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  1. The lady vikings will be great again this year and I look forward to seeing them up in Mrufreesboro.
  2. I was there and the crwd was very very small for the girls and only a handful for the boys stayed. Tennison did look pretty good, but nobody likes LC.
  3. There is a lot of controvarsy in PC now. Several rumors are going around about the former assistant coach, our post player is facing TSSAA action, and there is a buzz being created on the girls team about a scandal involving one of our players. I am not going into details because I haven't talked to everyone involved and the rumors are bad. I won't say no names either. I hope to find out some more at church tomorrow and maybe I can say that none of this is true. I hope its not. Things aren't good in Linden now.
  4. Stop whining baller. I came up there tonight because my boys were away at Santa Fe and hoped to see what all the hype about Smith was about. He is just that though, hype. Sure he had some nice jams, but he is no better than Chris Jones was his Junior year. A sloppy and low scoring game with little crowd suport for GC. Me and my friend thought we wouldn't find a seat but we had plenty of room there. It was typicle LC though at the end though when the game was decided. Their players got mad and was trying to fight, their coach was throwing a fit, one LC parent came on the court and threw a ball at the ref and said something dirty to him and then one parent came down on the court and yelled cuss words in his face. No ejections though just cause it was at LC. I wish I hadn't come.
  5. The TEAM of Clifton was fouling us and playing dirty the hole game. I know the refs have to call the fouls but it was the players doing it. The coaches probably paid the referees to so that makes them responsible. You can ask anyone who went to the game if PC lost it fairly. It seems like everyone is out to get us this year since we aint got the talent we used to have but are still a good team.
  6. WC is looking pretty good and is undefeated in the district. PC was recently cheated by Clifton and is ready to redeem themselves. Vikings by 5. PC-62 WC-57
  7. The supper sophmores will take the victory. They are looking good this year and should out win. PC-49 WC-41
  8. The super sophmores have been playing great for PC, but Collinwood has an excellent team that lost a nailbiter to Loretto several days ago. It should be a great game, but I pick PC by 5.
  9. The refs were a huge factor tonight in the PC game. They helped give Waverly the lead in the second half. We did play well early but seemed frustrated (by the refs) and winded by the fourth quarter. Keep your head up boys, you got a long season ahead of yall.
  10. Pantherwoman, you are the biggest loser on CoachT. You talk about our historic legacy in Perry county like you have one in Lewis county. How many state titles have you one. I know we have not won in football but its a new program. We are upcoming though and you know it and thats why you dont want to play us no more. You are a sissy who never even played against the migthy VIkings so get a life.
  11. Don't ever count us out. Last week we were 10 point underdogs but we won. We are goonna have a great year and this week will definitely be a win. PC 24 Corndog-8
  12. Typicle Lewis county football. They beat up on A teams during the season and lose to AA teams in the playoffs. Kinda like basketball there too.
  13. Rice is ready to lead us to the championship. He is in the middle of turning our program into a success and I don't believe he will leave us until the job is done. Keep all your money and benefits Mt. Pleasant because he isn't done here yet!
  14. Perry County is the best team in A this year and will prove it this week. Just as the Viking championship blood line was passed from Ellison to Rhodes to Haston it has been passed on to Richardson and he will bring home our trophy.
  15. The Vikings will defeat Temple tomorrow. Perry County has the richest tradition of any school in the state and will bring home yet another trophy to Linden. This is one of the best teams in all of state.
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