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  1. 11 minutes ago, MidTennFootball said:

    This is why we need to adopt a power rating system for determining playoff eligibility. If a team is going to duck competition, then they need to be penalized for it. Its ridiculous that some programs have to spend all summer trying to find a game

    Alcoa has a very good Athletic Director whom I wish we had at Maryville and I'm pretty sure he has burned the midnight oil looking for a team. I realize no team in the state wants to lose to a 3A team which may benefit them if they move up  one wheather their eligible or not. Alcoa has the best athletes per 100 students I've ever seen and have had for a long long time. The secrect there is that the coach must establish dominance and the kids buy in which has always worked well the past twenty five years.

  2. Sad day for Heritage High School with the passing of former teacher, assistant coach and head football coach of their program from 1990 til 1993 Sam Kyker. A 40 year educator in the Blount County System and a very well liked person among former students. Will be missed by the Heritage Family.


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  3. 1 hour ago, Elias287 said:

    Catholic cleaned house with 8th graders from Alcoa, Anderson County, Farragut darn near got the whole team swiped, Austin East, Fulton, South Doyle, Kingston, CAK, etc. I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it. And then somehow, Bearden and West didn’t lose a single middle schooler, which I don’t know why people are talking about. However, Bearden and West couldn’t stop the Concord buildup, and a lot of players from both schools left for there. Middle schoolers & high schoolers, but anyway, back to Catholic. It’s crazy what they’re doing; I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it. Real kids from Catholic whom have played all the way through middle school aren’t going to be able to continue through high school and are going to have to transfer elsewhere. But of course, I guess that’s what Catholics have been doing since Cade Brothers Day, they've just been napping for the past few years.

    I know what your saying, that's why I started this thread because it's like nothing I've ever seen before. It's like Agent Dad on Steroids. I was surprised how many they got out of Alcoa which is in my home county. They got one from Maryville also. I'm just curious how the fox is getting into the hen house stealing so many of these kids that are very young with great athletic potential. Has someone created a new App for this. 

  4. 29 minutes ago, MHS85 said:

    who's transferred and to where?

    Manu to Alcoa and Young to Catholic. Many more . Greenback losing 5 players plus the 8th graders won't be playing at the high school anymore since they are playing for their junior high. That could desyroy their program.

  5. It was good to see football starting this evening with a 7 on 7 event between Maryville and Anderson County. With two games going with all players going in and out on both sides of the field I really focused on the qb play more than anything. Also someone did a good job cleaning that yellow paint off the field, really looked good.

    thumbnail - 2024-06-06T222542.062.jpg

  6. It's that time of the year where "Father Knows Best" and pulls little Johnny out of school for a bigger role at another place across town. 2024 should be a very interesting year with all the tranferring going on causing a domino effect at some places.


  7. On 6/3/2024 at 12:39 PM, glenfromgreenback said:

    I made my peace with this cluster last yr b/c I attended the school board meeting listened to the bull of what all they've done for Greenback over the years and how they've always supported us blah blah blah... in the end the one school board member was right "if Greenback was mad they'd showed up" so now i guess I see it like our very own joke of school board saw it when he told the Loudon Paper last year... "it is what it is" ... they got what they wanted now let the cards fall where they fall.

    I told 1 specific individual after that meeting this is exactly what would happen and now it is... just gonna sit back & watch. :popcorneater: Oh it breaks my heart to watch it go this way & sadly my source inside the school said "football is not the only sport in trouble right now" 

    Winning is contagious esp in small schools and it will spread to other sports... but the flip side of that coin so is cancer and right now we have the flip side all across the board.

    This pretty much sums up most small towns anywhere USA. This is how the corrupt Politians keep moving among the shaddows. People are tired when they come home from work let alone having to go set in a boring meeting that may not get to their topic for 2 hours or more. Most people would think the people they vote for would do the right thing but they'll chit on you in a New York minute just as the cop/school board member done to Greenback.

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  8. When you have a school that right at 200 kids only half are going to be male and to get 25% of them to come out for football is a very hard task. Take away an 8th grade syatem and your you have another hill to climb up. If 5 kids are actually leaving your not going to have enough for practice. Your only chances for wins would be against the weakest of weak teams. At one time Greenback had kids coming across the wall like the Mexican Border and now their leaving town before sundown. A hugh mistake was made on not hiring Ryan back because of his ties to the community and his ability to bring in the right kids, not run them off. The last coach failed because he wasn't one of community so they go out and do it again. I'm sure Coach Clemmer is a good person because I do know people that do like him but he is caught in the middle of a fan base that will not support him no matter what and it could lead to a disaster if that many kids are leaving the program. The person that caused all of this mess has no business on the school board and needs to stick with hiding in the bushes giving out speeding tickets to out of towners coming through.

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  9. 4 hours ago, JSamson7 said:

    I have no affiliation with Maryville anymore outside of being a 2nd generation graduate from a large family of Rebel alumni. That relationship ended courtesy of the lame duck AD (a Bearden grad I might add) and the HBIC.

    That said, I could care less if a private school comes through and offers every promising athlete out of that school or any other school better opportunities.

     Can't blame you one bit for the way your feeling. Eventually a lot of the money people will cut ties there if this WOKE agenda keeps moving forward bringing in outsiders when openings happen. This continues because most Maryville Alumni won't step forward all because of what the Smith's and the Jone's may think of them. It's war in my mind and I'm ready to take it on.

  10. 3 hours ago, MoEastBeast said:

    Jason hammock is a death sentence to Clinton. heck, practice is gonna have to sit until he can get there 

    It will be hard opening up a restaurant and coaching a High School Football team at the same time but he did take this job as an interm coach to stop the bleed. The program is in scorched earth mode right now and could drop down to the likes of Scott County, Campbell County and Karns if they lose most of their kids out of this.

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