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  1. It all depends on where you live and work IMO. My mother works at a hospital and they had 2 employees catch it and die back in the spring. My brother, his ex wife, her older daughter and their son all had it in spring. They were exposed to people that worked at the nursing home in Sumner County that got hit hard. He is still having a hard time breathing. A co-worker of mine had it a month ago. My wife has two co-workers with it right now. Also works in Healthcare.
  2. Does that include the Covid patients that Sumner Regional keeps sending to Trousdale and Smith County?
  3. Many college football divisions and teams won't be far behind. https://www.si.com/college/2020/07/16/power-5-conferences-covid-testing-college-football
  4. Got a source? https://www.newschannel5.com/news/newschannel-5-investigates/covid-19-hospitalizations-in-tennessee-set-new-records My mother, stepmom and stepsister all work in the health profession as well. In 3 different counties. Sumner County is sending patients away to other surrounding counties.
  5. Is there another source? The only ones I see reporting this are Breitbart and Alex Jones. And both of those have as much credibility as a sack of dead crickets.
  6. There are 100+ school systems in the state. I wouldn't pretend to know what all of them will be doing in a couple weeks. I also wouldn't assume that anybody is talking about every school system in the state in any of these topics. As of right now you have schools that are completely open, schools that are going 2 days a week, schools that are going 3 days a week, schools that have pushed start dates back until after Labor Day and schools are going online only to start the year.
  7. And we are at 135k and having 800-900 deaths a day right now. I heard them say the other day that anything under 200k would be successful. Gotta keep raising that bar.
  8. An empty threat. Nearly all funding comes from local taxes. And what federal funding there is has to be decided upon by congress. Which won't side with Trump on this issue. Also in an election year cutting funding for schools isn't a good look.
  9. I think that you will have a handful of school systems go back for 1-2 weeks just so they can see where the kids are at and get them the distance learning materials/devices. And then they will be sent back to distance learning at home. I say that for several reasons. One being that I doubt all these school systems would be spending all this money on individual devices and hot spots for every student if they felt like they would be having a normal fall school year. Another being the staff that schools are or more so aren't hiring in several districts. You can't cut 10-15% of your staff and then be able to do the things these schools are saying they are gonna do with reopening. Another issue that isn't being brought up is PPE and cleaning equipment. They are saying right now that unless something is done then hospitals may once again be seeing a shortage on PPE and cleaning supplies because of the increased hospitalizations and protocols. What effect do you think opening thousands of schools across the country and requiring every staff member/student have a mask, hand sanitizer and gloves would have on that issue? I know for a fact that schools and suppliers are already having this conversation. There is a lot that is said behind closed doors that isn't told to the public because they would rather wait until the last minute than have to hear complaints and deal with the backlash for weeks. As they say need to know basis.
  10. They are saying that it is starting to look like we will see all conferences delay the season and be playing in-conference only and without a postseason. Because there are situations where teams won't be allowed by state or school restrictions. The Big 10 has already made the announcement. The Pac and Big 12 are expected to join them as early as tomorrow. A handful of teams are expected to pull out as well. I've heard Stanford, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Rutgers, Wake Forest and USC all mentioned as teams that might cancel on their own. Notre Dame is supposedly in talks to take a teams spot in conference play in either the Big 10 or ACC.
  11. The issue is that one can sign a waiver for themselves and then go home and give it to somebody else that did not sign a waiver. You are sending mixed signals when you mandate masks, make kids sit 6 feet apart in school and shut down certain businesses but then allow everybody to travel from county to county to go to football games on Friday night.
  12. The NFL is wanting the players to put 35%of their salaries in escrow. They are also gonna give players an option to opt out of the 2020 season.
  13. Even if it happens its gonna be much different. I was talking to a HS coach last night and he said they are talking about if they play only allowing people who purchase season passes into the games. That way everybody can sign a waiver and made to wear a mask. Some of your smaller conferences are starting to cancel their fall sports as well. The Big 10 and Pac 12 are talking about playing a shorter conference only schedule and pushing the start of the season back 2-4 weeks. NFL teams are talking about mandating masks and only allowing for fractional attendance to only season ticket holders. All the dominoes will fall in the next two weeks because its reaching that point where a decision has to be made or else everything just falls apart. Nobody wants to be the person to make the decision so everybody is just punting the ball back and forth.
  14. Williamson County has pretty much the same setup. For them they have 4 levels. No spread which means there are no active cases in the community. Minimal spread which means that the active cases are 0 to .50% of the population. Moderate spread which means that the active cases are .50-1% of the population. Substantial spread which means that the active cases are over 1% of the population. So at the moment Williamson County would be in minimal and bordering on moderate.
  15. I wonder how that works when school systems are talking about not even starting back until after Labor Day. Memphis is already doing it and Nashville and Knoxville are considering it.
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