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  1. Kwc - Sense i missed three games tonight can i choose 3 games from different games that is not on the board and choose them?Westwood played tonite as well. But anyways cbhs Houston usj rosemark Germantown central Arlington ridgeway Brighton Craigmont Woodale fairley and Briarcrest
  2. Freedom Prep Arlington Briarcrest Brighton Collierville Ecs Germantown Kirby Raleigh Egypt st George Whitehaven
  3. Yea i left middle of the third qtr of Briarcrest mus smh !
  4. mitchell and mahs played tonight . Mitchell won 14-12 but I’ll take mitchell cbhs Briarcrest Fayette Academy and Collierville at home .
  5. Only 5 games ? I’ll be at Briarcrest at mus this Friday should be a fun atmosphere if anyone wants to join me .
  6. Well looks like me and Dannyq are tied for first with 180’picks. Havengrad04 your doing a great job picking games .
  7. Wouid love to see Córdova win over Pearl but i just don’t see it . Córdova lost to much talent on last year team. Pearl Cohn by 3 touchdowns !
  8. Hillcrest mase Harding Egypt ridgeway kirby ecs Germantown Central Clarksville
  9. Kwc why don’t we add Davidson Academy at Fayette Academy both undefeated teams on tommorow night to take place of Collierville St. George’s ?
  10. 1. Kipp 2 mitchell 3. Freedom prep 4. Mase 5 btw 6. Fairley 7 Munford 8 . Arlington 9 central 10. Córdova 11. Henry 12. MBA 13. Lausanne 14 Briarcrest 15 mus
  11. They take starters out at halftime tonight at Whitehaven ?
  12. WHitestation Lausanne ecs usj Arlington ridgeway Brighton southwind ensworth cville Harding regypt Chester co mase mus north panola
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