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  1. Any teams to look out for.. How does the District 10 stack up to other competitors in other districts.. Feel free to put your input.
  2. Not that, but yes, safe travels to everyone back home! I'm talking about the sirens in the stands, by the way you all have great fans as well.
  3. Why is everyone so mad about the sirens? Get over it, its a high school game and those made for a better atmosphere. God, those men gave it all on the field and the better team won. Mobley is one heck of a back! I take back everything I said by doubting him, he's the real deal. Perfect game, perfect atmosphere with the students and all of Henry County rocking TTU, and a perfect ending to a PERFECT SEASON. Glad to be a patriot, this county and those men deserve it more than anything. Powell was a very good team, I was impressed. ROLL RED ROLL!!!
  4. I believe the rumor around the school was that they had over 100 students signed up to ride the charter buses and you got to count the some parents or adults riding the buses to the game as well. Henry County travels well to every game, and I see them coming to Cookeville very packed. It would be wild if us Henry Countians could fill up our whole side of the stadium! The stadium will be rocking all game long and hopefully with a win over Powell Cookeville will be rocking all night long! GO BIG RED!
  5. No hard feelings to Mobley, but if he gets 200 yards like one poster said, on our defense I'll be highly shocked. Najee, Shaq and Jamari could out run him, and speed does kill. I watched some footage of Powell on their Youtube page and Mobley looks good he just doesn't look like what everyone says he is. I would take Walton over Mobley ANY day. I also believe that our defense will shut down Mobley. Any info on the QB? I heard he was pretty good... Also I'd like to add, our men will be feeding off of the 12th man this Friday, it'll be a big factor, you can ask anyone from HC it was kind of hard to hear at last Friday's match up against HHS. I'm just ready to see Coach Counce hoist that Gold ball above his head and bring the first one home to Henry County!! Cookeville will be rocking! GO BIG RED!
  6. So what will you be saying about our schedule if we do win this Friday?
  7. Just found out the Hendersonville already has 1,000 pregame tickets sold.... Get ready for a live and wild game this Friday.. a perfect atmosphere will be displayed at Patriot Stadium.
  8. I don't see it being as close as 21-17. If our offense flows like they did Friday the HHS defense could be in store for a big one. But I see the game being HC- 28 HHS- 14 Henry County takes the rematch and moves on to Cookville.
  9. More and more critics get silenced each week. The Ridgeway game showed that Henry County is as good as us Henry Countians think they are. Ridgeways offense could hardly do anything against the Henry County defense. All we heard was that Jaylen Walton and Sheldon Dawson were gonna run all over our defense and that Jamil Golden (note: 29th ranked QB in the Nation) was gonna kill us with some big plays but the defense stepped up and eliminated all 3 of those factors. Dawson was silent the whole night, Walton was giving a good challenge but not good enough and Golden was running around wild just trying to get the ball off. The defense was superb like they've been all year. Our offense racked up 353 yards on the Ridgeway defense, although I haven't seen any of HHS defense of this year, I do know that the defense for them was great last year. I look forward to this game, and the atmosphere of Patriot Stadium. I read on the Ridgeway football website that we had more than 2,800 fans from Henry County in attendance for that game. Expect that number to look minor compared to this weeks match up. HHS fans travel well and it just sets up for a very great match up and a perfect scenario. This game decides it. One more game to State. Let's go Big Red!
  10. HHS had no problem with packing Patriot Stadium last year in that dramatic game in the 2nd Round. I think it will be even more packed this time around.
  11. The amount of energy that will play host in this game will be out of this world. HC takes it in the rematch and head to Cookville, I feel as if it will be the largest crowd Patriot stadium has ever seen, in the past couple of years atleast! Bad blood on and OFF the field. HC- 28 HHS- 14
  12. I can't see Powell putting up 41 on Henry County if they do meet in the Finals. Henry County's defense is just too solid.
  13. Couldn't agree more, also heard today that if Dawson gets hit hard enough there is a good chance the ball can come out. Could be easier with the wet field.
  14. No doubt about homefield will be a big part of this game. Henry County is going out there fighting for the fans, the school, and to quiet the critics.
  15. Henry County takes it from Ridgeway in a hard fought game 35-21
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