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  1. It's just Monday, and my family seems exhausted. Summer clocks winding down...

  2. Summer Clock still ticking!

  3. Oh, by the way, did I ever tell you that East Side is a GREAT place to learn!

  4. First week on the JCM Football staff has been a blast!!! Loving it and ready for the season to start. The kids are great and very coachable, tomorrow is 7 on 7 at Trinity.

  5. After Covington High School and Jackson Central Merry showing interest in me coaching, I feel as though I would be allowed to have greater involvement at JCM....so Cougars it is. I love coaching and helping young men to become men of meaning. According to the head coach I will be working with Running backs and special teams, ironically the same positions I coached very successfully for the West Tennessee War Eagles in Semi-Pro football.

  6. Congrats to the girls from Haywood County for making it to the State in the 4x200, 4x400, long jump and high jump.
  7. All right!!! Now we getting somewhere. I knew I could get your panties in a wad!! LOL...dude you are not ready to trade barbs back and forth with me. I'll let the season do the talking, youngster.
  8. I see you really aren't a student of the game. First, Memphis East is a 5A team playing JCM a 3A team. However Memphis East is no cupcake as they made a deep run in the payoffs last year. So how they only score 6 points, let me school you more. You are playing a scrimmage game with a running clock, against a quality opponent. For real St. Benard you gotta be able to figure that out. Dude don't get me started, I can trash talk with the best of them. I see you can't be serious in your comments, exactly how old are you, cause you clowning like a teenager. You are disrespecting JCM and I don't see any humor in that.
  9. You are still in the past, we are moving forward whether you believe it or not. These qualities you speak of respect, class, dignity,integrity, character and the inherent qualities of citizenship & education are qualities that are being practiced on a day to day basis in the program. Please at your availability come and see what's going on with the program and stop saying things as you think they are....see what is real.
  10. Once again you are talking about the past. Please hop in your time machine and join me in the present. Care less about the past, what will you never ever see again.....(answer)today...get the point?
  11. Why would you try and destroy these kids self esteem?

  12. Evidently, as I said earlier get all the facts. I acknowledged all what you just said in my first post on 14aa post. That was last year though, key word last year. For people and teams to better themselves they must rise from adversities of the past not remain. You for some reason are taking a dislike to JC M for no reason. Wait does StBentley translate to St. Benedict? Yeah the took their lumps and bruises last year, but if you followed them you would know they could have easily been .500 with a team of mostly Sophomores and Freshmen starting, but was last year. Why am I wasting my time explaining this to a novice of the game, that just replies off the top of his head.....beats me. There main problem was defense, they could score on everyone. Well, Mr. Hatorade good luck to your team on this season.
  13. Great showing tonight by the Cougars against 5A Power Memphis East . Came down to the last play of the game, East stopped JCM by a yard to escape with a 12-6 viictory. Clark averaged 12 yards a carry and caught a deep ball to put JCM in position to score at the end. Memphis East has 7 college prospects on the team. Region 14AA will be interesting this year with JCM being back to challenge even though they are a 3A team.
  14. Once again, someone that haven't been keeping up with JCM lately. The home side stands we're half full, not to bad for a spring game no one wanted to see, jokes on you. Get facts straight before you post. Thank you sirrrreeee bob!!!!
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