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  1. two shay....ahem.....touche
  2. i thought everyone understood going in that greeneville was going to let DB win this scrimmage, so as to help the tribe rebuild their hurt egos and self images as a result of the last years thrashing and the season before when greeneville let the tribe push them around for a half, only to flip the switch and break their hearts in the second half AND for bailing out on this years planned meeting.....man, some of you guys are really in need of some hand holding....lol
  3. well brother, its looking like i wont be there. aunt Jeannie is in the wake forest baptist burn unit in winston salem nc and not doing well at all, so im gona be heading back over there either wed or thursday...right now, i probably wont be at the scrimmage
  4. man kevo.....this post really hurts.....i mean...i thought I WAS the mouth of the team.....no wait, i guess im the EYES of the team...lol
  5. i didnt read a stitch of this thread other than the title of it....i came straight here, to drop a bomb and rum.....if people want to see some talk about teams in Northeast Tennessee aside from Greeneville and Betsy, then maybe some of those teams might want to step up and give people a reason to be talking about them...other than " this team lost to greeneville, or that team dropped another one to betsy, or greeneville and betsy appear to be headed for their annual clash to see who's the king of N.E.T.....and so far, even THAT hasnt been much of a conversation either....what say you northeast tennessee football fans???
  6. you darn tootin mavs...if there's two bigger fans than myself and devilman, they need to step forward and grab the pitchfork with us...it's time to dig in and make room in the trophy case for number 5....as for "BVD making all that money:".......you must be talking about my aluminum can recycling prowess!
  7. All this speculation, although fun, is really kinda pointless. I stopped worrying about this hire a couple weeks ago. l just hope it's someone who loves and enjoys BVDTV......hehehe
  8. i was hoping you would weigh in on this topic...oh and i betcha Tyrus would agree with you about Chaz too. I think this team would mercy rule most any other team in the state at any classification......i said "Most" any other, so before someone on here throws maryville or oakland at me, remember that.....and yes, i think this team would mercy rule alcoa...just because i think alcoa would have no hope of stopping this offense and i dont think alcoa's offense could say the same.....covington shut them down most of the game and i didnt think anyone would do that.
  9. Freddy Hale?? (yah i know he was a rebel, but it was STILL funny)
  10. one kid from the 2010 team had a good argument on who would win between them and this team.....he made some very valid points, but im going with this team....too many great HS players to go along with a handful of potentially great college players
  11. debate it here and while you're thinking about your argument, watch this
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