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  1. Where were Bradley's guards then? The paper stated that all of the staters from last year's team were there.
  2. When was the last time it took 7 hours to get from Knoxville to Memphis?
  3. BaconBreath, are you kidding me? What other Memphis teams has Bradley played in the past few years? Of course Bradley Central will be in the state next year, the same east teams are there EVERY year, b/c no matter what anyone says, the competition out East is garbage. I will promise you that Memphis East next year has just as good of a chance of beating anyone as White Station does.
  4. Yeah, heres a comment for you....you're wrong.
  5. TJ

    Oakland signees

    Tell Shane I said good luck with Coach Thomas, LOL
  6. Just wanted to let you Harding people know that me and Trey will be hooking up in the backcourt next year at Kaskaskia CC in Centralia Illinois. Kaskaskia plays in the Great American JUCO Conference with teams such as Lincoln Trail, SouthEastern IL, and Wabash Valley.
  7. TJ


    Hit me up sometime soon and let me know how the AAU season is coming.
  8. Would Justin be interested in maybe going JUCO?
  9. Who cares where there ranked. Isn't this all about getting the kids exposure? Helping the kids have the best opportunity for the best college chance. B/c that's what it should be all about and Gomab is doing a great of that.
  10. Can anyone tell me what good players are still out there unsigned? Is the Cagle kid from Milan still out there?
  11. TJ


    Do you know what happened
  12. TJ


    I just saw a roster for the YOMCA 17U team and Jaycean Herring wasn't on it. Any new news on him?
  13. Yeah, Jackson is garbage. I member how much influence they had on the AP All State teams 2 years ago. They got 2 no name dudes on the 2nd team all state.
  14. How about this quintuplit...Steve Blake, Jerry Stackhouse, Ron Mercer, Ron Slay, Desagna Diop. Anyone guess the school? [Edited by TJ on 4-16-03 4:48P]
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