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  1. Members 212 10,128 posts Report post Posted 20 hours ago (edited) BGIM Week 14 (QFs) Class 2A 1) Fairley at Peabody Class 3A 2) Woddale at Covington Class 6A 3) Whitehaven at Houston Division II-AA 4) Lausanne at ECS Division II-AAA 5) MBA at MUS
  2. Look on Houston's schedule. Who have they played that is tough as White Station?
  3. I really was referring to Bartlett and Whitestation being similar type athleticism. Whitestation has the better defense. I think for that reason they will give Houston problems.
  4. I think you should reference the Bartlett Houston score. Then refer to the Whitestation Bartlett score.
  5. White Station 24 Houston 21
  6. D2-AAA 1) CBHS at McCallie 2) Ensworth at Briarcrest 3) Knoxville Catholic at MUS D2-AA 4) BGA at ECS 5) FRA at Lausanne D2-A 6) Fayette Academy at Nashville Christian 6A 7) Central at Whitehaven 8) White Station at Houston 5A 9) Dyer Co at Southwind 4A 10) Crockett Co at Millington 3A 11) Milan vs Wooddale at Kirby 12) Covington at South Gibson 2A 13) Union City vs Fairley at Crump 1A 14) MASE at Lake Co 15) West Carroll vs Middle College at Fairgrounds
  7. Members 200 9,915 posts Report post Posted 15 hours ago (edited) BGIM Week 12 – Round 1, Playoffs TN 6A 1) Germantown at Houston 2) Bartlet at White Station 3) Central at Collierville 4) Cordova at Whitehaven TN 5A 5) Ridgeway at Henry Co 6) Clarksville at Munford 7) Kirby at Dyer Co 8) Kenwood at Southwind TN 4A 9) Craigmont at Haywood 10) Ripley at Fayette Ware 11) Bolton at Crockett Co 12) Dyersburg at Millington TN 3A 13) Sheffield at South Gibson 14) Covington at Melrose 15) Raleigh Egypt at Milan 16) Westview at Wooddale TN 2A 17) MAHS at Peabody 18) McKenzie at Mitchell 19) Douglass at Union City 20) Adamsville at Fairley TN 1A 21) BTW at Lake Co 22) Greenfield at MASE 23) East at West Carroll 24) Dresden at Middle College TN D2A 25) Tipton Rosemark at DCA 26) Fayette Academy at MTCS TN D2AA 27) Harding Academy at ECS 28) BGA at FACS 29) Northpoint Christian at FRA 30) St. George's at Lausanne Edited 2 hours ago by kwc
  8. Germantown can play with Houston if they believed that they could play with Houston!!! I'm afraid they're just ready for basketball season to start!
  9. Probably best game of the night.Teams are similar but I believe White Station to be tougher!
  10. We're Gonna Beat Your Brains Out Man!
  11. Central has to score early and often. If the game is close, no way they win in Collierville.
  12. Don't be surprised if Bartlett ends up with a few especially the main dudes!
  13. 1) Trezevant vs Mitchell at Whitehaven Friday, November 1 2) White Station at Germantown 3) Central at Whitehaven 4) Ridgeway at Kirby 5) Arlington at Cordova 6) Covington at McNairy Central 7) Southwind at Houston 8) Fayette Academy at Columbia Academy 9) Harding Academy at Northpoint Christian 10) Bolton at Millington 11) Craigmont at Fayette Ware 12) FACS at ECS 13) Bartlett at Collierville 14) Pope John Paul at St Benedict 15) MUS at Briarcrest 16) Lausanne at St George's 17) CBHS at MBA 18) Kingsbury at Munford 19) Brighton vs Overton
  14. G-Town Ninth grade beat the Haven tonight 28-12. Only problem is their JV lost 30-0.
  15. Members 189 9,744 posts Report post Posted yesterday at 01:25 PM (edited) BGIM Week 10 Friday, October 25 1) Hillcrest vs Fairley at JP Freeman 2) East vs Freedom Prep at Oakhaven 3) Trezevant vs Douglass at Crump 4) Wooddale at CBHS 5) MLK Prep at Bartlett 6) Tipton Rosemark at Nashville Christian 7) Cordova at Houston 8) Central at Melrose 9) Bolton at St George's 10) Ridgeway at Brighton 11) BTW at Peabody 12) Lausanne at Northpoint Christian 13) Germantown at Whitehaven 14) St Benedict at Harding Academy 15) Davidson Academy at Fayette Academy 16) Kingsbury at Southwind 17) FACS at Fayette Ware 18) Collierville at Arlington 19) Millington at Ripley 20) White Station at MUS 21) ECS at Munford
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