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  1. Even more impressive when you consider that Oakland probably had backups on the field for half the game.
  2. They are always off at the beginning of the season. The second half of the season they become pretty dang accurate. Even in the points method.
  3. And Lebanon was a missed xpat away from losing to Lavergne last week. Blackman may be a mess at the moment but they still have shown they can hang with the top teams in state and still have tons of talent. Given that there is still a whole half a season left I would feel pretty confident that they can figure something out.
  4. Just got Wilson Central and Rossview left and I would pick Lebanon over both. But those games may be like this one. If they get the #2 seed they will have a home playoff game against Riverdale IMO. I wouldn't automatically chalk that up as a loss but most likely. I get what you are saying about the schedule. I still think Blackman is a couple touchdowns better than anybody in this region. Do you think that Lebanon could play Alcoa and Ravenwood and only lose by a combined 12 points? I highly doubt it.
  5. If it drops them down a classification it may actually help not having to play the likes of Oakland and Maryville to get a championship game every year.
  6. I'm still curious to see if anything changes when the new high school comes into the picture.
  7. And Whites Creek beat Republic 30-12... So many factors. No support from the community. Constant roster turnover due to discipline or grades. Constant roster turnover because urban areas have twice as many temporary residents which means more kids coming and going. Too many outside interests to pull kids away from sports. Its easier for kids to grow up playing other sports namely basketball in cities. More zoning and schools means kids often don't play together throughout school as they often do in smaller areas. Etc. But I mean Antioch is a 6A school and I think there are plenty of 1A/2A schools in our area that would beat them handily. They have been outscored 312-12 in their first 5 games. I seen them play at Lebanon a few years ago and this is no exaggeration they had maybe 30 players, no cheerleaders, no band and I counted 6 fans in the stands.... This is a school with 1500-2000 kids. That is just sad.
  8. From what I seen tonight Mt. Juliet has won the region. Hendersonville is too small up front to be a threat in the region.
  9. Hendersonville 13 Lebanon 7 Halftime Hendersonville has moved the ball quite well but made mistakes on both sides of the ball. #8 for Hendersonville is a handful and a hitter but keeps making dumb mistakes. Lebanon scored on a long touchdown run by backup running back #20 who I've been saying needs to get more touches for Lebanon.
  10. I have a question for those out there along the same lines. What are some good sites for viewing games or what teams broadcast their games online (either streaming or upload)?
  11. I had somebody today tell me that WC was gonna win because they were 4-0 and Mt. Juliet was 1-2.... Flip schedules and Mt. Juliet is 4-0 and likely talking about another championship run and WC fans are saying how they deserve better than starting off 0-3. We will find out here in a bit I guess.
  12. They are already 2-2 with Hendersonville, Beech, Stewarts Creek, Wilson Central and Rossview all still left on the schedule. The odds are them continuing forward momentum and doing better than 8-3 this year is very slim IMO. Especially considering that they took a big step back this year on offense and lost two D1 players on both sides of the ball. I expect them to go 5-6 or 6-5 this year.
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