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  1. goblue1

    First Poll versus Final Poll

    Thanks Coach, We really do have a super close group of guys and they wrestle very hard for each other. We do a ton of stuff together off the mat to help build that culture. They have also worked extremely hard to help get us to where we were this year. We had to wrestle a perfect match to beat Science Hill as they are a great team and have a ton of studs and great wrestlers. Best of Luck to everyone this weekend.
  2. goblue1

    Final Poll

    I think PF can beat and hang with a lot of AAA teams. We wrestled them in the summer and they had some really tough kids
  3. goblue1

    AAA State Duals Picks

    I dont remember anyone jumping on a bandwagon but simply saying we could maybe both do something good at state. Also above statement is very true no shame in losing to those teams with the success they both have. I think middle tn did a pretty good job at state, hopefully we can all have some success at individuals as well. Good luck to all the coaches and wrestlers competing this weekend.
  4. goblue1

    A/AA State Picks

    I watched Hixon wrestle at a tournament in Alabama. They seem pretty tough
  5. goblue1

    AAA State Duals Picks

    Permutations = the act of changing the order of elements arranged in a particular order, as abc into acb, bac, etc., or of arranging a number of elements in groups made up of equal numbers of the elements in different orders, as a and b in ab and ba;a one-to-one transformation of a set with a finite number of elements. I wanted to give the definition in case anyone was curious as to what that meant. I think you may need to read/re read my statement. I never said there were 1000's . I simply let someone know about the ones that stayed the same as was previously asked. I followed my statement up with it doesn't matter everyone from every team just has to show up and wrestle. Obviously tssaa dropped the ball by releasing them early and then people see them change. some happy for it others not it doesn't matter it is what it is. We will see this weekend and yes I am sure everyone knows Cleveland is on a completely different level then the rest of AAA.
  6. goblue1

    AAA State Duals Picks

    Actually yeah its not my first rodeo I know how it works but thanks for explaining it to me. Im also pretty good at math as well
  7. goblue1

    AAA State Duals Picks

    First of all Centennial lost to blackman. No excuses about it. They are a good team and beat us that night. When we are all there wrestling good we are pretty dam good as well. Second we have a tough houston team so we are not looking a head. Regarding the original bracket obviously the 3 seeded teams stay the same but so did Arlington, bradley, beech so it is a little hard to believe that you re draw it again and they stay the same as does Centennials original opponent. The brackets are what they are everyone will just have to show up and wrestle . I think it would be great to offer the draws live on a feed so everyone can watch. Be good tv and then no complaints. Good luck to everyone and hope its a great weekend of wrestling
  8. goblue1

    AAA State Duals Brackets

    Yeah funny how that happened.
  9. goblue1

    AAA State Duals Brackets

    tssaa needs to do an online draw where everybody can see it happen live so there is no doubt that it is a "blind draw". I heard they re drew them because some coaches were complaining because region 8 wasn't finished and they were afraid that region 8 could potential throw a match so they could pick where they would end up. There are 8 first round match ups and 7 of them changed on the new bracket. The only one that stayed the same was Centennial vs Houston. Maybe we should do best 2 out of 3 brackets.
  10. Last night Centennial defeated Brentwood 52-25 and Page defeated Summit 46-30. So next Tuesday Centennial will host district dual tournament with top 4 teams. Centennial vs Page Indy vs Brentwood Both winners will wrestle and both advance to Thursdays regional dual tournament.
  11. goblue1

    TN Coach's Poll for 10 December

    Hey I would appreciate any help I can get on how to turn my team on no ones into a good team in your eyes so please lend me any advice you can give. I would love some of your wisdom. We are trying really hard over here and considering we have no club team, no true middle school feeder like most of the other teams in our region I think we might be doing ok. 2 trips to state in the last 3 years, just won the coyote classic, finished 2nd at slamfest ff two weight classes where I have 2 state qualifiers in. But I am opened to suggestions on how to improve. We will try really hard to win a match or two this weekend at the Beech tournament. Sincerely Centennial Wrestling
  12. goblue1

    TN Coach's Poll for 3 December

    All the polls are fun and at least get some people interested and talking about wrestling. Lord knows the state could use more coverage of the sport.
  13. goblue1

    Top 10 AAA

    I like the all CAPS that is a nice approach. I guess they were irrelevant the past few years then. Good to see them back now.
  14. goblue1

    Top 10 AAA

    Brentwood went to state 5 years ago and almost went in 2016. Im pretty certain they have had a full team all those years and have always been really competitive in the region. Last year they did a great job and obviously it paid off at the end of the year.
  15. goblue1

    Veterans Day Duals in Nashville, TN November 10-11, 2018

    The date is still in pre season so I dont think a ton of teams will be interested in going with partial line ups. Would be a cool event if they could do it during the season