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    I am a graduate of McMinn Central High School in 2010. I played football, wrestled, and did track and field(only the field part with the occasional fat man run vs. McMinn). I am a graduate of Tennessee Wesleyan College and yes...I'm still obsessed with my Chargers and Chargerettes. Go Big Blue!

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  1. Final 70-58. McMinn Central advances!
  2. Thanks pioneer. And yes should be a really interesting tournament!
  3. Sorry pioneer...did the link work? I was told it would auto refresh.
  4. I didn't think either team played well. With that being said...both teams played their hearts out which in return gave us a great game. I certainly thought we were done when the LA girls started hitting the 3's! I'll take the win no matter what! Talked to an LA fan at the game...very respectable guy. He stated that's the best he had seen them shoot the 3's all season. LA will make noise again next year as so will the Chargerettes.
  5. I take the Chargerettes by 10-15 points.
  6. You should be able to pull up the bracket from there...and the teams will automatically generate on the bracket when they draw.
  7. It will be on tssaa.org and you can follow tssaa on Twitter. I have posted the link below. http://tssaa.org/2016-bluecross-basketball-championships/
  8. I can't believe how bad the refs were in calling walks lol. And it the bad calling went both ways!
  9. I'm taking my Chargerettes in this match-up at the roundhouse...but not without a good ole fashioned dog fight. It should be a close game.
  10. Ya...they've had some snow on the coast of West Michigan!

  11. Well looks like Hertz is missing out too. Left a message with the area manager and no return call. I will be headed to Lansing, Michigan with my girlfriend tomorrow to stay with her grandparents and see her best friend! Should be a fun week!

  12. Today marks 1 and a half years I have been with my beautiful girlfriend Christa Zink. I could not imagine spending the past year and a half with anyone else. Christa is my life...and I plan to spend the rest of it with her. I love you so much Christa, and I can't wait to see where life's adventure takes us. ☺ï¸

  13. Well didn't get the job at Verizon. Gonna keep looking! Lol. Also, got a call from Hertz today to set up an interview!

  14. Hats off to MLK. We will be back in the boro next year! Go Chargerettes!
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