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  1. You know what has been consistent all year? Nobody doing jack **** against Oakland.
  2. Because they are probably 50-60 points better than Lebanon. Both teams were playing to run out the clock on Friday night. Oakland beat Hendersonville, Blackman, Cookeville and Lebanon by a combined score of 182-0. Hendersonville beat Mt. Juliet 41-14. Blackman beat Riverdale and lost to Ravenwood and Alcoa by a combined 12 points. Cookeville scored 42 points against Hendersonville on Friday night. Lebanon beat Hendersonville. And none of them even scored against Oakland. And against their toughest opponents Mt. Juliet was shutout by Gallatin, only scored 14 against Stewarts Creek and Hendersonville, 20 against Riverdale and 24 against Lebanon.
  3. I called it during the offseason that Lebanon's offense would bog them down this year. They are good on defense. But they have struggled on offense. Last year they were lucky to have a D1 caliber player at Quarterback. That wasn't the case this year and it showed. They also killed themselves with penalties at times this year. They have players that are talented athletes but with terrible discipline. One of their best players I've seen bail them out with a big play and then turn around and allow the opponent to gain it right back with stupid penalties or turnovers. I'm talking about punching a guy in the facemask after stopping the offense on 3rd and 12. I'm talking about diving to catch a punt at the 2-yard line and muffing it with 2 defenders standing right there (Chuck Gentry looked like you could boil water on his head). Just stupid football. The Quarterback thing wasn't something just for Oakland. They have been doing that for most of the second half of the season trying to get something going on offense.
  4. Livingston Academy went 5-5 that year but played a brutal schedule. They had losses to Trousdale County, Knoxville Catholic, Austin East, Smith County and Fulton. Those teams were a combined 52-14 that year. And lost those games by 2, 3, 7, 5 and 11 points. Whitwell has lost to some bad teams. They lost by 35 to a 4-7 Signal Mountain team. They lost by 25 to a Bledsoe Co. team that Monterey had beaten by 19. They lost by 19 to Copper Basin who Gordy beat by 19. They lost 13-0 to a Sale Creek team that had been beaten by 23 against Monterey, 26 by Clay County and lost to Jackson County. Whitwell likely got Monterey on a down night. And Monterey wasn't nearly as good as a 10-0 record would suggest as I believe they only played 2 teams with a winning record and Sonny Moore had them with one of the lowest SOS in the state.
  5. I think there will be alot change to the regions in 6A. There are 8 teams in Rutherford Co. that will likely be in 6A. Then you have other teams in that area in Coffee Co., Cookeville and Warren Co. In Wilson County you have 3 right now and another coming into the mix in 2020 that they will have to account for going forward. Sumner County is likely gonna have Gallatin, Beech and Hendersonville in 6A and Station Camp in 5A. Plus another high school coming in 2020 to account for so who knows on that one.
  6. Its gonna get tricky with the classifications in 6A. Rutherford County is likely gonna have 8 schools in 6A. I don't know if they would put 8 in a region. And even if they did then you have Coffee County, Warren County and Cookeville all needing a new region out in no mans land. Wilson County is gonna have 3 and another opening in 2020. Sumner County is gonna have likely Gallatin, Beech and Hendersonville in 6A. With another school opening in 2020. Station Camp would be going down I doubt they opt to play up just to keep playing teams that will whip them regularly. So the same thing with them usually putting Wilson Co. and Sumner Co. together they would be potentially looking at 8-9 teams in that region.
  7. Yeah something sounds off. Normally if anything is anything near that bad they reroute traffic way before traffic sits there for 3 hours.
  8. So are you saying there would be more money if they had half as many playoff games?
  9. So if they went 1-9 or 2-8 (wins against White House and Springfield) and only lost by a couple touchdowns to Lebanon, WC and Rossview we wouldn't be on here having the same conversation? Because they went 3-7 last year with losses of 1-2 touchdowns to Rossview, Springfield and Wilson Central and at the end of the season there was a thread to fire the coaches. And they had a easier schedule that year as well. Their regions record this year is a bit misleading in my opinion as they played a much tougher non-region slate than in the past years. Lebanon went 5-5 but 4 of their losses came against teams that were a combined 35-5. The same with Hendersonville at 5-5. They lost to Oakland, Gallatin and Beech (combined 29-1). Then they lost to Lebanon and Independence by a combined 8 points. And Wilson Central was better this year than they have been the last couple years. When I watch Station Camp play I don't see a team that has the talent on the field and is being held back by coaching. I see that at Lavergne where they can pull a big upset one week and then get blown out by a bad team the next week. From a talent and numbers perspective in 6A they look like a slightly better Antioch team. Station Camp looks like a 4A team on the field. They looked like Portland. And that very well may be that kids dont' want to play because of the coaching staff. But with the team I seen them field this year they were never gonna compete with anybody in 6A.
  10. I even called it before they even played a game this year that the only game they would have a chance to win was against White House in week 1. They lost that game 13-7 and got blown out the rest of the season. I seen them play 2A Trousdale County at the jamboree and if that had been a regular season game it would have probably been a 28-7 or so win for TC. A 2A school shouldn't be winning in the trenches against a 6A school. Station Camp doesn't have the numbers on the sidelines, size on the field or the playcalling from the sidelines. I remember sitting on the Station Camp sidelines last year when they played Lebanon and seen a very poorly coached game. They ran the same tired offense the entire game. They would run it 3 times for either negative or no gain and then punt. They didn't even try to throw a pass until the 2nd half and even then only threw a couple in the game. Lebanon had a kid that was blowing up their line and I watched them repeatedly allow this guy to blow up their plays without being chipped or having help to prevent it. Just no adjustments in game. Just bang your head against a wall for 4 quarters and hope it gives a different result at some point. For comparison's sake I will offer up Chuck Gentry at Lebanon. They make adjustments in game and namely at half. You will regularly see them come out in the 2nd half and change something that wasn't working from the 1st half. Its a players responsibility to give their best effort. Its a coaches responsibility to make sure those players are in the best position to make that effort count. Then in the 2nd half they go to the Lebanon side of the field trailing by multiple touchdowns and on 4th and short they punted the ball.... For what? To preserve the chance that a team that has been unable to gain anything more than a 1-2 yards on the same handful of run plays was all of the sudden gonna reel off 5 touchdowns and take the lead? And then wonder why you can't get kids to come out and play or they transfer to other schools. How much better should Station Camp be in all honesty? In region they play Mt. Juliet, Hendersonville, Wilson Central, Rossview and Lebanon. Not winning any of those games and haven't as they are 0-15 since this region started several years ago. Then non-region they have Beech (10-0), Gallatin (9-1), Stewarts Creek (8-2), Springfield and White House. The first 3 are just flat out good teams this year. Springfield is 4A but have gone to at least the 3rd round of the playoffs in 4A the last 3 years. That leaves White House.
  11. Might want to pump the brakes there on them being a top 5 team. Their opponents have a combined record of 25-56. Their only opponents with a winning record are Clay Co. and Bledsoe are both 6-3 and between them have only beaten a single opponent with a winning record. Their other 7 opponents are a combined 13-50. Sonny Moore has them 8th and quite a bit behind the teams at the top.
  12. Considering that TC beat them 55-7 I don't think there is much of a concern about an upset happening in this game.
  13. Cascade has played harder teams in that stretch as well. In region play Cascade played East Robertson and Watertown about a combined 40 points closer than Westy. Both played TC about the same and Westy beat Jackson Co. by a larger margin. Westmoreland seems to be fading down the stretch so we will see who gets the chance to get drilled in round 1.
  14. Yep. Every seed is still up for grabs. MJ, Hville and WC all have playoff spots. MJ/Hville is for the region championship. Lebanon/Rossview is for a playoff spot. There is no way you can just assume that Lebanon wins that game either. Both teams are 4-5. Both teams beat Lavergne by a single score (Lebanon by 1 and Rossview by 7) Both teams lost to Wilson Central by a single score (Lebanon by 1 and Rossview by 6) Both teams lost to Mt. Juliet by a like margin (Lebanon by 17 and Rossview by 23) Both teams beat Station Camp by a like margin (Lebanon by 38 and Rossview by 35) The big difference is Lebanon beat Hendersonville where Rossview lost to them by 27. But on paper these teams seem kinda close but I would say Lebanon might be 7-14 points better. However Lebanon is a low scoring defensive team that is prone to mistakes and penalties. They scored 28, 38 and 42 against Lavergne, Station Camp and McGavock. But have scored 21 or less in the other 6 games. If Lebanon comes out and plays undisciplined football like they have at times then Rossview will make this a game.
  15. It probably is the wrong attitude but really these teams are just looking for more games/reps to work towards next season. Because round 3 is the last stop for every team in region 3/4 not named Oakland.
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