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  1. This is boring. You and your friend just look me up.
  2. Sources close to the program have introduced a new name to the mix. Coach Carbo. He seems to know everything there is to know about Central basketball and Chameleons.
  3. Into my head. LMAO. You give yourself way too much credit Carbo. But at least you finally made a valid point. McMinn Fire was started at about the same time that Joe Young came on board. Both were a big reason for the program getting stronger. And compared to you, Johnny Morgan is a legend. Pardon the sarcasm, but do you really have friends on here.
  4. P.S.S. Do you even know what a fragmented sentence is? Doubtful. Why would someone give full credit to a coach for winning a gold ball? I guess the girls that actually played the game had nothing to do with the win. And whether or not you hate the program or not makes no difference to me. Trust me, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. But I don't think I have ever heard anything positive about this program in any of your posts. Everybody hates a WINNER. Oh, and don't forget to check for any misspelling issues or grammatical errors in my post before you reply.
  5. Your obviously pretty close to the program since you know so much about it. But you hate it so bad. Are you a dis-gruntled parent or what. Lol. I never took anything away from Joe Young because I know how important he was to the program. He is a great coach who will be a success wherever he goes. One gold ball is one gold ball. More than most programs have. But to take anything away from the success of Johnny Morgan in the past thirty-five years is ignorant. Hope I didn't spell anything wrong in this post! And yes I would say that most people view Central as a powerhouse in AA.
  6. I wish I was as smart as you are! Congrats on your achievements!
  7. Who knows. I was told that she is still un-decided. Best of luck to Coach Johnson no matter what she decides to do.
  8. Maybe the money isn't the only thing that is important to her. Also, if the rumor is true and Coach Morgan does step down in a couple of years, why not learn from a Hall of Fame coach with the opportunity to take over a powerhouse program at your alma mater in a few years.
  9. I could care less who is after this young lady. Just let the facts speak for themselves. 65.1% career field goal percentage for her entire career. If I read it correctly, that is 5th nationally all-time, not just this year. Wow, congrats to Bob77 on this young ladies outstanding career. I wish her well at the next level. Don't understand how anyone could take this thread and put any negativity into it. Again, Congrats to this outstanding young lady! That is my 2 cents from 5AA. Go Chargerettes.
  10. I just don't agree with a parent yelling it out or even going to the coach and letting him know the signals. That's just my opinion. I think it takes away from the integrity of the game. The game should be decided between the confines of the playing fielde. The post that really blew my mind was the softball game where parents are allowed to sit behind the back stop and give the hitter pitch locations. Sure seems like an umpire or game official could do something to prevent this from happening. My two cents.
  11. If it was the coaches or players that figured the signals out I would have said it was ok because that's just part of the game. But it was not. I am in total agreement with you. I do question the coach if this went on for an entire ball game or even an inning. It's not that difficult to change the signals up and I just wonder why they did not.
  12. I will agree that many girls came to Central because of Joe Young. But as long as Central makes a strong hire, I don't think anything will change. I believe you will still see the same players come to Central Next year. Young will still work with the Fire program and it will continue to put out good, quality players. Yes, Centrals record was much better when Young came on board. But Johnny Morgan is a legend. Put two great coaches together and the results speak for themselves. The true winner here is Jeff Rice and TWC. You will not find another coach that can teach the game from a fundamental standpoint like Joe Young. I personally think that he could have named his ticket to many places but this was a good fit for him and his family. MC will miss him but they will be back and in the mix as usual.
  13. This will be a challenge for MC with Joe Young stepping aside to persue a college coaching career. But I believe Johnny Morgan will find a suitable replacement and the Chargerettes will be just fine. Too much returning talent to not make some noise. Add that to the return of Myers, who missed the entire year due to shoulder surgery, plus a ton of incoming freshman, and I think the Chargerettes will make another run at the " Boro."
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