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  1. Anyone interested in head middle school coaching position at CAK please email Wrestling experience and recommendations to [email protected] Competitive coaching salary as well . Thanks Coach Dotson 423-303-6380
  2. Davis Beat Piertarila (sorry for spelling) 3-2 in a season dual meet @ Fulton. Hardin Valley won the team match overwhelmingly though. As far as PF, That was a tech fall win for Davis. PF kid is a tough freshmen and has a great things ahead, but I don't get to argue for my kids enough. Davis had a great season, got to give it to him. Undefeated and was voted best wrestler at the state tourney this season. The Hardin Valley match was his toughest match all season.
  3. Due to lack on interest JV&Girls tourney will be cancelled at Fulton on Dec. 9.
  4. Coaches We are going to have a JV & Girls Round Robin on Dec. 9 . We will run 3 mats. Price is 8.00 per wrestler . Please contact me if you are definitely interested in coming. Thanks again. Hope to see you there. Contact Coach Marquis Dotson 423-303-6380 [email protected]
  5. Hello Coaches, JANUARY 13, 2018 ---We are looking for 4-5 more teams for the 2018 Fulton Duals ( January 13, 2018) . Even though this is the 4th year of our dual tourney we are still in our infancy. Coaches you know the caliber of your team. If your team has less than 8 wrestlers we invite you to invite another team like yours to make one complete team. Just be sure to let me know. DECEMBER 9, 2017 -- We will be hosting a JV & Girls round robin style tourney. Email me for cost details but let me know ASAP if you are interested in bringing your JV & or girls. If there is not enough interest I will be forced to cancel the date So coaches let me know ASAP about this one. thanks Coach Dotson Fulton Wrestling 423-303-6380 [email protected]
  6. hey coaches, I was just checking with you to see if we can settle on dates for next season. I have open ; November 21 - Home (tri with Hardin Valley) November 28 - Away December 5- Away December 7- away December 21- away January 9- Home (tri with Farragut) January 13 - 4th Annual FULTON DUALS (Fulton, Union Co., Powell, Clairborne Co. Catholic -thus far) want to have 9-12 teams. January 16- Away Thanks Coach Dotson [email protected] Fulton Wrestling 423-303-6380
  7. Due to multiple factors the Fulton Girls tourney has been Cancelled!!. So sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Coaches, still looking for 3 -4 more teams for the 2017 Fulton Duals.. January 14, 2017. Thanks Coach Dotson 423-303-6380 [email protected]
  9. Coaches Im looking for 4 more teams to fill the 2017 FULTON DUALS on Jan 14. teams so far. Fulton, Whitwell, Greenback, Powell Also Need one more team for a tri-match on Jan. 24 Also looking for interest for a JV- GIRLS TOURNEY on Dec. 10. Thanks again Contact Coach Dotson 423-303-6380 [email protected]
  10. Sorry everyone I left the date off of my initial post. Fulton Duals will be on January 14, 2017. Contact info is on previous post. thanks Coach Dotson 423-303-6380
  11. Call me, text or email if anyone has opening we can jump on. Dates open : November 22 December 19 January 18 Also Im looking for dates for my girls teams. I have everything open in that category. If you have a girls tourney or want to schedule a girls duals please let me know. Thanks again coaches, Coach Dotson [email protected] 423-303-6380
  12. Hello coaches, We were looking for 6 more teams to come compete at this years FULTON DUALS TOURNEY on January 14, 2017. Participants thus far - Fulton, Whitwell Note: Whitwell was the 2015 tournament champion, Fulton was the 2016 Tournament Champion, who will be the next Champion? Please email me, call or text. Coach Dotson Fulton High School [email protected] 423-303-6380
  13. Hello to all, We will be having open Mat time at Fulton High School, in Knoxville on Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6, this week only. Situational and Live Wrestling. All wrestlers must have an active physical with their school. No cost, just come get some time in. Coach Dotson 423-303-6380
  14. Coaches, Dec. 12 Day of Duals at Fulton High School - CANCELLED !!! Dec. 19 Day of Duals at Fulton High School -- WILL BEGIN AT 9 AM. (TEAM ARE FULL FOR THIS AS WELL) Fulton, Halls, Kingston, Sevier Co, Maryville, Heritage, Pigeon Forge Jan. 9 2nd Annual Fulton Duals -Will BEGIN AT 9 AM (TEAMS ARE FULL FOR THIS AS WELL) Fulton, Farragut, Webb, Clinton, Halls, Whitwell, Karns, Northview Academy Just wanted to be clear so no one shows up on the wrong days . Thanks Coach Dotson
  15. The field now is : Whitwell Fulton Clinton Halls-b Maryville-b Webb Karns Northview Academy Farragut Happy Valley -possible pending
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