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  1. All i really know on this whole Arlington thing is this Mcknight got cleared by the state as a hardship. As far as the other players I Have no idea so i won't comment on that just to many different stuff and no i won't say what I have heard and not heard due to respect for Arlington High school players and coaches as I have friends on that staff. Anxious to see how Arlington shows up tonight against Cordova in the region semifinals.
  2. How is Bartlett about to get popped ? The kid was already at Bartlett. How was that a coaching link ?
  3. WestTnRoundball- do you have a team that you follow in west Tennesee or just a fan out here this way ?
  4. I think Houston just wanted it more . I was on the field during the game and went to each sideline Houston was fired up Whitehaven was not even after being down 13-6 . Whitehaven play calls were just bad . Wr couldn’t catch the ball o line could not block execpt for the scoring drive . How do u let someone sack the qb from 8 yards away from scrimmage ? No pressure the whole night on there qb and wr and didn’t try to load the box on Paire. Who deserves more d 1 offers by the way 4798 yards the last two seasons !
  5. Mitchell whitestation Whitehaven Kirby Arlington Covington Houston Fayette academy northpoint millington Fayette Ware facs Bartlett Pope John Briarcrest Lausanne mba munford Brighton
  6. Fairley freedom prep Douglass cbhs Bartlett Nashville christian Houston central st George ridgeway Peabody Lausanne haven harding Fayette academy southwind facs cville millington mus ecs
  7. I know Córdova has had a tough brutal schedule but what is wrong with there offense? No decent qb play ? I saw the game tonight against briarcrest and they struggle to get there key players the ball. Why not put them in wildcat ? Is it true that wimberly has his assitant coaches coaching different positions now ? I heard it tonight at the game. But again this is my first game watching them live but on film they have struggled sense the Bartlett game . Gluck to the wolves the rest of the way next week is Houston and then the week after Arlington .
  8. Fairley mahs middle college manassas Lausanne Fayette academy southwind facs Columbia academy ecs millington. Mus briarcrest Kirby cbhs Covington
  9. Blackhaven - hmm it’s at home and i think our d is a lot better then Arlington and we do have a coach from there . I think the guys have played better each game and have improved this year . Why do u wanna pick Bartlett ?
  10. Mahs east Collierville Whitehaven Bartlett rosemark facs Fayette academy Mitchell ridgeway central Douglass
  11. Briarcrest ridgeway Woodale Henry co Lausanne Brighton millington Douglass whitestation freedom prep Collierville Covington Houston
  12. The real champ is back . Mahs Trezevant mus liberty brighton rossville Christian white station east cbhs Hardin co millington Westwood sba Mitchell father Ryan southwind Kirby Collierville Fayette Ware munford briarcrest Fayette academy Whitehaven davidson McNairy northpoint Lausanne
  13. Lincoln for Houston the rb with 200 plus in the first half will not play in the 4th . Houston 3 touchdowns favorites !
  14. Prayers to white station football team as they lost a teammate in a murder few weeks ago first of all. White station d might be good this year after all . They have a good staff . I guess i got the home team in this one to tough to call tho!
  15. Kwc - here are my thoughts . Speed kills! I think Córdova wins by 2-3 touchdowns easy nothing against my alma matter but Córdova d is legit and has proved me wrong this whole season ! Pack of wolves -‘y’all have the two studs at wr still our secondary won’t Be able to keep up with it . Y’all have played the better schedule of course ! Either way Gluck to both teams !
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