and DCA beat Ezell. All lost to both Davidson and FRA. They also beat the rest of the field. The placing for Knox Webb will be important. I don't know how they decide this one for placement in the regional tournament. Davidson will be #1, FRA #2 but who next? Knox Webb will most likely have to play both in the regional. They are the hot team right now. Although Davidson at 20-1 and FRA at 19-3 aren't too cold.
  15. FRA beats DCA 46-32. It was an ugly game but DCA was definately out matched. DCA kept it close but in the fourth quarter FRA just gradually pulled away. Free throws down the stretch even helped more. With the win I believe FRA should secure the #2 spot in the region. They still have USN and four of the bottom 6 teams in the region left to play. Even with a loss to USN and DCA winning out over Davidson, Davidson will be #1, FRA #2 and DCA #3. If DCA loses to Davidson, then Ezell could end up #3 and Knox Webb #4 with DCA #5. I think USN with games against FRA, Knox Webb and Davidson most likely will lose one of those at least and probably be 6th in the region. But there is still alot of basketball to find placement in the regional tournament.
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