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  1. BVDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

    All this speculation, although fun, is really kinda pointless. I stopped worrying about this hire a couple weeks ago. l just hope it's someone who loves and enjoys BVDTV......hehehe
  2. i was hoping you would weigh in on this topic...oh and i betcha Tyrus would agree with you about Chaz too. I think this team would mercy rule most any other team in the state at any classification......i said "Most" any other, so before someone on here throws maryville or oakland at me, remember that.....and yes, i think this team would mercy rule alcoa...just because i think alcoa would have no hope of stopping this offense and i dont think alcoa's offense could say the same.....covington shut them down most of the game and i didnt think anyone would do that.
  3. Freddy Hale?? (yah i know he was a rebel, but it was STILL funny)
  4. one kid from the 2010 team had a good argument on who would win between them and this team.....he made some very valid points, but im going with this team....too many great HS players to go along with a handful of potentially great college players
  5. debate it here and while you're thinking about your argument, watch this
  6. BVDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

  7. BVDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

  8. BVDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

    another tough NC schedule for us again. hope we pick up another good one to replace pisgaah....cant beleive they "chit the bed" in their post season this year...i was pulling for them to get a state title......as for us....the Locomotive cranks back up in late January, so everyone else has a month and a half....ish....to play on the tracks, then it will be time to get off the tracks again, cause here comes that big Greene Locomotive machine, with a HAMMER leading the way .
  9. BVDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Tennessee, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Vandy....LOL
  10. BVDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

    dont waste your time brother, ive watched the entire game 6 times now and we STILL kick it to him every time....i watched them practice it all week before the game and was surprised we didnt use it to open the game, BUT, what balard said afterwords made sense....Cej was 90 percent all year and he had that strong wind behind him.....shoulda been a touchback but i guess other plans were in place for that kick
  11. BVDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

    that was my original thought too, but "Burley" is what built Greeneville dont ya think?
  12. BVDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Well, one thing I've learned about coach Ballard in the 10 short years ive been around him, is that he likes to "Drive" alot more than he likes to "Ride". Having said that, I personally have no clue what the man wants or is going to do. I will just say this. If he decides to come back next year, It will be alot of fun seeing what this same staff can do with a team most everyone OUTSIDE the program thinks will be a huge step back from the one we just all watched. If he decides that this was his last season as the Head Devil, all I can personally say is Thanks Coach for what you've done here with the program, the kids and the "culture" of Greene Devil Football, good luck in all your future endeavors and Make sure you're back at Burley the day they rededicate the field in your name......."Caine Ballard field @ Burley Stadium" or something the like
  13. BVDevil

    4A Title Game #1 Greeneville Vs. Haywood

    Let me nip all this in the bud once and for all. I probably shouldnt have made the "life lesson" remark in my original post so, to that I appologize to coach Hookfin, should he stumble across this stuff. Secondly, sure, kids say stuff they shouldnt and i was no different. Heck Im half a century old and still say stupid things ( see life lessons remark). I guess i have just been conditioned to think everyone should say "thank you" when a compliment or well wishes are handed out.As far as the F U M F'ers comment, as i stated before, I'm standing my gound on that one. In my opinion it was wrong, but that's it....no harm no foul, i was just pointing out an observation of mine during the day. Maybe I should have just kept my opinion to myself, but as most people know, I have no filter and Im usually going to say what's on my mind, right wrong or indifferent. My "life lessons'' comment was made at the moment i was was typing my original post and at the time, it was what came to mind, based on the experience i was referencing. I certainly dont think those kids are "Taught" to ignore people or to ignore people who are wishing them luck, it just took me by surprise and stuck with me for a while so i said what was on my mind at that moment. Much like many issues and many incidents in life, ive had several days to think about it and to redirect my thoughts on it. That's why I'm making this final post on the matter. AGAIN, best of luck to the Tcat players, coaches, parents, staff and everyone involved with that program moving forward. Please accept my humble appology for making a false assumption about what is being taught by the Haywood coaches. Merry Christmas, Happy new year and hope to see you all in Cookeville again next year.
  14. BVDevil

    4A Title Game #1 Greeneville Vs. Haywood

    great work as always. looked for your stuff this weekend and found it right away. Great interviews and great work as always, thanks for what you do for HS football