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  1. Anybody heard anything about the schedule for 2019 for Trousdale County? I know that Lebanon has replaced them with Gallatin. So that is one spot. What about Whitwell? Was that a 2 or 4-game deal?
  2. Some schedule announcements for the 2019 season. Lebanon has dropped Trousdale County and Antioch and will instead play Gallatin and Centennial. And drum roll please.... Mt. Juliet is gonna play Blackman
  3. You have regions where there are only 4 teams and everybody gets a playoff spot. So its possible.
  4. It isn't just a football thing. Athletic participation is down in most sports especially for young men. I was reading an article the other day talking about how the military is having a hard time with recruits because this current generation of kids coming out of high school have the highest percentage that are unfit for service.
  5. Go on youtube and Watch Westmoreland vs Jo Byrns from last year. I promise you it couldn't have been as bad as that game. Westmoreland got called for something like 21 penalties for 279 yards. One of their kids got in the refs face early in the game and it was over after that.... I was telling somebody yesterday that Lebanon was gonna win 35-7. I wasn't that far off. Coaching I'm sure is some of the issue. But Lebanon is considerably better than WC this year. But they better beat Station Camp.... If they lose to Station Camp then yeah the folks at WC need to break out the pitchforks.
  6. I think they finally got tired of everybody talking crap about it. Even Murphy Fair was giving them grief about it on the radio. But this is good for everybody involved glad they got it down. I will second that
  7. I may not be reading it all correctly but it looks like this seemingly would hurt people in larger areas that may move within the city limits.
  8. Yep all they need is for East Robertson to beat Watertown.....
  9. I don't think its that big of a mess. Clay County just has to beat Pickett County to get a playoff spot. The winner of Monterey and Republic gets the other playoff spot. And the seeding doesn't really matter considering that Whitwell and South Pitt are the 1 and 2 seeds.
  10. Jackson County is ranked 322nd in the state out of 342 teams. They are 1-7 and that win was 14-0 over 338th ranked Red Boiling Springs. Like somebody else mentioned Cascade beat them by 28 points.
  11. Meigs is ranked 71st in the state and Polk County is ranked 164th in the state. For the sake of comparison Oneida is ranked 151st in the state. And Meigs just beat them 35-0.
  12. Scottie Pippen without Jordan in 1994 was NBA All-Star MVP, finished 3rd in the league in MVP voting and was 8th in the league in scoring, 2nd in steals, 19th in assists, 23rd in rebounds etc. He was All-NBA 1st team and All-NBA Defensive 1st team both seasons that Jordan was gone. So the notion that he was only good because of Jordan is nonsense.
  13. I watched them play a couple times this year and they only had about 15 players. I am not joking when I tell you that their depth chart has starters for both sides of the ball and then backup 1, 2 and 3. When somebody has to come out or gets injured then backup #1 goes in regardless of position. Then so on.... One of the games I watched they were down to 12 players by the end of the game and could barely run a play and had multiple punts blocked because they were getting blown up on the line every play. RBS has been playing decent as of recent years but this year looks like the old RBS teams that went years and years without winning a game.
  14. Yeah the 3 teams they beat have a combined 3-21 record. The region is already decided these last couple games don't matter because tie breakers are already set as well. #1 Watertown #2 Trousdale County #3 Westmoreland #4 East Robertson
  15. Disagree. The Bulls that first season without Jordan went 55-27. They lost in a 7-game series to the eventual Eastern Conference Champs New York Knicks in the 2nd round of the playoffs. That is pretty good for a roster full of meh role players.... Scottie Pippen is considered a top 50 player of all time. That isn't arguable.
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