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  1. These are 15,16 and 17 year old kids/young men. They have girlfriends, moms, dads, friends that could easily change a mind set at any point between now and Friday afternoon. Emotions are a powerful ally or a very destructive foe. The last game gives a little insight on Friday night but very, very little. I can see a very different ball game friday night no matter who comes out on top.
  2. thanks, all we can do now is hit the wrestling mat or basketball court, get in the weight room and get better. Next season starts NOW, Good luck the rest of the way. Since all of region 3 is out, I'm a fan of the Tigers to go all the way. Go get that gold ball!!
  3. Hope so. im thinking that may be our sophomore back. Glad to hear he looked good. Yeah our defense was pretty decent last year. There were 11 seniors on that defense too so... Including my son. I watched the video of the game from last year and we may have kept it somewhat close but our d-line took a beating especially my son. Toughest o-line he ever played against, he said. Probably lucky he didn't play these guys y'all have now.
  4. Congratulations Tigers. Good luck the rest of the way.
  5. Coach gatewood has always done that. Only reason I came up with is no chance of other team ciphering out signals. That or he does a lot of on the fly plays. Either way he just didn't have the horses this year.
  6. Safe travels to all my cane nation family!! Let's go surprise some folks and take down the Tigers!!!
  7. East Ham Canes? Destroy!? Marshall?! Sorry guys I don't know who this guy is or why he is thinking this. Maybe just trolling trying to have a little fun. I can assure you, no one in Chattanooga is giving us a shot Friday. As far as 4 vs 3. I see it 3 and 1 with stone being out only win. I think stone is good enough to get to second round.
  8. Yes woods is out. No we aren't as good on defense this year but I would venture to say we may be a little better on offense coming down the stretch the past couple of games. I honestly don't expect a win for the canes but they should play loose. If the tigers play tight....like I said in another post, EH will have to play their game of the year (which is due, haven't had that kind of game this year) and Marshall County will have to crap the bed. It's happened before.
  9. Hudl, all teams have acces to all games played.
  10. That's good to know, be embarrassing to churn up a hurricane at the wrong location!
  11. Guess we're next, can't say I'm too happy about having to play you in the first round but, we'll give it our best shot! We will have to play our game of the year and y'all will need to have an off night. Stranger things have happened. See ya in a week, off to look at a map to figure out where the heck Lewisburg is.
  12. 33-28 stone. Proud of the canes, valiant effort only to come up a bit short. Once again gave stone all they wanted. If we can get past Marshall County (huge if), maybe we can pay stone back again. Congrats stone, good luck in playoffs.
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