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  1. no way. Boone lost White, and they wont have the same momentum in this game that they did with us. We let them hang around in the first half.betsy wont....we're young and very inexperienced on the D side.....we'll be fine...and betsy will murder Boone...
  2. ITS UPLOADING NOW....not one im proud of, cause i slapped it together in about 4 hours. I wont be making the trip to union next week because this year is ofcourse very different from others. While it sucks that i wont be traveling with the team this year, its the best decision for all involved. What sucks most for me is I was really looking forward to Spradlens first year as HC and I wont get to enjoy it as closely as i would in a "Normal" year. After one game, I have no less confidence in what this team is capable of, than i did before it started. Im not gona feed yall the bull some other devil fans might, and say this was a great boone team. Boone is always a tough scrappy team that isnt afraid to hit you. This game is the classic case of " If you let them hang around"...Greeneville is 3 to 4 touchdowns better than boone on most nights, just not this one. Our Kicking game is got a TON of work to do.....My biggest hope for THIS year is that we make it to the playoffs.....and i mean litterally MAKE IT , as in the season lasting that long....GO DEVILS, Toppers, come get you some.
  4. took me a while, but i made it back to "THE T" ....hope everyones doing well and i hope we murdalize the blazers, which i beleive we will. Already an interesting season and clearly we're all in the dark about how this seasons gona go for all of us and our teams. My access is limited this year so i will be doing most of my observing during the games, until and if they let family and media on the practice field this year....im just glad we're playing ball....LET'S GET IT STARTED DEVILS.......Greene team starts its climb back to the top with a nice 40-14 win
  5. thanks razor...next year will be interesting for both of us.....you guys will be fighting complacency on top of greene devils and we will be fighting everyone and every thing.....lol...seriously though, the view from on top of the mountain is a whoooooole lot different than it is when you're still climbing and Betsy is about to find that out. gona be a great great off season for you guys, trust me...just dont go broke buying up all that state championship gear....lol.....save some money for yourself a brand new " 5 time state champs" shirt next year about this time....i'll save you one, just let me know what size
  6. yall need to have " ano ther" christmas parade this coming weekend and let those boys ride on a flatbed around town like our boys have done 4 times.....they deserve all the love and attention they get...these kids (all HS fb players) work their tails off year round and the championships arent won in cookeville...they're won in the wieghtrooms and on the practice fields and in the coaches film room....all the places the common fan never sees, but needs to appreciate ...congrats betsy boys, yall earned it and i look forward to watching my devils work harder and harder to make yall realize its way harder to win it "again" than it is to win it the first time......enjoy it betsy, lord knows, but we dont....how many of these we get to witness in our lives and if it ends up just being this ONE, you will never forget it and no one can ever take it away ( until next december)
  7. http://www.hudl.com/v/2CV9S6 2020 looking nasty at LT......need 4 more OL boys to get nasty this off season and bring it next year
  8. im certainly no english teacher but i think what he may have meant to say was " Save FOR approx 3 games per year"....ive used "Save" many times in replacement of the word "except"...which if he had said it that way...." except for approx 3 games per year " might have made more sense to anyone who might have not quite understood what he meant....ALL THAT SAID......i would like to wish every fanbase on coacht a very merry christmas, save for approx. 3 fanbases and i hope those 3 get coal in their stockings this year..
  9. Hey LAWNMAN...Ill be there tonight with my bean barn buddy jerry...would love to meet ya if possible....ill be wearing my Greene Devil gear and sitting ir standing somewhere on the visitor side.... good luck to both schools tonight... were hoping to see one more good HS football game this year...i personally cant get enough HS ball
  10. blazer, your comment here at the end is a prime example of what a decade of domination and demolition of a region and classification can do to/for a program.....when you said "get it turned around" and "be back in the thick of things" I actually LOL'd. First, IMO, there's nothing to get turned around. Although 10-3 isnt what alot of us were hoping for, it still has to be considered a great year. 10 wins and a quarter final appearance 12 or more years ago here would have been considered an outstanding year. I dont see Greeneville finishing anything worse than 1st or 2nd in this region for the foreseeable future, even with Betsy looking like they appear to be poised to be the "greeneville" of our region for a couple years. So, for that reason, i would say we never left the thick of things. Think about this...this years team, despite all it lost , was STILL only 5 points away from another perfect regular season and had the wheels not gotten a bit wobbly in the second half of betsy game one, betsy game 2 would have been held in Burley and just like Citizens Bank stadium, I think the comfort and atmosphere of "HOME" made a huge difference in both games. That said, I think its pretty safe to say say the track is still got a Devil on it and things are just as thick as ever for the Devils......
  11. thanks lawn. Not sure when i'll get that one done, but it wont be too much longer before i surely get whatevers wrong with me figured out and fixed.....as for that numb nutz ( can i say that on here) working for the press, it appears to me that its safe to say that guy is a "Fritz for brains"
  12. Thanks lawnman. I am in a much different spot now on here than i was 10 years ago when i started the vids for GHS. Back then, as a fan in the stands i could say whatever i wanted about whom or whomever i wanted. Now, ten years later, as the vids and the relationship with the GHS program has evolved in to what it has for me, it's really really hard to keep from doing what I've always done, which is voice my opinion about things with no sugar added. So now that not as vocal and visible on coacht, people assume things, which is part of it i suppose. One thing that will never change for me is my passion for the Devils or my respect for the men and boys who actually coach and play the game. I think often times as fans and parents, we sit in the stands and stand on the sidelines and listen on the radio and watch on tv and think we know more than we actually do. This season was a huge learning curve for me in that department. All that said, i appreciate all im allowed to do as a fan and hope I still give atleast a few people some enjoyment out of what i am able to bring to the "fan table".....again, go get em betsy and best of luck to every young man that plays this sport that gives all of us washed up old men a few weeks of enjoyment every season.
  13. Thanks lawnman...good to know that some folks realize that coacht isnt the only platform on the internet...haha...
  14. Im right here betsy. Havent gone anywhere just reading and licking my wounds like a ton of other proud devils fans. So many things to say about this senior class of Devils and at some point soon i will do so in a video. But right now, Betsy has certainly earned the right to not have to share the spotlight with anyone. Rollins is a special kid on the football field. A real difference maker that will be fun to watch for two more years. That entire team looks to me alot like the 17 and 18 greene team. Only thing missing at this point is a couple gold balls and i dont think it would surprise anyone to see that happen. As emotional and invested as i am with my devils, i cant even imagine what i would be like if i had a son that played, so hats off to all the parents that get through it every year without stroking out. Amazing atmosphere at CB stadium. Im STILL hearing that stinkin Woooooh....lol...if i can stomach the pain i may end up tuning in friday...or maybe even attending... Finish the job betsy, all of NET is watching and pullin for you.
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