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  1. What is Sevier County looking like this year? How do they match up with the Haven?
  2. dannyq


    Whitehaven got 26 from Mathew Murrell and upset the defending champs East 60-55 in the district championship. James Wiseman had his usual NBA performance with 32 points and 6 blocks.
  3. Members 120 8,612 posts LocationMemphis, TN Report post Posted 1 minute ago D1 and D2 championship games are being played in Cookeville this week end, starting this Thursday. The games are as follows: 6A 1) Whitehaven vs Oakland (Thursday) 3A 2) Covington VS Alcoa (Friday) D2-AAA 3) MUS vs Brentwood Academy (Saturday)
  4. Mediocre according to Maryville standers. Not in the sense of not good.
  5. Not trying to be an A Hole. Just didn't look like the same Maryville to me.
  6. The word we got is that he will miss the entire game and yes he was ejected in the first half. TSSAA rules different from college.
  7. You all have to admit that wasn't a normal Maryville team size or talent wise. They been kinda holding it together all year and without their stud running back they were mediocre at best.
  8. I'm pretty sure Tyler Hunter played in that 2016 game as well.
  9. I was thinking the same thing but the other way around. you think this Oakland team is better than 16?
  10. Private's should play thursday or the saturday before
  11. Private schools get a week off to play on Saturday?
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