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  1. You referenced the streak. I was saying it is irrelevant for 2019....
  2. Lol. Just that every single time someone doesn't agree with you...... You get offended.
  3. Is "butthurt" his "back to form"?
  4. Ah, "the last ten years"..... the old go to..... Live in the present young fella.
  5. I'd say you're a little biased Coach....
  6. A couple of years ago you could do that. The first year they implemented the pitch count you could finish the hitter and revert to the pitch count when the at bat began. The last 2 years a pitch is a pitch. If the pitcher throws pitch number 119 to start the batter and finishes on pitch 123 then he is over the limit and it is a violation. A pitch is a pitch now, it doesn't matter when the AB started.
  7. Wrigley

    8AA Baseball

    Yeah, they did. I said pitching DEPTH wasn't a strength..... When those two are on the mound they have a chance any game seems like. Although, they did beat Watertown with a freshman starting last night so..... it's baseball.... any given day.
  8. Wrigley

    8AA Baseball

    Smith has some talent, but pitching depth is not a strength. The only returning pitchers they have is their 1 and 2.
  9. Officiating is a "thankless" job. If you do a great job then you aren't noticed. If you make a bad call, you get jumped by "Little Johnny's" mom and grandma..... There are less and less officials that are willing to do it because morons in the stands lose their mind every time a call isn't made in their favor..... The officials that do work the games are mostly new to officiating b/c most sane adults get out of it because of (see above statement) Without a doubt, fans have gotten worse.....so far as to actually make personal bodily harm threats against officials.....?? Are you friggin kidding me? Over a game? Over a child's game? Let's be clear on something else. The pay is better than it used to be, but it is still not great. $60-$120 depending on the level you are officiating and if there is one or two games. This does not include the fact that officials have to drive usually well over 30 minutes to get to the game along with having to purchase all of their own apparel, gear, etc. Parents/fans need to sit back and enjoy the kids getting to "PLAY A GAME"........I repeat......."PLAY..... A..... GAME" Stop living vicariously through your children and let them chart their own path....... This is not life or death.....
  10. Down in all sports? I'd wait a calendar year before I declared a school down in "all" sports.
  11. Wrigley

    New Coaches

    Who are the new coaches going to be at different schools? There have been a lot of changes this year.
  12. Wrigley

    District 8AA

    Alright, then you explain to me how the Norfleet kid is eligible when he played in the State Tournament last year for Riverdale? One calendar year would be the end of May.
  13. Wrigley

    District 8AA

    York splits with cannon, dekalb beat central magnet in Monday game.
  14. Wrigley

    District 8AA

    I hardly see SC as the favorite after losing those 5 productive seniors last year. MCM or DC are by far the favorites I believe. MCM didn't lose a soul and I bet the AD added a few pieces from nearby Ruth. Co. schools. I also think Upperman could make a case. They didn't lose many. My prediction: 1. Central Magnet 2. Dekalb 3. Upperman 4. Smith 5. Livingston 6. Cannon 7. York
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